8 Year Old Boy hanging from ski-lift Saved by Group of Teens-News

Posted On: 4 Sep 2019


An 8-year-old boy who was hanging from the ski-lift was rescued by a group of teen at Vancouver ski resort. According to the sources, the 8-year-old slipped and was left grasping and hanging from the side of a Grouse Mountain chair-lift more than 25 feet in the air holding on to his father.


One of the teenagers, 14-year-old James Macdonald, told the station that he didn’t think the boy could keep a grip for very long, so he asked a nearby man to get some orange netting to catch the boy in case he fell. The boy was extremely panicked and the father was yelling for help said, James Macdonald.


Meanwhile, 13-year-old Ethan Harvey said another of their friends recommend the boy to stay calm and directed him to remove his skis after that asked the father to trust the group of young rescuers. The father let go his boy and the eight-year-old dropped safely into the orange netting. The group of teenagers was cheered and high-fived by surrounding people. The boy was later taken to the hospital for precautionary measure.


The president of Grouse Mountain met privately with the group of five teenagers and two adults who were involved in the rescue, thanking them and rewarding them with complimentary “Grouse Hero” passes, season passes and jumpers. The alertness and quick measurement save the 8-year-old boy from suffering heavy injury.

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