A Firefighter Sustains Injuries while trying to Calm the Fire at Mt. Tom Ski Resort, Holyoke-News

Updated On: 2 Mar 2020

In an unpleasant turn of events, a firefighter of Holyoke came in the harm’s way and sustained injuries while trying to shut down the fire at Mt. Tom Ski Resort. According to hikers who reported the incident, the fire started on Sunday in the evening. No details have been released on the nature and seriousness of the injuries of the firefighter.

Michael Boucher, Fire Lieutenant of Holyoke, they were notified of the incident at 6:40 pm. A team of firefighters then assembled at arrived and arrived at the ski resort. The fire had engulfed the main ski lodge of the resort. According to the fire lieutenant, the firefighters had a lot of trouble in trying to put off the fire. The primary cause of this was the water supply. The old ski resort does not possess any source of water supply and the firefighters were left with no choice but to transport the water from down the mountain. This caused some delays and a major part of the evening was spent trying to ferry water and calm the fire.

At the moment, the concerned authorities at the fire department are investigating the cause of this fire. Further updates are awaited on the incident.

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