A Ski Resort In Australia Completely Relies On Renewable Energies-News

Posted On: 10 Sep 2019


A ski resort in Australia has announced that they have successfully changeover all of their large operations to run fully on renewable energies. The changes include


  • Offsetting the entirety of carbon emissions produced by their groomer and company vehicle fleet.
  • Adding an optional 4 dollar add-on to lift ticket purchases those plants a tree nearby to offset the energy expenditure from running lifts.
  • Partnering with Protect Our Winters (POW) to spread awareness of environmental issues and what shall be done about them.
  • Banning all single-use plastic bags from Thredbo outlets and replacing them with biodegradable substitutes.
  • Implementing flow restrictors on water sources throughout the resort that preserves water and prevents wastage of water.
  • Installing LED light wherever it is possible to save energy.

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