A Woman Got Injured after Falling from Sit-Ski Lift-News

Posted On: 11 Sep 2019


A 33-year-old woman has been injured after falling from the sit-ski lift which is about 17 feet (5.2 meters) off at Snowmass Colorado ski area. Aspen Skiing Co. statement says that a lift attendant who attempted to keep the woman from falling was also fallen from the lift during the incident on Tuesday afternoon at Snowmass Ski Area but wasn’t get injured. The woman was quickly rushed to the hospital with no life-threatening injury.


Company spokesman Jeff Hanle blamed a “misload” that resulted in the woman being alone and not fully seated in the sit-ski lift. A misload on the sit-ski lift can easily turn into a life-threatening situation and luckily the woman was not severely injured during the incident.  


A lift attendant grabbed the woman from behind but unfortunately, both fell to the ground when another attendant stopped the moving lift chair.

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