Abtenau im Lammertal-Austria

Abtenau im Lammertal – a perfect place to enjoy your winter months!



“When snow falls nature listens.” – Antoinette van Kleef


It is said that the first snow is like the first love, sanguine and audacious. The warmth of chilling air invites the guests of winter to an exhilarating experience in magic and wonder. The silence of winter allures the lonely traveler and the fall of snow bewilders the child.  In the idyllic land of Abtenau, Austria time takes a long vacation with the setting in of the winters. Imagine descending the snow covered slopes of the Salzburg Mountains! How would it feel to drive the horse sleigh amidst the fields of snow? Hiking, curling and paragliding in the beautiful winters of Austria!


About the Resort

Located in the picturesque village of Abtenau, Austria is the beautiful ski resort Abtenau im Lammertal. The peaceful town of Abtenau is one of the many hidden wonders of the Salzburg land. The cozy winters and plentiful snow in the region offers some of the best grounds for adventure sports. Skiing is one of many winter activities offered at the resort. Families and students can also enjoy paragliding, tubing, and curling. Abtenau im Lammertal is a perfect holiday destination for fun filled trio of outdoor adventure, mouth-watering cuisine and some fun filled family time.




Not to forget the resort is among the top five sunniest resorts in Salzburg with an average of 35 sunny days per season. The resort is placed at an elevation of 12,00 meters, while the base elevation is 712 meters. The vertical drop is about 488 meters (So do not try jumping off the edge!). There are in total seven ski lifts to tend passengers for long runs, and the total length of the slopes is 12 kilometers. Slopes are divided among the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Thus, you can pick the right tracks for yourself, depending on your comfort and skill level, and then enjoy all the fun these slopes have on offer for you.


Abtenau im Lammertal Statistics

Base Elevation: 712 m

Summit Elevation: 1200 m

Vertical Drop: 488 m

The average carrying capacity for the lifts is 5160 persons /hour. The five surface lifts, one gondola, and one sextuple chair, are things to look out for! The resort is also famous for snow tubing and has toboggan runs. So what are you waiting for? Slide your way through the mesmerizing mountains of Austria and experience the thrill in Abtenau im Lammertal. Here is a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you in this snow paradise.


Levels of adventure

Novices- The easy slope is an ideal run for the beginners. Spreading over a length of 6 kilometers, the beginner’s slope is perfect for the novices.  Here you can explore the first few steps of this game and walk out like a pro! When in doubt contact the ski instructors for guidance. So “snow” down and ride!




Semi- Pros- Not too confident about skiing? Do not worry! The intermediate slope with a run of 4 kilometers is ideal for the semi- pros. The elevation of the slope suits well for the new players. Relax and slide away!

Pros: The 2 kilometers run all you need to pump up the adrenaline in your body. The advanced slope is waiting for the professionals in the game. If you are looking for some extra adventure and thrill, this is the place for you!


Variety of activities

Snow Tubing and Tobogganing – Imagine sliding down toboggan runs! Ah, memories of childhood! The resort has a 3 kilometers toboggan trail that is open till late in the night. One can go sledging and snow- tubing day and night. So jump on a rubber inner tube for high –speed adventure!


Horse sleigh ride- How often have you dreamt of sliding down the wintry slopes while sitting on a horse sleigh? Take some time off from life and let a horse- drawn carriage take you through the valleys of the Salzburg land. The beautiful valleys and mountains will allure you into their folds for a lovely excursion.



Curling– One of the additional sports available at the resort is curling. The game combines team spirit and fun. So let your family work wonders on the snow sheets to slide the balls.


Paragliding– Lovers of snow and ski love the mountains too! With paragliding, you can get one step closer to the snow-capped mountains of Austria. The pastoral landscape of Abtenau is a one-stop destination for Para gliders. You can also enjoy kite flying or just conquer the skies and challenge the heights while flying down the mountains to your ski tents. The resort offers a beautiful exploration of the Salzburg Mountains through its fearless fight tour.


Hiking– When in the mountains hiking is one of the best ways of exploring the beauty around you. In Abtenau there is a variety of hiking possibilities. From an hourly walk to all day tours, Abtenau is a hiking paradise. One of the favorites is winter hiking. Once a week the tourist office in Abtenau also offers snowshoe hiking.


Cross country skiing– Cross country ski lovers can enjoy the scenic views from the cross country ski runs. There are 14 classic cross country trails spread across 66 kilometers, nine skating trails with an average run of 41 kilometers and three altitude trails with a 25-kilometer stretch. Thus, there’s plenty of area to conquer for you as a skier, which makes this resort one of the best in the region. You can have an awesome time skiing down the slopes of this wonderful ski area.



Abtenau im Lammertal can design a customized holiday package for its guests, whether they wish to stay at a hotel or desire a home like a feel in the holiday apartments. The there are also the beautiful mountain huts made of the local pleasure. Apart from the comfortable lodgings the area is host to renowned local delicacies and produce. In Salzburg land never forget to taste the local culture and folklores that engulf the air!



Lift tickets

The rates for the lifts vary according to time and season. On an average, adults are charged € 32.50 for a day, youths are charged € 24.70 a day and for children, the charges are € 16.50 a day. Family and group discounts are available. The peak season starts from the 23rd of December to the 26th of March. The average season duration in Austria is 121 days.


How can you get here?

The closest airport is Salzburg airport at a distance of approximately 56 kilometers. If you are traveling by train, the nearest railway station is Golling- Abtenau, approximately 28 kilometers away from Abtenau. Car rental is available from Salzburg airport.


The time you will spend in Abtenau im Lammertal will be memorable for more than one reason. The Arcadian beauty of Abtenau village and the breathtaking slopes of Salzburg Mountains will enthrall the traveler in you. The resort offers a wide range of activities. You can have an adventure filled ski ride or a panoramic view of the mountains via paragliding. If you wish to be a child again just jump into the tube and slide along the snow and if you wish for the breathtaking, enjoy the horse sleigh ride. One can choose a lonely holiday or fun time with family. The mesmerizing landscape has a lot to offer. All one needs to do is plan and pack!

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