Achensee-Maurach: The Winter Paradise



With the arrival of winter, many people seek the shelter of their warm, cozy blankets while others go out and embrace the crisp cool winter air. Staying indoors may seem quite tempting, but once you accept the sunny winter mornings and fluffy white snow, you can open up your world to endless fun and leisure. Playing in snow brings back your cherished childhood memories and makes you want to become a kid again. You can relive those memories and also make great new ones if you go out on vacation this winter. If you love adventure- snowboarding, skiing, ski mountaineering, and tubing are some of the fun activities that you can try at this time of the year. And even if you have a laid-back persona, you can enjoy the serene beauty of the snow-clad mountains. Spend your weekend at a ski resort and unleash your inner child.


Achensee-Maurach Statistics

Base Elevation: 980m

Summit Elevation: 1840m

Vertical Drop: 860m

If you want to have an exciting and adventurous weekend, you can go on a vacation to the town of Maurach located on the southern banks of Achensee in Austria. The ski area has a maximum vertical drop of 900 meters (2953 feet). The highest lifts have a vertical drop of 1830 meters (6000 feet) while the lowest runs have 930 meters (3050 feet) of elevation. The resort Maurach am Achensee is located at an altitude of 930 meters (3050 feet). The base elevation is about 980 meters, while the summit elevation is as high as 1840 meters (6000 feet). The resort has a vast area of 3700 acres or 15 km2 (3700 acres) of the ski area for ski lovers. Out of this, 11 km2 (2700 acres) is available for skiing while the resort does not service the remaining 4 km2 (988 acres).



The place offers many different varieties of runs to accommodate various types of levels. It has three individual runs or pistes, which are served by six ski lifts. It has a traditional cable car lift that goes up from the base. It has two double chair lifts and a practice lift which connect to other areas in the resort. The chairlift can accommodate two people per chairlift. It is sturdy and provides fixed-grip. There are two moving carpets as well for other kinds of ascension mechanism. The lift is overall 3.7 km (2.3 miles) long. It has an average capacity of 3802 passengers per hour. Apart from skiing, this resort is famous for its winter hiking paths, snowshoe hikes, and ski tours. The place does not offer night skiing.  This site boasts of a high number of tourist visits every year. So plan your weekend to this wonderful mountain and get ready for an out-of-the-world experience.

Fun and excitement

This resort offers the runs from easy to difficult level. Choose your level of skiing and get ready to ski down the slopes. The thrilling and exciting experience while you ride down the slope will surely pump up your adrenaline and spirits as well. The longest run is 6 km (3.7 miles) at an elevation difference of 860 meters (2820 feet).The slopes or runs are of varying difficulty. The various slopes are allotted different color codes- red, blue and black, depending on their difficulty.



Beginner level- The easiest slopes are the “blue” slopes. Of the total 11 km (6.8 miles), 9% or 1 km (0.6 miles) of the run is easy to cover. If you are a beginner or want to try skiing for the first time, you can go for this. The slopes are wide in this region. This run is located near the Wasser Boden lift near the station of the car lift. The run near the double chairlift station is also suitable for beginner skiers.

Intermediate level- The red slopes are of medium difficulty. Of the 11 km (6.8 miles), 73% of the slope is of intermediate level. They are thrilling and challenging at the same time. You can enhance your skills here.

Advanced level- The most difficult ones are the black slopes. They consist of the rest 18% or 2 km (1.2 miles) of the runs. If you are an experienced skier and want to test your skills, you can go for this. There are a few freerides and deep snow areas as well. There are no mogul slopes in this area. The most difficult run is at the Mauritz double chairlift. The run has a length of about 2 km (1.2 miles) and is located at an elevation difference of approximately 405 meters (1328 feet).

The resort offers run locations at both above and under the tree line. There are many accommodations of different varieties available near the base station. There are also some lodgings which allow direct access to the lifts and slopes (Ski-out/ Ski-in). The most important runs in this region have artificial snow-making capabilities. The valley run is generally open most of the time.



Cross-country trail

The area around the Maurach ski resort has immense snowy fields, spectacular mountain landscape, and the magnificent Achensee makes it the perfect choice for cross-country skiers. The region surrounding the Achensee covers a total of 201 km (125 miles) of classic and skating trails. These trails are of the World Cup level. They are splendid and a treat for the ski lovers.

Winter hiking

Apart from the thrilling and adventurous sports offered at the resort, if you want just to sit back and relax, the resort also caters to this need of yours. You can enjoy the serene, solemn and aesthetic beauty of the marvelous mountains. If you want to behold the picturesque beauty of these mountains, the resort offers winter hiking facilities. It has 34 kilometers (21 miles) of the area which you can cover at your own leisure.

Family and Children

If you want to plan out your weekend with family and children, you will be delighted to know that the resort offers various child-friendly and family-friendly zones. You can visit the Bobo’s children club which is about 1 km (0.6 miles) far from the Rofan cable car lift. There is a separate ski area for children, and you can also find child care, ski school and ski kindergarten for your kid.



Best time to visit

The best time to visit this area is from mid-December to early April. You can enjoy all your favorite winter sports at this time of the year. The snow covered peaks and the scenic beauty of the hills are a sight to behold. The beauty of the lake Achensee reaches another level in the cold winters. You must visit this place to admire the splendid charm of this location.

With so much fun on offer, you can have a great time with your family and friends at the Achensee-Maurach. Right from skiing, snowboarding and a wide range of other fun activities on offer, this place has something on offer for everyone. Plan a trip to this resort and have immense fun with your loved ones in the upcoming winters. Even if you want to travel solo, this place will not let you down. You should not miss out on visiting this place.

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