Achensee-Pertisau – a complete package of fun and thrill

Achensee is one of the surreal beauties of natural lake formed out of glaciers. The shining snow cover over the endless span within the eyes is almost magical to experience. It is one of the favorite places for tourist and skiing enthusiasts to spend time during holidays, be it summer or winters. It covers an earth’s curvature of 1.38 m (4.53 feet) with surface area being a majestic figure of 390 Km2 (150.57 miles2). The Achensee boat ride and steam railway are what fetched tourism in the first place.

Achensee attracts visitors with Achensee holiday card. It is advisable to avail the benefits of the card in summer holidays, for it in an amount of EUR 63 it gives you benefits of traveling on the cable cars daily and visit sightseeing spots around. It also acts as your free ticket to region public buses, which usually stop at each halt every hour.

The place caters to the needs of almost every type of tourist. You can travel with your partner, with family, kids or your sports enthusiast group. Major attractions of the place are the lake located at the focal point of the region, Karwendel and Rofan alpine mountains, the largest lake in Tyrol presenting itself as a spring paradise in summer and of course the majestic snow laden mountains in winters. Hiking trails, racing cars, toboggan, runs, ice skating, fishing, cable cars and lifts, cross-country skiing are just a few of many activities you can be part of in Achensee.



Accommodation in Achensee is readily available with many options located at various locations, suiting your choices like lakeside, ski area, near mountain lifts or ski bus stops. Also, not just hotels, there are holiday homes, guest houses, farms, private rooms, one youth hostel and apartments.


Achensee-Pertisau Statistics

Base Elevation: 3117 feet

Summit Elevation: 4921 feet

Vertical Drop: 1,804 feet

Pertisau is one of the regions on the western banks of Achensee and is famous for its unique traditional and natural experiences. You may want to give a visit to the oldest golf club in Tirol, Pertisau. Sports like tennis, running, Nordic walking, and fishing add colorful spirit to this holiday place. Pertisau is also known for being the best starting point for winter hikes and cross-country tours in Karwendel Nature Park.




Pertisau’s cross country trails cover massive lengths of 74.5 Km (46.29 miles), at ski resorts KarwendelBerbahn. The area surrounding is vast and covered throughout with thick snow depths, which adds to the beauty of enchanting heights of mountains lined up alongside Pertisau. The routes through the Gem Valley into the Falzthum valley are magnificent. In total, 201 Km (124.89 miles) classic and skating trails are available in the area surrounding Achensee.


If you are a beginner, Pertisau village trail is perfect.  It leads across the fields in the center of Pertisau covering lengths of 3.9 Km (2.42 miles) and elevation of 906 m-974 m (297.44 ft-3195.53 ft).

For intermediate level, FalzthurnlGramai is apt. It is at the cross country center at Pertisau. The trail expands through the forest to the Falzthum Alms and then across Gramaialm where food and drinks are also served. Covering a 13.9 Km (8.3 miles), it offers elevation of 972 m-1261 m (3188.97 ft-4137.13 ft).

Achensee offers some of the major adventurous elevations with the biggest difference being 860 m (2821.52 feet), which is Rofan-Maurach, covering a slope of 11 Km (6.83 miles) and four ski lifts. KarwendelBergbahn-Pertisau offers elevation of 55 m (180.44 feet) covering slopes of 12 Km (7.45 miles) and seven ski lifts.



Skiing Activities

We all love to plan about skiing and fun in the snow that comes with it. After all, skiing is the primary thing you would visit Achensee for. The place offers four ski areas and two practice hills covering an area of 53 Km (32.93 miles). For families, there are extensive programs, specially crafted to ensure unlimited fun. Achensee is known to families for skiing because of its large numbers of broad pistes. The ski areas here are small, aptly crafted while offering plenty of diversity for families.

Not just for families, the place has something to offer for carving and snowboarders too. There is the Christum lift in Acherkirch, the Rofan cable car in Maurach, the Karwendel cable car in Pertisau and the lifts in Steinberg. All of these mentions provide 30% aids in total along with access to 53 Km (32.93 miles) of pistes, that too up to an altitude of approximately 1900 m (6233.59 ft).

If you are willing to learn, there are courses for different and every ability level offered by six ski schools which vary from private lessons from weekly courses. Courses are for kids as well as adults. Equipment forms a very important part of your fun filled skiing which includes ski shoes, skis, poles, a helmet and a few more. The town has various sports shops available with all required equipment. There are options to hire the equipment too including snow bikes, tour skis and cross country equipment. Choosing the right equipment can help you in making your trip stress-free.

Pertisau offers some of the best skiing experiences combined with panoramic views across Achensee. The Planberg and Wiesen lifts are considered as outstanding. These are open daily from 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and offers ski slopes of 1 Km (0.62 miles). These two are located near the base, and ski passes are required. On Zwolferkopf, the KarwendelBergbahn is available which takes up to two tow lifts, a pommel lift, and the sunkid magic carpet. In all, the total of seven lifts is offered at Pertisau of total length 2.8 Km (1.73 miles) with the capacity of 5092 passengers/hour.



Hiking trails

The higher the better, right? Well, Achensee promises you all the sport in its trails. It covers 500 Km (310.68 miles) in total with 114 Km (70.83 miles) in the valley.  Depending upon the level of difficulty you want to trail, there are different areas covered under each level. Moderate level forms 285 km (15.53 miles), which are also referred to as ‘red’ hiking trail and difficult or black hiking trails cover 101 km (2.75 miles). Sonnyoeh in the Karwendel Mountains are the highest mountains with an altitude extending to 2457 m (8061.02 ft).

Cycling and mountain biking

Cycling and mountain biking are the best to do sport while enjoying the pleasure filled scenic scenes of the mountains. Achensee being an E-bike area has got 16 hire stations and eight battery charging stations. For long distance cycle routes, you can start from the holiday region of Achensee to the Aldia, known to be MunchenVenezia route




It is certainly worth every penny to be able to get to do fishing in ice snow water. Fishes like Pike, Rainbow trout, Roach, Tenches, Burbots, Minnow are available to fish. It is necessary to have a valid fishing permit.

Cross country skiing

This is a must do activity for everyone who plans to visit the place. It spreads over 217 km (134.83 miles) classic and skating. Within classic slopes which cover 114 km (70.83 miles), difficulty levels which stand as 22 km (13.67 miles) in black, 42.5 km (26.40 miles) in red and 49.5 km (30.75 miles) in blue. Within skating, slopes which cover 103 km (64 miles) are difficulty levels which stand as 18.5 km (11.5 miles) in black, 36.5 km (22.7 miles) in red and 48 km (29.82 miles) in blue. Adaptive Nordic skiing and snowmaking facilities are available in Pertisau. Pertisau also has got opportunities for some thrilling dog trails covering distances of 1.5 km (0.93 miles).

Achensee Adventure Park

This is not your usual adventure park but way ahead thrilling. It promises to offer more than what you would ask for. Tandem Paragliding, river tubing, white water swimming, canyoning, raft building, survival workshops, woodland high ropes courses from 2 to 15 m (6.56 ft to 49.21 ft) above ground six different difficulty levels, swinging bridges, swaying nets are thrillers to name a few.



Ski Mountaineering

It would be unfair to talk about Lake Achensee without mentioning the beauty and opportunities the mountains Karwendel and Rofan offer for ski mountaineering.

Such huge white landscapes stretched across infinity couples with peaceful silence are one of their kinds to experience in winters. Experienced safety trainers accompany the ski tour cameos. It is always advisable though to be informed about weather, wind, snow conditions and avalanche warnings well in advance.  Other than all above-mentioned activities, there are events marking Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Achensee 3 valleys run and various winter events being conducted to add value to this serene location.

Given such massive thrilling, chilling and adventurous options, one cannot afford to miss out on visiting Achensee. Plan your tickets and pack your bags now!

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