Airolo - Pescium-Switzerland

Airolo Pescium – The Must Visit Skiing Destination in Switzerland!

Everyone needs a break, come winters and we make plans to go on holidays. Who can miss vacation in between those beautiful mountains and the wonderful valleys? If you looking for something amazing and in your budget, Airolo-Pescium is your place to be.The amazing hills, the beautiful slopes are a place to be. Airolo-Pescium is a place you must visit atleast once. Yes, this wonderful resort is famously known as the gateway to the South. The historic railway tunnel and road tunnel was inaugurated in 1882 and 1980 respectively. These enter the Leventina Valley which leads to Bisaca. Other than the heart-warming scenic view, Airolo is famous for its skiing activity. The Bedrotto Valley is famous for ski hikers and skiers find a variety of trails and cross country tracks on the Piota Plain an in Pescium. 

This alluring place is located at 1140 metres (3742 feet), right down at the southern foothills of the Gotthard pass. This pass will give direct access to the Bedretto Valley. Airolo is a small resort with an area of 94 km (58.63 miles).

Ski runs in Airolo

Airolo Pescium Statistics

Base Elevation: 1175 m

Summit Elevation: 2256 m

Vertical Drop: 1081 m

Skiing is a fun activity and Airolo is famous for its skiing trails and runs. Everyone from young to the old can have an equivalent amount of fun skiing all around the resort. The Ski resort of Airolo has a good and direct access to 9 individual pistes. And everyone from beginner to the expert level can access this according to their convenience. It also has 18.64 miles of cross-country pistes where many runs and different levels of competitions are held. 

Ski Lifts and Trails in Airolo

The tourists who visit the Airolo resort are being served by 7 ski lifts. Out of which there are segregated further to two cable cars, three ski lifts, a chair lift and a pony lift.  The seven lifts of Airolo ski resorts are capable enough to lift around 6000 skiers and snowboarders per hour. 
Out of the two cable cars, the first cable car is assigned to carry people to Pescium (1745 metres or 5725 ft.), further from there the other ski lifts carrier to slopes to other attitudes even more than 2250 metres (7381 ft.). 

Different Levels of Skiing

You need not worry if you are still a beginner in skiing. Airolo resort has the facility for all. The pistes are divided among themselves for the convenience of the tourists. Since it is a big enough resort in the area it has provided tourists with different pistes right from beginners to expert levels. Let’s have a look at the levels of skiing facilities available in Airolo.

For experts: out of 9 pistes, 4 pistes are dedicated to the expert skiers. This piste has been given a dedicated color- Black, which is 14 km (8.69 miles) of a stretch. The experts can enjoy skiing without any obstruction at this wonderful stretch. 

For intermediate’s: Out of 9 pistes, intermediates have also been given 4 pistes with 14 km (8.69 miles). They have been dedicated with a red color to avoid confusion among the pistes. Each and every one can enjoy this stretch as it dedicated to the tourist who does not want to get struck between the experts and the beginners; therefore they can experiment in peace.

For beginners: out of the 9 pistes, the remaining 1 piste of 2 km (1.24 miles) has been solely given to the beginner level. Blue color has been dedicated to this stretch for easy differentiation. Beginner tourists need not worry much about not knowing how to ski, especially the kids. Kids can have a fun time with the ski boards and make snowman in the snow. 

Snowboarders in Airolo

The famous Yuki Snowpark is very much accessible to skier and snowboarders at all levels. Even if you are a beginner you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding here without any hesitation.
Above all, Airolo Ski Resort is good for expert skiers, very good for intermediate, beginners and snowboarders. Tourists can have a wonderful time skiing and snowboarding without any problem. 

Accommodation facilities 

There are a number of accommodation facilities available from luxurious 5-star hotels to budget friendly hotels. The slopes are covered with wonderful stays from holiday apartments, hotels overnight stay to 4-5 hotels. You can choose the stay according to your convenience by comparing the prices online. You do not need to worry about the maintenance they are best kept and maintained nicely. The best part of the people of Airolo is their warmth, as for them, the tourist's comfort is the first priority. They will not compromise on the comfort and quality of the hotels.


You can experience the best of skiing in Airolo at the best prices available. You cannot compromise adventure after all. You can buy individual tickets or take ski passes to experience the fun of skiing for a long time. You can easily buy the ski passes from the available ticket counter, but if you but online you will get the passes for cheaper rates along with discounts. 

You can also buy the season pass by filling a simple form online and email it back to them. You can also fax or post it or get it directly and present it at the front desk according to your convenience. By doing this you can avoid standing in lines for purchasing the ticket, especially during the peak holiday season. Do not forget to carry your photo identity proof along with you. You will find the ticket office open almost every day, but you might not find the office open during some days of October and some days of November. 

Ski school 

You don’t need to worry if you do not know skiing, but still, want to have fun. Airolo also has the facility to provide ski classes from beginners to expert level. You can utilize these schools and make the best of it and make the most of your holiday. 

You also get equipment for rent in the ski areas for a very reasonable price. Therefore you need not worry if you have forgotten or do not have your equipment handy when you are on a vacation.

Accessibility of Airolo Ski Resort

Airolo is very easy to access as it has as many as six airports easily accessible within two hours’ drive. Ski weekends are a rush all the time, but they are perfectly feasible. Moreover, Lugano airport is only an hour drive and in very good driving conditions. You can easily enter the piste quickly without any obstruction.

All you wonderful people you are all set to visit this wonderful place, do not give it a miss. Make the most of your holiday season and start planning and book your tickets. Do not worry much about expenditure, you will have a budget-friendly stay as well as have a wonderful time with your family. But make sure you carry all your warm clothes, as its going to be chilly winters. 

Just as the bueaty and awesomeness of the snow clad mountains is irresistible and just because everybody wants to visit them, the idea of being at Airolo becomes even more unavoidable. So now because you are aware of various thrilling and frivolous activities offered by Airolo, tighten up your belts and gear up your instincts because something like this won’t happen twice! Airolo is a perfect place to enjoy winter holidays with your family and friends. Bring along your near and dear ones and experience a feeling of eternal bliss like never before! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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