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Aletsch Arena Ski Resort - It’s Starting to Snow! 

As soon as the month of November approaches, we feel the presence of a cool breeze in the air and the natural occurrence of leaves falling from the trees. The weatherman announces the oncoming of winter and we bring out our warm clothes and mittens in anticipation of a chilly yet comforting winter. One of the best things about winter is that you get to enjoy plentiful holidays and festive occasions which bring you closer to your family or friends and witness those joyous moments which we so yearn for. All throughout the year, we chase after our duties and responsibilities in order to come out having a good run in life but sometimes it is okay to reward yourself and your loved ones with the fruitful presence of your company. For children, perhaps winter is the best season of all as they savor every moment spent with their parents during this season. 

Aletsch Arena Statistics

Base Elevation: 1845 m

Summit Elevation: 2869 m

Vertical Drop: 1024 m

Why not do something different this winter? Pamper yourself with that well-deserved vacation that you have always been thinking of and surprise your family with an exotic holiday trip to the valleys and mountain! Not only would you get to relax during your vacation but you would also enjoy the plethora of winter sports activities which are an absolute fun! Located at Postfach 16, 3992 Bettmeralp, Switzerland, the Aletsch Arena ski resort is precisely situated in the Lemanic Region of the Valais Mountains and experience the most liberating atmosphere of the Alps as you choose to visit this resort. With several attractions in and around this breath-taking village such as The Great Aletsch Glacier and UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, the Aletsch Arena ski resort is abundant with the facilities of spectacular beauty meets traditionalism. Indeed, UNESCO has vowed to protect the natural, unspoiled landscapes presiding in the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region and also the 23 kilometers (approx. 14 miles) long Great Aletsch Glacier. 

Know your Resort 

As the temperatures drop down to minus degrees, the Aletsch Arena ski resort has ample snow-making capabilities and this resort is easily accessible by car, train or any other form of transport. The Aletsch Arena ski resort is perched at an elevation of 759 meters (2490 feet) at the base level which is basically the entry station of the ski resort, 1845 meters (6053 feet) at the vertical drop and 2869 meters (9412 feet) at the summit level. All in all, there is a total difference of 1024 meters (3359 feet) between the altitudes of the summit and the vertical drop. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics 

There is a total of 104 kilometers (approx. 67 miles) of ski trails and slopes with an additional of 15 kilometers (9 miles) of ski routes and pistes. Perfectly groomed slopes and trails are the main source of entertainment for avid skiers and snowboarders. 

For Beginners: Out of the total 104 kilometers, 42 kilometers (26 miles) or 40 percent is distributed for the special use of amateurs and first-timers. Such trails and slopes are designed in such a way that ensures proper practice and accessibility by the novices. These pistes and ski runs involve relatively easy twists and turn and are maintained for the sole purpose of teaching the beginners about this fun sport.

For Intermediates: Intermediate skiers and snowboarders are awarded 50 kilometers (31 miles) or 48 percent out of the total 104 kilometers. Such trails and slopes involve mild to moderate curves and bends and can also be utilized by expert skiers and snowboarders for a little brushing up. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders will find these ski routes vastly satisfying as these aims to advance the skiing level of intermediates and also provide the much-needed adventure.
For Experts: From the total number of 104 kilometers of skiable terrain, 12 kilometers (approx. 7.45 miles) are reserved for the expert skiers and snowboarders as also professionals of this winter sport. These ski trails and slopes are furnished with challenging twists and curves and are specifically created to add that extra oomph to the fun and entertainment of expert skiers and snowboarders. 

NOTE: All safety concerns and precautions are maintained and abided by the Aletsch Arena ski resort as the safety and well-being of their guests and tourists are of topmost priority.

Ice Skating

Love skating on the ice? Well, who doesn’t! Check out the natural ice skating rink near Sportzentrum Bachtla sports center in Bettmeralp at the Aletsch Arena ski resort and witness the splendid view of the Valais Mountains. Bring along your friends and family and enjoy the time of your life, swishing and strutting across the ramp, falling down multiple times and yet having a wonderful time. Isn’t that all we want? A nice, long break from the ordinary to delve into the extraordinary once in a while! 

Paragliding Centre 

Ever dreamed of flying alongside the birds in the sky? Well, here’s your chance! The Aletsch Arena ski resort offers the facilities of paragliding and Hang Gliding for you to take on the sky and experience the aerial view of the Valais Mountains. Imagine that sense of freedom and liberty you would feel, as you find yourself hovering over the mountains and watching the snow-covered peaks and mountain tops. Beginners and experts can engage in this fabulous task and you can also attend pilot training and take lessons from flying school available at this resort. 

Fat Biking 

As funny as the name sounds, Fat Biking is actually riding wide-wheeled fat bikes over the surface of the thick snow and this winter activity makes up for some serious fun and frolic! Sledding and skiing too mainstream? Try out this new exclusive winter sport and zoom around your bike as you make your downhill dash. The price of Fat Biking at the Aletsch Arena ski resort is 70 CHF including fondue, fat-bike hire, bike light, helmet and guide with a maximum group size of seven persons. 
Word of Caution: Fat Biking is strictly suitable for skilled bikers and participants with an acceptable measure of fitness. Every participant is must ride these fat bikes in an appropriate manner and must keep in mind the safety measures of his or her own self as well as others. 

Ski Passes and Tickets 

Ski passes and season tickets help to move around freely throughout the resort and make your choice of the sport that you wish to enjoy. For ski passes including cableway from the valley,

1-Day passes for adults cost 60 CHF, for youths (1997-2000) cost 51 CHF and for children (2001-2010) cost 30 CHF. 2-Day ski passes for adults cost 120 CHF, for youths cost 102 CHF and for children cost 60 CHF. 3-Day ski passes for adults cost 178 CHF, for youths cost 152 CHF and for children cost 89 CHF. 4-Day ski passes for adults cost 237 CHF, for youths cost 202 CHF and for children cost 119 CHF. 5-Day ski passes for adults cost 294 CHF, for youths cost 250 CHF and for children cost 147 CHF. Season ski passes for adults cost 815 CHF, for youths cost 615 CHF and for children cost 410 CHF. 

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

Since the Aletsch Arena ski resort is set at a prime location of Switzerland, it goes without saying that there is an abundance of hotels and bed & breakfast facilities around this region. Take a look at some of the finest.

Ferienhotel Waldhaus  Equipped with family-friendly rooms and pet allowance facilities, the Ferienhotel Waldhaus is one of the best hotels cum lodging facility present in this region and creates a positive vibe of homely atmosphere. Wellness sauna, tanning booth, and Wi-Fi are the main features of this hotel as it welcomes you with open arms. Standard double room costs 75 CHF per person per night inclusive of breakfast. 

Hotel Panorama - Choosing the right hotel such as this will definitely make your stay in Switzerland all the more worthwhile. Beautifully furnished rooms, a nice collection of wines and beverages and a sun terrace are all the highlights of this exquisite hotel. The picturesque view of the Swiss Alps is visible directly from this hotel. Standard double room costs 75 CHF per person per night inclusive of breakfast. 

Now that you are well aware of all the details about this vacation, why wait any longer? Pack your bags and start planning before you head out fast for a visit to this beautiful country! 

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