Snoqualmie Ski Area: The legendary Summit at Alpental

Living in the busy city of Seattle, Washington which is the headquarters of the technological blockbusters namely Microsoft and Amazon keeps you on your feet throughout the year. Every city dweller dreams of a silent yet unforgettable trip, away from all the noise and stress of the busiest city in the United States. The city is covered by water bodies, forests and mountain ranges which are magnanimous and offer a picturesque view from the top. This exceptional resort is none other than the Alpental


Mountain Ski Resort which is located on a valley range across the Snoqualmie Pass in the north and is around 50 miles towards the east of Seattle. It would be a welcome change of anyone visiting it. Winters are just round the corner, and everybody needs some rejuvenation and relaxation from their hectic daily schedules. The valley is flocked with people from Seattle and other cities nearby who come forward during this season to spend some quality time with friends and family and to bond over sports and trekking activities.


A skiing trip to the beautiful Alpine valleys would change the way one would plan their holidays in the coming years. Skiing helps one refresh themselves post their busy days, and any amount of money can not bring the adventures one can have. Since the past five millennia’s skiing has existed and has evolved through time. It started off as a recreational sport, which is now a recognized Olympic sport. Well, with only a few days of leisure in hand and chilly winters just about to begin one cannot think of any better way to spend their vacation. So, what better place to go for a memorable trip than The Summit at Snoqualmie to get into your vacation mode.




This resort was initially recognized as a mining area which was brought by the then owner along with a bunch of his friends who co-owned the place. Initially, the place was opened as a city park, but due to its location which was far away from the city, it couldn’t be operated as a park as there was no income generated. So, it was handed over to Ski Lift Inc which renamed the ski area to Snoqualmie Summit Ski Area because of it being situated on top of the valley pass. The ski area is located in a valley with four areas that together form The Summit at Snoqualmie. Over the years the resort was sold to a tour operator who redeveloped it and made it a tourist friendly spot for many to visit for a wonderful skiing experience, winter tubing, snowboarding and the several activities they have on offer there.





Situated 18 miles from the North Bend this resort is easily accessible by road and has four base areas: Alpental, Summit Central, Summit West and Summit East. The basic vertical elevation is 2,280 feet while Summit Central is about 1,025 feet, Western region is 765 feet and around 1,100 feet in the East. Top Elevation at Alpental is 5,420 feet and has access to 1,914 acres of terrain area for all the sports enthusiasts. This is what makes it one of the most visited ski resorts in the region; the visitor count increasing each passing year.



The visitors have access to 62 runs out of which 14% of them are for beginners who make them easy, 45% is intermediate which is averagely difficult and the rest of the 41% is for advanced performers also considered to be the experts. These runs boost the energy of the participants and also give them an adrenaline rush which helps them burn some serious calories as well. Longest run extends across 1.2 miles which is what everyone is attempting to run aims to achieve.




Entire Summit has 19 chairs in total which are divided amongst four ski parks, four chairs and one surface lift at Alpental, seven chairs and three surface lifts at Summit Central, two surface lifts and six chairs at Summit West and three chairs at Summit East. All of these have interconnectivity so that people can visit all the various bases during their trip. It is essential that every visitor gets to explore the resort and enjoy all the possible amenities offered.




All the different bases had their own specialty – the Alpental was famous for advanced and backcountry terrain with the steepest runs which were beneficial for snowboarding and hiking. While the central region houses heterogeneous terrains where many events are held throughout the year, the eastern region of the summit has terrain for advanced runs which is preferred by those who wish to indulge in glade skiing and varied groomed, trails are also set up for high-level professional skiing experience. Western summit is for beginners and is set up to cater to first timers and help them learn with proper lessons.




This region receives an annual snowfall rate of 435 inches which creates heaps of snow and provides with a naturally enjoyable terrain for all the skiers and snowboarders to cherish for their time. Snow also lets young children and adults to play and connect with their families during the festive season.


Other Activities:



Cross-country skiing is a famous sport in this resort, and Tubing is also a different item here at Alpental and it is a facility wherein visitors can glide down the mountain slopes on a tube across the vertical lengths. Nordic skiing is also something offered at Snoqualmie which is a recognized Olympic sport and professionals can gather here to practice for it. The Alpental has a BackBowl and Backcountry area which provides with a new experience to the people. Any activity on the snow adds excitement and ones such as the BackBowl only makes it even better.




There is no need for you to worry about the equipment: the boots, snowboard, sticks, carts or jackets all are available on rent atop the mountains. You can also buy Gift Cards from the stores for your friends and family whom you love the most and want them to visit the resort as well.




Ensure that you book your stay at a bed and breakfast or a lodge before planning the visit as Snoqualmie does not currently offer lodging facilities for the visitors. All the people who participate in the snow activities reserve their rooms in lodges at Snoqualmie Pass, just a few miles away from the main resort area.




Visiting the Alpental for a skiing experience is now possible at cheaper rates along with all the facilities. There are special offers wherein there is an availability of season passes which gives you access to all parts of the resort and discounts at lodging and food outlets situated nearby. Book yours soon and be the first to explore the magnificent alpine valley




Every life is important, and while having fun, there are a few measures one needs to take. The visitors are monitored by a team throughout their time at the mountains so that at any time if they need anything that can be taken care of. Webcams are also placed around the valley, and everything is recorded time to time to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Also, the entire area has taken safety measures for all the people around there. Special weekly classes have also been organized here so that one can be prepared and also protect others.


If you are feeling guilty about missing past festivities or family gatherings, just go ahead check out everyone’s schedules and enjoy your winter days at the Snoqualmie where everyone gets to choose what they want to do and how. The wait is finally over, and the countdown begins. So mark your calendars, buy your tickets for a celebratory time this time of the year. Visit the place with family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters!


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