Alpine Mountains-USA

The Alpine Mountains- A Blessing Just like the Love From your Family!

Are the chains of parenthood exhausting you whilst you desperately want your children to engage in something to drain their energy out? Are you bored of life and looking forward to waking up to a snow-clad adventure? Or do you just want to ride your pair of skis and to taste a chilly form of freedom? If your answer is yes for any of the questions asked- The Alpine Mountains is the place for you!  A small family friendly resort with old world charm, Alpines Mountains is a great hidden secret of the Poconos, Pennsylvania.  It is well known for having one of the best powder spots in the region and swears by its slogan- "ski, skate, tube". Perfect for a budget friendly family ski holiday, the Alpines offer enjoyable, icy memories in the making. The mountain was voted ‘On the Snow's 2013 Best Family Ski Area in the mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region.

Alpine Mountains Statistics

Base Elevation: 650 feet

Summit Elevation: 1150 feet

Vertical Drop: 500 feet

Alpine Mountain Ski and Ride Center is nestled in the parent Poconos Mountain range located southeast of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The nearest city to your dream skiing destination would be East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The Alpines provide 100 acres of skiable area with a 500 ft. breathtaking vertical and elevation ranging from 650 ft. (base elevation) to  1150 ft. (top elevation). 

Diverse Terrains

You can visit the Alpines as a visitor and leave as an expert! A diverse terrain awaits you out of which about 24% are for beginner runs, 38% of intermediate runs, 24% of advanced runs and the rest 14% for expert runs.  It has 21 trails including three greens, 12 blues, and six diamonds.  Green trails are the easiest and smoothest runs for downhill skiing for they have shallow slopes, wide and easily accessed. Thus they are perfect for children and beginner skiers. 

Blue trails are more challenging as they are steeper, narrower and may be bumpy and are extremely suitable for beginner skiers to improve and step up their game. The Black diamonds are the difficult ones which have various bumps and ice-covered difficulties to challenge the skiers and are advised for professional skiers only. These 21 runs are serviced by five lifts including two quads, one double, and two surface chairlifts. Alpine provides enough trails to practice on. With virtually no lines at the lifts, you can put in some serious mileage by the end of the day. The trails are long enough not to be too tiring. 

Snow tubing

There is a Snow tubing Centre as well as a Snow tubing park towards the right side of the Evergreen Pond.  The Snow tubing Centre provides tubes and other safety equipment. A different kind of adrenaline-fuelled sliding, often known as ‘Alpine tubing’ here, is the best way to kick start your ski-spree when you get here. Very popular amongst the children and adults =, this is perfect for beginners to get acquainted with the nature of sliding on snow- gearing you up to become a legendary skier in the making. 

Ice Skating

There are two ponds namely the Evergreen and the Spring ponds. The sound of the crunch of metal against ice, the buzz of voices around you, the people flying past, the cold pain if you fall, huge grin on your face while you glide along is what you will be missing out if you don’t do this activity. Get ready to glide on great silver, ice with your imaginary cold wings.


Snowboards are allowed at Alpine every day during the season.  The Snowboard Halfpipe and the Snow terrain park are the areas you can snowboard on. Snowboarding is a recreational activity you would want to experience here! It is very popular amongst people who feel skiing isn’t lethal enough. It is the closest thing to flying so far- why not give something so awesome a try?

Night Skiing

Night skiing, i.e., the sport of skiing or snowboarding after sundown offered here is very popular amongst the visitors. With an area of over 99 acres for night skiing, it is indeed a fun and unforgettable experience. So face your fears and overcome those obstacles to gain confidence to hone new skills! Skiing and snowboarding are sports of freedom, adding to that wonderful experience would be gentle rays of the sun or even the backdrop of the setting sun. The beauty of nightlife would make you fall in love with nature all over again. And if you haven’t already tried this awesome activity, now would be a good time to get going and have fun enjoying night skiing with your family and friends. 

Super friendly staff and instructors! 

The staff at this resort always receives appreciation and positive reviews for their helpful and humble conduct of behavior. The staff is brilliant and is ever ready to help you. The ski instructors are excellent at what they do. They build a certain confidence in the little ones while training them and push the older ones to get even better. Since this is a family place and a great amount of visitors consists of children, professional ski instructors do their best to teaching and training everyone to the best of their abilities. The management ensures that snowmaking and grooming keep the slopes in great shape.

No Crowding!

There is always enough room and space for all enthusiastic skiers. No waiting lines at any of the runs, lifts or sports make it a great and an ecstatic experience. You can enjoy your marvelous ski day nonstop with absolutely no breaks in between. This makes Alpine Mountains one of the best in the region, attracting visitors from all across the region. 

Accommodation and Food- the essentials

The rental shop provides essential equipment needed and there is ample amount of parking space right in front of the Alpine Base Lodge. Pizza Tyme is an eatery where you can stop by when you take a break from skiing and is located near the Alpine Base Lodge.  The BYOB lounge is easily accessible from the slope. The cafeteria food is delicious and toothsome and not exorbitantly priced. Relish the taste of delicious food on offer here, cooked by one of the finest chefs in the region. This is a Rossignol experience center, so the rentals you get will be better than anywhere else.  There are majestic chalets, wooden Swiss-like houses with overhanging eaves, arranged on the slopes of the mountains. 

Working Days 

The Alpine Mountain Resort opened in the year 1956, making it a trustworthy and respectable Ski Center. The resort opens during late December (around 25th) and closes in Mid-March (around 13th). We recommend aspiring visitors to call the resort and confirm working days. It is open on an average of 111 days a year. 
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a Lift pass!

Tickets range from US $30.00 to US $55.00 ensuring some great, affordable family fun. There are three categories of tickets- namely Junior (for ages 5 to 17), Adult (for ages 18 to 64) and Senior (of the age 65 on onwards). On weekdays, Junior tickets are priced at US $30.00, Adult tickets at US $35.00 and Senior tickets at US $30.00. On weekends, Junior tickets are available for US $45.00, Adult tickets for US $55.00 and Senior tickets for US $45.00 only. 

Life is too short, so spend time with your friends and family. Family time should not be a matter of convenience but a matter of priority. Without further ado, go ahead and take that thrilling ski ride which will take you close to heaven but down to earth. Enjoy the whispers of sweet nothings by the chilly winds surrounding you. With so many fun activities on offer, you and your dear ones can have a great time at this skiing resort and return with memories to cherish lifelong. Conquer the slopes and find your snow legs at Alpine Mountains this winter!  

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