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Ski Alpinum Schulenberg - Your Vacation Destination

Vacations are the best way to get rid of all your stress and have a new way of looking at life. It is not just relaxing for one’s body but also for his mind and soul. To visit the mountains in your vacation is always a good choice because nobody can ever get bored of the hills. They have an amazing breeze which is always successful in helping you have a peaceful time. Skiing is another beautiful thing that mountains offer, and it renders you spellbound. A fabulous resort Ski Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort offers a skiing experience no one can ever forget.


Resort Details Located in the Harz Mountains, Central Uplands of Germany, the Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort is surrounded by amazing majestic snowcapped mountains with a touch of wintry alpine trees that never fail to take your breath away. The Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort offers you a range of skiing slopes for you to choose from. The winter sports area of the resort is located at an elevation range of 480 meters (1574 feet) to 645 meters (2116 feet). A valley run is also available in the resort. It is a tiny ski resort but still manages to offer you whatever a skier might be looking for. For the people who like to ski during the night, the resort offers night skiing too. Cross country skiing is also possible at the resort. There is one classic cross country skiing run with a total length of 5km available in the resort. The trail of the run starts at the ski meadow behind the BSW-Heim (Klimastation). How to reach To reach Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort, one can use whatever mode of transportation he feels the most comfortable with. You can take your car up there or use a train or even reach there by air. The resort offers an ideal entry for daytime visitors. If you are driving your car up there, then you need to take the route to GroßerWiesenberglift, L517, 38707 Schulenberg imOberharz, Germany where a stone parking lot is available at the base of the lift. Enough space is available in the parking lot, and it is free of charge too. A direct train connection is not available so one can reach the nearest station and take a bus from there to the resort.


Ski lifts



Ski lifts are necessary for a ski resort to have because they are needed to carry guests up and down the slopes. The Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort has a total of 2 ski lifts available which have a carrying capacity of 2000 passengers per hour and a total ski length of 0.8km (0.49 miles). Both of the lifts are T-bar type lifts, and both have a capacity of carrying 1000 passengers per hour. One of them has a ski length of 312 meters, and the other one has a ski length of 500 meters. The main season day ticket prices are set at $21.45 (20 Euros) for adults and $17.16 (16 Euros) in the case of children.


Skiing and snowboarding statistics

Alpinum Schulenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 420 m

Summit Elevation: 640 m

Vertical Drop: 220 m

The Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort offers an incredible range of slopes. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, the resort has just the right slopes available for you. A total of 3.3 kilometres (approx. 2.05 miles) of slopes are available in the resort. The resort might not be an excellent choice for the skiers looking for difficult level slopes. There is also one fun park available in the resort for your little ones to have a great time. 1 The toboggan run is also available in the resort for those interested in Tobogganing. The slopes have been divided on the basis of the level of difficulties as follows: Easy: Out of the 3.3 km (approx. 2.05 miles) of slopes, 2.7 km (1.67 miles) of slopes have been allotted to easy level slopes which are most optimum for beginner level skiers. They are the best slopes for people who want to enjoy the basic level skiing without showing any skills or anything. Medium: The remaining 0.6 km (0.37 miles) of slopes have been dedicated to the medium level slopes where the intermediate level skiers would love to be. These slopes are most optimum for the people who want to improve their skills in skiing and learn new things. Unfortunately, difficult level slopes are not available in the Alpinum Schulenberg ski resort.

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