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Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort – one of the finest places to enjoy skiing with family and friends!



Everybody needs a break from the daily hectic routines for their lives. A break from all the responsibilities, all the pending mess or all the worries this world has to offer. The best way to take a break is to travel somewhere with family or friends on vacation. So this winter, head up to the mountains and reside amidst nature with no worries but a serene environment to relax and take a chill. The best thing to do up there is to go for a winter sport, and when the topic of winter sports comes up, skiing is definitely the winner. It’s a fantastic way of spending time in the mountains. It comes with a dash of a thrill to add to your vacation and trust me; nothing is more relaxing than skiing you smoothly way down the slopes with alpine white covered trees all around on the sides. There are a lot of options to choose from for undertaking the skiing vacation. The ski resort Altastenberg is located in the Sauerland, Germany is one fantastic choice.



About the Resort

Altastenberg Skikarussell Statistics

Base Elevation: 660 m

Summit Elevation: 800 m

Vertical Drop: 140 m

The motto in the ski village of Altastenberg which is located above the ski resort Altastenberg Skikarussell is “From the bed to the Slopes”. Altastenberg lies in the Winterberg area of Germany. The vertical drop at Altastenberg is 390 feet. The resort has a broad range of skiing opportunities to offer. It is the highest ski resort in Altastenberg at the foot of Bare Asten. It is also an ideal destination for families. The artificial snow is making equipment ensure snow reliability. Altastenberg is attractive for cross-country skiers and winter hikers.


Resort Details

The Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort is perched at an elevation range of 600 meters (1968 feet) to 800 meters (2624 feet). To get to the slopes of this resort, there’s the option of ski boots other than lifts. The 30 snow cannons make sure that there is ample snow available for diverse runs. And with 17 slopes, there is enough room. The skiing area is even close to the town centre. There are simple slopes available for beginners and up to a 40% incline for experts so that no one goes home disappointed.


Skiing and snowboarding statistics



The Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort offers all types of slopes. 70% slopes in the resort have snowmaking capabilities. Beginners, intermediates and experts have their own separate allotted regions to practice skiing as per their prowess. A total of 10.9 kilometres (approx 6.8 miles) has been divided into the following stages- Beginners– A total of 4.1 kilometres (2.54 miles) of slopes have been allotted to the beginners. These slopes are of relatively an easy standard for new learners so that they can learn how to ski with ease. Intermediates- A total of 2.7 kilometres (1.67 miles) of slopes are kept under the intermediate category which is comprised of people who are working on developing their skills with respect to the winter sport. Expert-A total of 4.1 kilometres (2.54 miles) has been allotted for the difficult level which is used by expert skiers and snowboarders. The resort has the only officially recognised FIS slalom slope in the Sauerland. So Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort definitely offers the rush of adrenaline to the pros to add to their thrill.


Ski lifts

Ski lifts are a crucial component of a ski resort because they have to carry you up and down the slope. There is a total of 7 lifts available with a total capacity of carrying 5649 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 2.6 kilometers (approx. 1.6 miles). There are only T-bar lifts which are in good condition. The lift tracks are pretty steep making them very challenging for beginners and snowboarders. The main season day ticket is $25.59 (24 Euros) for adults, $21.3 (20 Euros) for youth and $16.5 (15.50 Euros) for children.

Learn To Ski

Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski School offers courses in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and carving for beginners and advanced skiers. So if you don’t know how to ski, you need not worry at all. Just leave it to the certified skiing instructors under whose guidance you’ll be taught right from the very basics. The ski school also has their own children’s area with magic carpet where children are made to learn the basics of skiing safely.


How to reach

The Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort is accessible by all means of transportation including car, train, bus or plane.

By car–

If you enter from the Ruhr area, it’s best to exit the A46 already in Meschede and travel via Remblinghausen, Boedefeld and Siedlinghausen to eventually avoids the frequent traffic jams in Bestwig and before Winterberg. If entering from the west, turn off towards Nordenau in Oberkirchen and then pass the parking lot located at Westfalenhang I base station and then the other parking areas along the road. There is a fee for parking in the parking lot one at the Kapellenhang.

By Train–

There is no direct connection, so you have to board the train till Winterberg which is 6 km away from the resort. There you need to get on a bus to reach the resort.

By Plane–

Get to the nearest airport and take a bus to Winterberg or straight away to the resort from the list of scheduled buses that run all day.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

There are a number of accommodation and lodging facilities available near the Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort where one can enjoy the beautiful, serene views and have a pleasant stay. The top accommodation available is Kleines Hotel Wemhoff which is 50 meters from the ski resort. It offers all modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, garage parking, restaurants and much more. Above all, it gives you a cosy and comfortable stay to keep you relaxed. Now that you know all the wonderful experience that awaits you at the Altastenberg Skikarussell Ski Resort, so start packing your bags and book your rooms to avoid any over-booked hotel crisis.

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