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Altenau - Auf der Rose – the serene landscape!



To be found in the Harz Mountains of Germany is an exquisite skiing heaven. This heavenly place is Auf der Rose ski resort. This resort is located right in the core of the Harz National Park. Envision the magnificent scenery that you get the chance to witness as you come alive to see the cold mountains covered in snow shimmering in the daylight and skiers as well as snowboarders who slide down the rejuvenating slopes. This place is appropriate for families, husband and wife and also friends alike. It is an astonishing goal for each vacationer who is searching for an ounce of tranquillity and calm away from the hectic schedules and hustle of daily existence. Auf der Rose Ski Resort is a well-reputed ski resort and one of the most loved ski resorts among travellers, inhabitants, guests, visitors and other such interested groups. There are multiple snow activities one can experience in this resort like skiing, tobogganing, cross-country ski circuit and much more.

 About the Resort

Altenau - Auf der Rose Statistics

Base Elevation: 2428 ft

Summit Elevation: 2690 ft

Vertical Drop: 262 ft

Situated at 38707 Altenau, Germany, this mind blasting vivid scenic beauty is a must visit for people from all walks of life. This is a resort which has got only natural snow. It is most suitable for children along with beginners because of the vast region of easy skiing ground available here. There are five accommodation places offered in this wonderland which is Appartementhaus Zur Tanne in Altenau, Appartementhaus Panoramablick in Altenau, Appartementhaus Panoramablick in Altenau, Holiday Apartment Derwisch and Blockhouse at the artificial mountain. Of these five accommodations, all except for Holiday Apartment Derwisch are Holiday House (chalet). This ski resort is situated at an elevation of 420 m (1377.95 ft) to 550 m (1804.46 ft) having a difference of 130 m in the altitude. The Auf der Rose ski resort is well equipped with modern instalments like lifts that help in transporting the guests from one point to another. This resort offers a 0.5 km (0.310686 miles) of the region to ski at. In addition to this, it also has a cross-country ski circuit for all the cross-country ski lovers to offer.





Auf der Rose ski resort is one such ski resort which is very beginner-friendly or says child-friendly. A total of 0.5 km (0.310686 miles) of the region is available to tourists visiting this place for skiing. This is a very beginner-friendly resort because of the elevation and altitude at which Auf der Rose ski resort is situated. Artificial snow-making is not a characteristic of this place; it’s all natural snow that one gets to witness. Also, the option of valley run is available here. The ski area at Auf der Rose ski resort is having a slope with easy runs which can be used for practising by the tourists and other visitors. It possesses a drag lift and rope tow. Also, there is a large, clear and free parking available here. Skiing and Gastronomy are yet another striking feature of this spot. Each one of the trails and slopes given at this resort provides for an impeccable climate and snow conditions to encourage both things, the activities of skiing and snowboarding. The prices for skiing passes at Auf der Rose ski resort are €15 for adults and €12 for children in the main season. Skiing at this place is open depending upon the conditions of snow.


Snow sports schools

Due to the immense popularity that this region enjoys, there are numerous ski and snowboarding schools in this area. The places that indulge in teaching the skiing and snowboarding art are Nordic Elksport and Ski School Berger. Also, there are rental places which supply ski and snowboard on a rental basis. Nordic Elksport is one such place that provides for cross-country skiing and is situated at Auf der Rose 1738707 Altenau, Germany. One can easily contact them at +49 5328 911687. Apart from this, Ski and Toboggan rental Berger is yet another place that provides for alpine skiing. This place is located at Auf der Rose 938707 Altenau, Germany and can be reached out via telephone at +49 5328 980213.




Ski lifts are an indispensable piece of any ski resort as these will help you to travel from here to there with such ease that you will hardly let the fatigue take over you. These do not just make a ski resort technologically advanced but also end up attracting a lot more tourists to the place. As of now, there are two lifts situated at the Auf der Rose ski resort. These two lifts are the Großer Lift Rose and Kleiner Lift Rose. The Großer Lift is a T-bar lift/ button lift/ platter which has a length of 300 m (984.252 ft). This lift has the carrying capacity of 800 individuals per hour. On the other hand, the Kleiner Lift Rose is a Rope tow/ Beginner lift with a length of 200 m (656.168 ft). In this lift, the carrying capacity is of 500 individuals per hour. Hence, overall the carrying capacity of the lifts at Auf der Rose ski resort is 1300 individuals per hour. Altenau - Auf der

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