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Go for a vacation as it is good for your health. Vacations are necessary so you can relax, re-engage and re-energize. Skiing as a family ranks high on everyone’s dream vacation list. And if you have already booked your skiing holiday then you are probably looking forward catching a snow- kissed glow. To feel the alchemy of snow land is what every winter lover dreams of. There’ll be plenty of white stuff in and around while splashing out a ski trip. Moreover, how can one forget Snowy Altenberg, Saxony situated in the heart of Germany when planning a ski trip. There is so much to write about the snowy Altenberg. The Rehefeld Zaunhaus Ski Resort is located in an exclusive region of Alternberg, Saxony and is an amazingly amazing resort you cannot miss. And it is number one in the line of best Ski Resort. Though beauty lies in beholder’s eyes but there is certainly something special about Altenberg. Alternberg is in itself a sight to behold.


Resort Details

Altenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2461 ft

Summit Elevation: 2789 ft

Vertical Drop: 328 ft

The Rehefeld Zaunhaus Ski Resort is located in the German Ore Mountains and belongs to the town of Altenberg and is situated at an altitude of 750 meters (2460 feet) (lowest lift) and 845 meters (2772 feet) (highest lift) that are at an elevation of 95 meters (311.68 feet) above the sea level. In Rehefeld perfectly groomed slopes await you. The Rehfeld is connected via modern chair lift with weather protectors which are an additional feature of this resort. Moreover, let me bring it to your attention that in Rehefeld the first and only chair was built years back in 1992. Whether with Ski, Snowboard or Sledge, You are comfortable on the mountain within minutes in Rehfeld.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics



The Rehefeld Zaunhaus Ski Resort offers Ski lover comfort with skiing, ski lifts, sky slopes, snow tubing, motor sleds, tobogganing & Pistenbully driving. The ski area has professionally and beautifully prepared routes suitable for every level of skier. There are total 3kilometers of slopes for skiing and snowboarding and three guest ski lifts with total length 1.1 Kilometres serving (0.68 miles) 3000 passengers/hour. Below mentioned are the skiing and snowboarding facilities available at Rehfeld. For Beginners – Out of the total 3 kilometres (1.86 miles), 2.5 kilometres (83%) of slopes are allotted to the skiers at an amateur level. These slopes are very safe, easy and help the new skiers to learn and get an experience of skiing. For Intermediate & Experts – From the total of 3 kilometres (1.86 miles), 0.5 kilometres that are almost 17% of ski slopes is specially reserved for the expert & intermediate skiers & snowboarders. This is best suited for intermediate skiers who wish to develop their skill with a little difficult type of trail, and such type of trails and runs provide a thrill to the expert skiers who can handle dangerous twists and curves. The slopes provided at this resort facilitate both skiing and snowboarding. The resort is like a paradise for the winter fans in the coldest & snow-capped valley.


Ski lifts

A ski resort is a resort developed mainly for skiing, ski lift and snowboarding. Ski lifts are very important part of the ski resort. It adds to the beauty of ski resort. The Rehefeld Zaunhaus Ski Resort offers a wide range of 3 ski lifts which have a total capacity of carrying 3000 passengers per hour, and the total lift length is around 1.1 kilometres (0.68 miles). There is one chairlift carrying two persons at a time. Chairlift Day ticket for children would cost you 1500 Euros whereas 4-hour card would cost you 1000 Euros and the 2-hour card would cost you 650 Euros. For Adults Chairlift day ticket is around 2000 Euros, for 4-hour card it is 1300 Euros and for the 2-hour card it is 900 Euros. They even have 2 T-Bar lifts which would cost 600 Euros for children and 1000 Euros for adults.




Drive to downhill with Rehefeld Zaunhaus on rubber tire, not on a wooden sledge. The curved track contributes to the fun of downhill run. You will definitely be overwhelmed by this experience. Moreover, this feature of Snow tubing adds to the beauty of Rehefeld Zaunhaus. Individual travel for snow tubing is around 130 Euro whereas for ten cards it would cost you 1000 Euros.

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