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At the foot of one of the most famous peaks of Germany – the Schneekopf, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature lies a recreational retreat that is to take you by surprise for sure. This ski resort hidden off the monotony of this world is set to drive you with an ever new and fantabulous winter experience which is impossible to forget. Here lies the abode full of surprises. This heavenly abode is the Ski lift am Ritter ski resort. The Ski Lift am Ritter ski resort has been a popular attraction for tourists who are in love with winter sports. Situated in the town of Gehlberg in Germany, this little paradise with white snowy covers is the ultimate resort for a break from the usual hustle and bustle of life.



About the place

Am Ritter Statistics

Base Elevation: 670 m

Summit Elevation: 910 m



Located at the 98559, Gehlberg, Germany, lays the dream place of your winter adventure – the Ski lift Am Ritter. The ski resort which is a major tourist magnet to the place is positioned amidst the Thuringian Forest. The Thuringian Forest is situated in the southern part of Germany and is a well-renowned mountain range of Germany. The ski lift is Ritter Ski Resort has got about 1.5 km (0.932057 miles) of slopes which are available for the visitors and tourists to do skiing as well as other activities such as snowboarding, night skiing, etc. The ski slopes at the Ritter resort are welcoming for all sorts of skiers as you will notice that there are both beginner levels of ski slopes as well as the ski slopes of medium level difficulty. Well updated with the modern day technology, you will find that the resort has three ski lifts installed for easing the process of carrying passengers from one spot to the other one. The map of the ski resort region is readily available and accessible on the internet which will help the skiers to get a rough idea about the slopes at Ritter. Located right at the foot of the Schneekopf Mountain, the elevation of this ski resort ranges from 670 m (2198.16 ft) to 915 m (2198.16 ft). The resort charges the ski passes for adults and children separately. There are two types of ski passes that can be bought viz. the half day card and the full day card. The full day ski passes are priced at €18 for adults and €12 for children. While on the other hand, the half day ski passes are priced at €12 for adults and €7 for children. Although, keep in mind that the opening hours of the ski resort are entirely dependent upon the weather of the region and the condition in which the slope is.

Ski Slopes

Along with the beautiful scenery that Ritter ski resort offers its visitors, it also bombards them with the excitement of skiing on some of the finest slopes of Germany. The downhill runs or as people refer to them – slopes, extend to a length of 1.5 km (0.932057 miles). The ski slopes at ski lift am Ritter Ski Resort offers a variety of difficulty levels in slopes. It has got to offer both light difficulty level as well as the medium difficulty level slopes for the various sorts of visitors that think of coming to this recreational resort for some fun time. Of the total ski slopes present, 67 % slopes are the ones which belong to the light difficulty level. These run about 1 km (0.621371 miles) in length. Then, there are the slopes which belong to the medium difficulty level. The medium difficulty level, slopes consist of about 33% of the total slopes at the Ritter ski resort. These downhill runs extend up to 0.5 km (0.310686 miles). For having an exquisite experience at skiing and snowboarding activities, you will notice that even valley slope is available to the skiers. It adds up to the thrill and adventure one can have at this exotic resort. The ski lift am Ritter also does not lag behind when it comes down to leaving the visitors with some unforgettable nocturnal memories. It ensures by allowing night skiing at the resort.


Ski Lifts

Although the slopes at Ritter are no big deal to get through but just for the comfort of the visitors, especially those who are not regular or experienced skiers, the ski resort authorities have made thing quite a lot easier. They have simplified the task by installing in the ski lifts at the resort. The length of all the lanes of ski lifts combined adds up to 0.6 km (0.372823 miles). There are overall three ski lifts currently functioning at the ski resort. There are 2 Seillift / exercise lifts and one towing / plate lift. The capacity of carrying passengers from one end to the other one is 1800 individuals in an hour in toto. The three currently functioning ski lifts at the Ski lift am Ritter Ski lift Froschwiese, Ski lift décor and Ski lift Am Ritter. The towing / plate lift which is Ski lift Froschwiese has a capacity of taking 800 persons in an hour. It has a length of 300 m (984.252 ft). The other two ski lifts which are of Seillift / exercise lifts kind are about 150 m (492.126 ft) in length and have a capacity of 500 persons in an hour. From the size of ski region to the variations in the slopes and the ski lifts & tracks, everything at ski lift am Ritter will ensure a pleasurable time while skiing as well snowboarding and at the same time it manages to offer a fog-free scenic view of the natural beauty.

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