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An der dürren Fichte ski resort – perfect place for ski lovers!

Skiing is an excellent sport, and it is also one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. It seems like skiing would be tiring, but it is just the opposite once you get the hold of it. It is one of the most relaxing activities known because when one skies his way down the smooth slopes of beautiful majestic mountains all around him, then he forgets each and every single stress of his life. There are numerous ski resorts which offer you a range of slopes to try skiing. Out of them, the An der dürren Fichte ski resort is one amazing choice to try skiing with your family.

An der dürren Fichte Statistics

Base Elevation: 800 m

Summit Elevation: 840 m

Resort Details

The ski centre “An der dürren Fichte” is the perfect place for trying skiing for the first time and also for a family to spend some quality time and relax. Located in Siegmundsburg, Thuringia, Germany, the An der dürren Fichte ski resort is a small but fine resort and offers the most suitable slopes for families. The winter sports area of the resort is located at an elevation range of 800 meters (2624 feet) and 840 meters (2755 feet).A valley run is also available at the resort. The resort offers only those slopes which a family would need to learn skiing and try the basic level. There are also “Snow-tubing grounds” located by the slope start. So the people who are looking for more action can go there.

How to reach

The An der dürren Fichte ski resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. You can take your car all the way up there, or you can use a train to the nearest town or reach the nearest airport via air too. The An der dürren Fichte ski resort offers an ideal entry for day time visitors. If you plan to go by your car, then you have to take the route to Skischlepplift Siegmundsburg, Oberland 7, 98749 Siegmundsburg, Germany where a stone parking lot is readily available for you to park your car. There is usually enough space available in the parking lot, and it is free of charge too. A direct train connection isn’t available, so one needs to reach NeuhausamRennweg and take a cab from there.

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are a very important and mandatory component of a ski resort. They are needed to carry passengers up and down the slopes. The An der dürren Fichte ski resort has a total of 2 ski lifts to carry its guests over the slopes. The lifts have a total capacity of carrying 1100 passengers per hour and a total lift length of 0.5 km. Both of the lifts are of beginner lift or rope tow lift type. One of the lifts has a capacity of carrying 600 persons per hour, and a lift length of 350 meters and the other one has a capacity of carrying 500 passengers per hour and a lift length of100 meters. The main season day ticket prices are set at a very affordable mark too. They charge $7.63 (7 Euros) for adults and $5.45 (5 Euros) for children.

Skiing and Snowboarding statistics

  The slopes available in the An der dürren Fichte ski resort are most suitable for the people who want to try skiing for the first time or the people who need easy slopes to carry out basic level skiing. Unfortunately, there aren’t any slopes for intermediate or expert level skiers. But there are snow tubing grounds for the people who are looking to have some action on their trip. There are a total of 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles) of slopes available in the resort, and all of them are easy level slopes. This is why the resort is also considered most optimum for families and beginner level skiers. Unfortunately, medium and difficult level slopes are not available in the resort which means the intermediate and expert level skiers might not have come to the right place. A Toboggan run is also available in the resort. Not only that, but a free of charge cross country run is also offered at the An der dürren Fichte ski resort. There is one classic cross country ski-run available in the resort which has a total length of 3.1 km (1.92 miles). 22kms (13.67 miles) of winter hiking trails are also available in the resort.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

Whether you are looking for accommodation in bed and breakfast or a holiday apartment or a holiday farm or a 4-5 star luxury hotel, you will surely find it near the An der dürren Fichte ski resort. There are a lot of facilities for accommodation and lodging available around the resort. They offer picturesque views from their rooms for you to have a relaxed stay in the hotel. Some of them are: Hotel Beck: The Hotel Bech is located at a distance of 4.3 km from the resort only and offers a great ambience for its guests. There are rooms for two available in the hotel. They even offer an airport shuttle service which means they can directly pick you up at the airport to save you the hustle. The hotel has all the modern facilities available and comes for an affordable price too. RennsteighotelHerrnberger Hof: Located closest to the resort, the RennsteighotelHerrnberger Hof is an amazing accommodation with rooms for three. It also offers an airport shuttle and all the facilities one could wish for on vacation. So the An der dürren Fichte ski resort is an amazing choice to spend an tremendous vacation with your family and friends. So pack your bags and book your flight and stay near the resort and have an unmatched skiing experience this winter vacation.

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