Andelsbuch – Deep Inside The Begenzerwald Snow


Andelsbuch Statistics

Base Elevation: 655 meter

Summit Elevation: 1715 meter

Vertical Drop: 1060 meter

We know the families are looking for this place since it is famous for the 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) long run made especially for the families. It is as well popular for deep snow slopes. While the cable car of Bezau offers a nice and fast toboggan run to the special roof, you are going to fall head over heels for the beauty that is snow. It is more than a holiday destination for people. It brings peace and relaxation and is best suggested for people who love to hang around silent and blissful places. It lies in the heart of Begenzerwald and is becoming a growing destination for families, hikers, and free riders.

The place is surrounded by water, forests, and everything natural. That too, on the largest flat surface. It is a wide area filled with all the snow you’d hope for, which makes it a great place for skiing. Not just for the advanced ones, but even the beginners, kids and novices. The deep powder snow decorates the pace with even more serenity, and your eyes won’t get enough. The sparkle of the fresh snow is everywhere, in every direction. There’s simply no chance left for complaining.

Starting from the middle of December and lasting through the end of March, this place is worth a try. This visit would become a never ending experience. Pack your stuff now, and thank us later. Read on to know everything and more about this amazing ski resort.




Ways to reach Andelsbuch


You can reach this place by car. No other mode of transport is apparently available. The good news is, there’s enough parking space available if you plan on coming by your own car or a hired one. The parking is free of charge. The ideal entry is for day visitors. There are two entrance points. One is via Gerachbahn, and the other is via Sonderdachbahn. So, you can easily reach the place by a car and enjoy experiencing endless fun on offer here at Andelsbuch.


Availability of lifts


The elevation rises from 655 meters / 2149 feet to 1715 meters / 5626 feet. Seven ski lifts are available, distributed into one reversible ropeway, two chairlifts, and four platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 6043 passengers in an hour’s time. The total length is 6.9kilometers / 4.2 miles. If you are an enthusiast about lifts or want to know more, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.


  • Sonderdachbahn,1961 meters (6434 feet) long has the capacity of riding 345 people in an hour. It is a Reversible Ropeway.
  • Niedere Bahn, 1180 meters (3871 feet) long has the capacity of riding 720 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Gerachbahn, 1720 meters (5643 feet) long has the capacity of riding 900 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Breitfeldlift, 625 meters (2050 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1028 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.
  • Niederekopflift, 155 meters (508 feet) long has the capacity of riding 650 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.
  • Niederemuldelift 1, 630 meters (2066 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.
  • Niederemuldelift 2, 630 meters (2066 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.





At Andelsbuch, well-maintained and marked slopes of 15kilometers (9.3 miles) have been developed for all the skiing skier would like to do. It has all kinds of slopes of varying degrees of the difference in their difficulty level. 20% of the slopes have snowmaking capabilities, and the rest is compensated by two snow cannons.


  • 33% of the trails are available for the beginners or novices with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. You can hire an instructor from the ski schools around for guidance. Confide in your instructor, and you can learn everything you would like to learn about skiing.
  • 60% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners, which is quite a wide The instructors would always be available for help. You can still practice on your own and test your skills. You’d never want to miss this trail.
  • 7% of the trails are the hardest ones. Such slopes are considered to be perfect for skiers with a good grasp of the art of skiing. The slopes are considerably steeper and make it harder to accomplish. Though, this also means added fun and adventure.


Highlights to be known


Due to limitations of the area, there is no snow park built at Andelsbuch. Even so, valley runs available.




Ski rentals – Andelsbuch apparently does not own a ski rental station within.




Food – With the availability of way too many restaurants, you’ve got further way too many food options. Your stomach won’t make a sound with every kind of restaurant, cuisine, bars and coffee shops available at a distance of few feet.




Accommodations – The place takes care of everything, together with every desired type of accommodation any tourist would ever ask for. There are around 300 beds and are more than enough to serve right to the incoming population. Some search for relaxation, while some search for a nice apartment with soft quilts. The accommodations can be categorized into hotels, guesthouses, holiday flats, huts, inns camping sites, farms, holiday cottages and private rooms.


Snowboarding – All, the snowboarders, pack your stuff. The wide slopes here totally mesmerize off-piste skiers. In addition to safety, it is advised for free snowboarders to act responsibly for their actions.


Ski Mountaineering –  If you are more of a mountaineer than a skier, the Bergstaion Baumgarten is an ideal point to start the mountaineering. All the safety measures are taken along with the availability of right equipment and safety backups. Due to the special terrain, avalanches are less likely to occur. It is still suggested to check before starting.


Cross-country Skiing – Andelsbuch gives the immense pleasure of cross-country skiing to all the skiers from around the world. A well 7kilometers groomed and tracked skiing trails make it easier than ever to sport this Nomadic act. The trails are divided into two, one is 4 kilometers, and the other is 3 kilometers long.


Children’s Snow – There’s a little space especially for your little ones. Children under the age of 3 years receive six days, and three valleys pass with a free stay of 1 week with their guardians. Also, the lessons are included for four days.


Sledding – This is a basic need for any person. A long and nice fast-paced sledge run. Serleslifte provides you one on the largest sledge run, measuring 43 kilometers (26.7 miles) away. There are 14 rental shops that rent the perfect sledges for the perfect kind of fun.


Paragliding – Do you like to see the world through a bird’s eye? This is your chance to fly with the eagles. Flight enthusiasts will find one of the most amazing airfields here in this ski resort of Tyrol. The special thermal system allows a good year round operation. Amazing sceneries await your presence.


Basically as mentioned before, this is the perfect and safest place for families. Tell us about your experience soon by visiting this place soon. Because with so much on offer and so many things to enjoy at the Andersbuch Ski Resort, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets, pack your bags and head out for this amazing ski resort with near and dear ones and  make the most of the chilly weather. Have fun!

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