Ankogel Mallnitz-Austria

Ankogel Mallnitz- Snow Fun Like Never Before


Grab your coats as we are up for the chilliest season of the year. It’s about time that we all looked back upon our actions and all the time we spent lingering around doing goofy stuff, getting emotional and all the celebrations we had. The streets start lighting up with the merry feel of Christmas. It’s fun time one can have a family trip to create some more memories to add to that collection. Enjoy the holiday that one has been waiting all along the year on the snow riding some snowboards and taking a walk around in woods with snowshoes.


Ankogel Mallnitz Statistics

Base Elevation: 4157 feet

Summit Elevation: 8652 feet

Vertical Drop: 4495 feet

Located at 9822 Mallnitz, Austria, is the alpine skiing mountain, the Ankogel which is rich in tradition and has become a must for a tip for free riders. The resort has Carinthia’s longest descent and a difference in altitude of 1,349 meters with the most reliable snow for the season with some extra wide powder snow pistes.  These are a highly varied free ride area with new magical programs such as the mystical ice dome which is a delight amidst most beautiful nature of the National Park which is the mountain climber’s village of Mallnitz.




The Ankogel Mallnitz resort has a summit of about 2600 m making it one of Carinthia’s highest ski areas, and also the Ankogel high-altitude mountain cableways lie over 2,600 m above the ground thus, making the downhill runs a real delight for winter sports lovers. The Köfele lifts in the valley below mostly meant and suited for beginners and learners. The resort profits from flakes falling on both sides of the main Tauern ridge. The resort is well known for having highly diverse free ride areas to match up to every person’s abilities and with runs of up to 1,600 meters difference in altitude. The resort is open for snow fun from December until mid-April and is a year round fun place serving as one of the best places to be at for hiking during the summers.


So, the place is ideally suited for all the skiing lovers who can go out and enjoy this thrilling winter sport with their family and friends.


Skiing and Snowboarding


The Ankogel Mallnitz consists of many varied and diverse slopes for riders of all levels with a total of 12.8 km which are divided into 2.8 km runs for beginners out of which are 3 tracks, 5 km runs for medium difficulty which is 4 tracks, 5 km runs for difficult level riders which are 5 tracks and free rides and routes of 5 km. The valley area which consists of the Köfele lift is an ideal area for beginners with value for money day passes which help with access to the valley throughout your stay. Thus, there is various slopes and terrain which you can pick according to your comfort and skiing level.



Ski School


The Ankogelbahnen has a valley station for the beginners with the two Köfele lifts are the ideal terrain to practice the first turns. The whole children’s course provided at the resort is aimed to make the ids forget about the ski instructor and is more centered on the idea to amaze the kids with Bobo with his mouth open when the fat penguin which is the mascot of the ski school and a quality feature for excellent children’s ski schools, jumps past the kids on the short skis, it makes the children more excited and get them running on the slopes.


Free Rides


The Ankogel Mallnitz has free rides which are 1100 meters of altitude, 7.1 km in length and for easy and moderate level skiers. Ski or snowboard and cross those high under the rock faces to the west of the mountain. Right above the tow lifts are the skis which are sounded and raised into striking plain squares for the riders. At an altitude of about 2200 meters, the route becomes more and more narrow and steep; now as you descend this path consisting of this channel you will find it getting wider again nearing the brook.


On this 5 kilometers long path which is mostly comprising downhill regions, one reaches to a ÖBB settlement, near which is the station Böckstein which is used to come back to Mallnitz. There are also many other alternatives like taking a bus or a taxi to Mölltal Glacier and from there take any transportation available to Sportgastein and then, take the train back to Mallnitz which is a more indirect approach. Another indirect approach is to take a taxi from Böckstein station to one of the following places that are Sportgastein, Bad Gastein or Schlossalm.



Lift Tickets


The Ankogel Mallnitz has five lifts of which 3 are drag lifts, and 2 are aerial tramways. The rate of tickets depends on age and the time of visitation. The children’s tariff applies to ages until 18 years old. Children under age six years who are accompanied by parents are free to ride the lifts.  A family wit more than two children can have the extra children riding for free. Also, the disabled can avail a discount of up to 60% on getting their ID cards. If the passes or tickets are lost, they are not substitutable, so it is advised to take care of them.


At the time of 8:30 am, an adult has to pay €45 and cost for children’s ticket is €22.5, at 11 am, an adult has to pay €40, and cost for children’s ticket is €20, at 12 pm an adult has to pay €37 and cost for children’s ticket is €18.5, at 1 pm an adult has to pay €30 and cost for children’s ticket is €15 and at the time of 2 pm an adult has to pay €23 and cost for children’s ticket is €11.5.


The charges on only for Köfelelifte which consist of tows in the valley station from 8:30 am an adult has to pay €28.5, and cost for children’s ticket is €14.5 and from 8:30 am an adult has to pay €23, and cost for children’s ticket is €11.5. It is to be noted that these charges can be subjected to change without any notice. However, these prices are quite affordable as compared to the other resorts in the region. Plus, the place offers a good value for money, making it even more attractive.



The Ankogel Mallnitz is a fun place for family and friends. It offers a large variety of terrains and events to keep one entertained. The Mountain is well suited for experienced and professional skiers. The well-groomed terrains can impress anyone even though there is a wide area to cover in one’s stay. The resort is a great place for learners with an expert teaching staff that emphasize more on the fun phase than the battle phase. The whole terrain is well groomed and well suited for riders of all skiing levels. The resort has attracted many guests who wish to get away from their busy city lives.


The staff is well experienced and cares about whether or not you have a good experience responding to grievances of every kind with an impeccable service to offer. Many skiers are attracted to the exciting 2,000 m drop which is the biggest in the area. The resort has many satisfying trails but sometimes gets icy due to the unexpected weather conditions. The place is well known and gets crowded in peak seasons such as winter.  The resort has a very understanding and helping staff with the resort boasting of over half a century of experience entertaining guests.


With so much on offer and things to try out at the Ankogel Mallnitz, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting the place. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for the Ankogel Mallnitz resort with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. Have fun!

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