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Nature always gifts us regularly. We should embrace it in every form. Gifts in the form of fruits, vegetables, flowers, soil, trees, air and much more. All these gifts are what makes it possible for human lives to exist. We all these products in our everyday lives. Some are there round the year, and some are seasonal. One the most spectacular and beautiful gift is snow. When after a season of hot and loud summer everyone needs calmness; Nature comes to our rescue with snowfall. Snow not only makes it cold and beautiful but also brings peace with it. So when we talk about snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering and many other sports, there is more than fun and adventure to it. When you are at the top of a snow covered mountain ready to ski down with speed so high that your heart nearly skips a beat you look around. All the mountains, snow, frozen lakes, snow, covered trees takes away your heart. At that moment you find immense peace and your soul is filled with joy. This is what makes skiing a fantastic sport to enjoy, be it children or adults, everyone loves this winter sport.

When we talk about a peaceful skiing area that offers so much fun, there is no place better than Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort is located the Blue Mountains, Baker County / Union County in Oregon. The place has a vertical drop of 900 feet and that’s what makes it interesting for experienced skiers. The place has a top elevation of 8000 feet and a base elevation of 7100 feet. Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort invites people to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in a vast area of 1100 acres.


Anthony Lakes Mountain Statistics

Top: 8000 ft

Base: 7100 ft

Vertical: 900 ft

Average Annual Snowfall:

300 inches

Its lift system well connects the place. There are three lifts out of which 1 is triple chair, 1 is rope tow and one magic carpet. Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort receives a tremendous amount of snow and has an amazing opportunity to ski like a pro. The place receives 300 inches of snowfall. The place is also for snow cat skiing, boarder cross course as well as cross country skiing. The place is well known for backcountry skiing. The place invites you to have family fun forever and this is what makes it one of the best places to visit during the winters.

Terrain offered by Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort



The place has 1 Terrain Park and 21 different runs. The longest run offered by the resort is 2.4 km. Although the place is more famous amongst intermediate and experienced level skiers, the place also has run for beginners.

Beginner level

Out of the total 21 runs 20 % are easy. They are meant for beginner skiers. The runs are easy and beginners can easily learn.

Intermediate level

Out of the total 21 runs 38 % are of difficult level. They are harder than beginner level. People with some prior experience can ski here and enhance their ski skills.

Experienced level

Out of the total 21 runs 42 % are most challenging runs. They are the most difficult level. People with high level of skiing experience can ski here in the way they want.

Anthony Lakes Mountain



Lessons are offered for teaching skiing and snowboarding to all the visitors who are interested. The lessons are available according to skill and age. The group lessons are available from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. For group lessons, there is no need for prior reservation. For private or semi – private lessons you have to schedule or arrive early. The private lesson depends on upon the availability of instructor.

The group lessons cost $ 35 per hour. Private or semi – private lessons cost $ 60 and if additional hours are needed then $ 40 is charged.

Greenhorn Package – specially meant for beginner skiers and snowboarders. It costs $ 55. The package would include one-day bunny hill ticket, one-day ski or snowboard rental and 1-hour group lesson.

Greenhorn 3 Package – specially meant for beginners skiers and snowboarders. It will cost $ 145 as it is for three days. It includes three-day lift tickets (1st day at Bunny Hill and two days at Rock Garden), three days ski or snowboard rentals, 3 group lessons and the days do not have to be consecutive. They have to be used within the season, and at the end of the season, the pass will expire. They are valid only for the person and cannot be transferred.

Midway 3 Pack – this pack is meant for the intermediate level package. The package will cost $ 175. It includes three-day lift tickets, three-day ski or snowboard rental, 3 group lesson and it is valid only for one person. It cannot be transferred to another person. If you complete beginner package and intermediate package in one season, you will get $ 50 off.

Tiny Tyke Day Package – this package is meant for ages 4 to 6. It costs $ 65. The package includes one-day bunny hill ticket, 1 one hour private lesson, one day ski or snowboard rental. If taken three at a time it costs $ 175.

Tiny Tyke 3 package – this package is meant for kids of ages 4 to 6. It costs $ 175. It includes three-day bunny hill ticket, 3 one hour private lessons, three-day ski or snowboard rental and it is valid for one child only. The days does not have to be consecutive but have to be used within the season.

All these packages help people in honing their skiing skills and in effect, enjoy skiing better in this beautiful terrain.

Anthony Lakes Ski Racing Association (the youth ski team)



The Anthony Lakes Ski Racing Association governs the Anthony Lakes Youth Ski Teams. The Anthony Lakes Racing Association consists of parents of the children in the youth skiing team. The team is a no – profit association whose philosophy is that improve skills while having fun. The team offers various programs to turn young skiers from ages 7 or under into junior or high school skiers.

Ski For The Health Of It


This is a very famous program held by the resort. Its motive is to give focus on health and physical activities while having an environment where people can have fun, too. The resort believes in promoting healthier lifestyle amongst kids at an early age so that those habits become permanent. It is open for kids from 4th grade o 9th grade. This is a first come first serve type of program. It is only available for first 150 students. The registration fee for eight weeks of fun activities is $ 80.

Lodging and Eating

The resort has a beautiful place to stay. The rooms are subject to availability. The cuisine is something you will love. Boldly flavored burritos, cinnamon roll or local cup of Sorbenots Coffee is just the thing you need for breakfast. The fireplace keeps you warm while the big windows provide you with the view of spectacular snow covered mountains. The great homemade soups and chili are something you will never forget. Pizza in café and salon and Grab – n – Go salad bar invites you. Now if drinks are coming up then, you have to try the locally brewed Multi gold medal winning beers in the Starbottle Saloon, too. Other drinks include Pendleton, Oregon’s Prodigal Son Brewing and much more.


Also, the retail shop is a must visit for souvenirs. They have logo wears and gifts on latest outerwear, gloves, hats and much more.  So, with so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting the Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort and miss on trying out these fun and adrenaline pumping activities. So, go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight to Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort and spend amazing time with you family and friends and make memories that you can cherish lifelong.

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