Skilift am Apelsberg – a paradise for ski lovers!



We all wish to spend our vacations at some faraway place with the freedom to relax as we want. The best way to do this is to spend your holidays in a place with the most fantastic climate. Imagine snow-capped mountains with coniferous forests grazing the steep cliffs and people skiing their way down the snow. The scene is enhanced by happy little kids laughing merrily and lying on their backs to make snow angels. The Ski Resort at Apelsburg is located at Narrow beech street 2, 98724 Neuhaus am Rennweg in the enchanting country of Germany. The ski resort is suited for families and provides a joyous vacation to all. The ski resort is a favorite location for people who wish to enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. It is the answer to all your work problems and is the best solution to get rid of them and clear your system.


Apelsberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 745 m

Summit Elevation: 785 m

The Ski Resort at Apelsburg is located at Narrow beech street 2, 98724 Neuhaus am Rennweg, Germany and is situated very close to the Thuringian Town, Neuhaus. Neuhaus is one of the highest places in Thuringia and is located at an elevation of 835m (0.51 miles). The first snow in this region is usually expected around November. The resort allows the tourists to indulge in winter sporting activities like skiing and snowboarding. At the resort, the skiers can have fun at the blue/red slope that runs through the town. The slope provided by the resort has a total summed up the length of 0.3km (0.186 miles) and four cross country ski tracks. The resort has one ski lift which fulfils the purpose of transporting people up and down the slope. The ski resort functions on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the hours 1 pm to 5 pm, on Tuesday and Friday from 1 pm to 10 pm, on Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm and on Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm. The highest point of the resort where the lift reaches is 785 m (0.48 miles), and the base area is at the height of 745 m (0.46 miles).


The Ski Resort at Apelsburg has a 3km (0.186 miles) long single ski lift allows you to climb to a height of 785 m (0.48 miles). A specially designed circular hoist is also provided for kids which make transporting the little ones to the highest point a fairly easy task. After reaching the highest point, everybody is allowed to take turns on a red or blue slope in the snow. The resort is also open during evening hours on specific days, and the slope is well lit to make skiing an even more enjoyable affair. The slope is best suited for beginners and families who are there only to have fun. Beginners: The resort provides 0.3km (0.186 miles) to practice their new skiing skills and enjoy with their families. This slope occupies 100% of skiing area and provides an easy level for beginners to develop their skills. Intermediaries and Advanced: The resort does not provide any slopes for intermediate and advanced level skiers and is only restricted to beginners.


The resort provides 0.3 km (0.186 miles) of easy level ski lift to transport people along the length of the slope. A ski lift is a rather critical component of a skiing resort, and it is of utmost importance to have the best quality ski lifts available for the purpose. This easy-level ski lift is particularly popular with families who comes to enjoy skiing. The ski lift provided by the resort is a towbar type of lift. The lift allows you to cross slopes with a difference of 40 m (0.02 miles). Next to the lift is a 200 m (0.12 miles) long toboggan slope. Both the ski slope and the toboggan slope are illuminated. The ski lift prices differ according to the classification of age into adults, children and seniors.


The ski resort provides two ski schools that offer courses in skiing and help you learn the professional way.

Ski School HaSi

The ski school offers a variety of courses that range from cross-country ski courses and roller blading on the snow. The ski school is located at Eschenweg 11, 96465 Wildenheid, Germany. The ski school also rents equipment to learn cross country skiing at the earliest.

Ski School Weschenfelder

This ski school provides a range of different courses in alpine skiing and snowboarding. They are located at 98724, Neuhaus am Rennweg, Germany. The school rents equipment to people taking up the course and also provides accommodation. It has experienced instructors who have a knack of training you to ski. There are several ski and snowboarding services also available like Ski Rental Autumn that provides equipment for cross-country and downhill skiing and snowboarding. Also, Sports Rental Marr provides equipment for the same and can be rented at low prices.




There are several hotels and holiday homes close to the Ski Resort which provide the best amenities. They are at a close distance to the airport and let you enjoy the best scenic views of the mountains.


Holiday House (Chalet)

The Holiday Home in Neuhaus, Rennweg is an attractive chalet. The kitchen of this holiday home comes equipped with a dishwasher, stovetop, coffee machine, and refrigerator. The Holiday Home also provides a TV set. The Holiday Home charges you €49.86 (USD 54.34) per day.

Hotel Am Rennsteig

This hotel is situated in Neuhaus, Rennweg in Thuringia Region and is 37km away from Oberhof. It is very close to the resort and boasts a sun terrace. All rooms come with a television, and some rooms include a seating area to relax. The hotel will cost you €49.90 (USD 54.38). These tiny details about the wonderful snow-capped mountain of Germany must surely have made you want to visit it soon. The Ski Resort at Apelsberg invites you to live with them at their resort.

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