Arosa Lenzerheide-Switzerland

Arosa Lenzerheide – The Abode of Winter Sports

“Winter is coming!” – Isn’t that the best thing you can tell a winter lover? The best part about winter, quite literally, is it is not summer. It is the season of soothing and comfort, away from the scorching heat of the sun. The tranquil weather makes everything around seem more jubilant and adds rhapsody to our surroundings. Winter is the time to chill while being a part of the thrill. Be a part of horse racing, skateboarding, skiing or swimming in a hole and have the most memorable winter ever.

Arosa Lenzerheide Statistics

Base Elevation: 1229 m

Summit Elevation: 2865 m

Vertical Drop: 1636 m

Winter is unanimously the best time to set out on the vacation you’ve been planning for a while, now. Take a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life while you watch slopes sparkling in the sun and ski in beautiful runs across the valley. Located in an alpine oasis in the very heart of Graubunden, Arosa Lenzerheide is one of the remarkable ski-resort towns in Switzerland that is a common favorite among winter sports enthusiasts and tourists. Have an unforgettable skiing holiday in this snow sports resort town which witnesses record breaking sunny days and have outstanding panoramic views to stunning its visitors. Do not spend your winter months doing anything. Dress warmly and buckle out of your homes and ski on perfectly prepared pistes and have fun in your snowboards as you crunch powdered snow under your wheels. 

Resort details:

The Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort is sited at an elevation of 5331 feet (1618 meters) at the vertical drop, 9399 feet (2864 meters) at the highest lift. The resort altitude is 4068 feet (1618 meters). It can be thus said that the ski resort is situated between the altitudes of 4068 feet and 9399 feet. The ski resort town has a total number of 42 ski lifts and cable cars to serve the slopes, efficiently. Its ski lifts and cable car system is well developed and maintained, unlike most other ski resort towns. 

Skiing and Snowboarding details:

The Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort town is situated in the Lenzerheide Holiday Region covers the area of two ski resorts and offers pristine and smooth slopes for every level of skier. There is a total of 225 kilometers (139 miles) area for downhill skiing and 113 individual perfectly laid out pistes. Let us have a look at the skiing facilities offered by this amazing ski resort.

For Beginners: Out of the total 225 kilometers (139 miles) extent of the ski area, 87 kilometers (54 miles) has been devoted to beginners. The red runs are in areas that allow learners to learn the sport with ease and excitement. The west side of Lenzerheide and the area adjoining Tschuggen are the best suited for beginners.

For Intermediates: Out of the total 225 kilometers (139 miles) extent of ski area available for skiers, a total of 111 kilometers (68 miles) has been devoted to the intermediate learners and families. The blue runs are found most widely in Arosa Lenzerheide and this ski resort town is excellent for intermediate learners. Wide pistes with wide curves and slopes that go downhill are determined to give skiers the adventure they are looking for.

For Experts: Experts at skiing have to themselves 27 kilometers (16 miles)of challenging slopes to do what they enjoy the most. The black runs constitute the least of the slopes in Arosa Lenzerheide but experts come here to explore the challenging slopes allotted to them. The steepest World Cup Downhill with its summiteers tours and high-speed tracks make expert skiers come back to it times and again.

The trails and slopes are extremely well prepared and maintained on a regular basis to give skiers an uninterrupted experience of adventure. Arosa Lenzerheide has steep slopes with rock edges, exclusive ski safaris, night sledding, night skiing, or skiing under the moonlight at freshly groomed slopes for the night owls and the adventurous ones. Its altitude allows the place to be snow-covered naturally throughout. And thanks to artificial snow creating systems, they help maintain the wide 225 kilometers (139 miles) stretch of the ski area for skiers to enjoy their time and have an unforgettable winter fun. 

Learn to ski:

Are you afraid you won’t enjoy your heeled ski vacation because you don’t know skiing? Don’t you worry, Arosa Lenzerheide has myriad skiing schools that provide a variety of lessons to help you overcome this malady and get skiing like a pro? Do not worry if you’re inexperienced, you can have just an eventful and enjoyable day just like the others. You can take group lessons or private lessons from professional skiing instructors in the region. A single private lesson for an adult costs $95. Taking private lessons are the best way to ensure you learn the most both effortlessly and efficiently. You could also learn in a group of six with friends or family and encourage yourself to outshine your potential. A single group lesson for an adult costs $60. There are special courses for children as well. A single group lesson for a child costs around $50 while a single private lesson costs around $75. The courses provided are not only enriching but also entertaining. 

Ski lifts:

The entire ski resort region of Arosa Lenzerheide is serviced by modern chairlifts, gondolas and tow lift in beginner slopes, which help skiers and locals to travel up and down the slopes without effort. A total number of 43 ski lifts serve the region and they have the capacity of carrying 63,936 passengers every hour. The 43 ski lifts occupy a total extent of 50.9 kilometers (31.6 miles). Out of the total 43 ski lifts, 18 are chairlifts, 17 are button lifts, 4 are aerial tramways and the remaining 4 are gondola lifts. A ski lift ticket for a child costs $23, that of a youth costs $47 and an adult’s ticket costs around $71 for a day. The place boasts of its modern system of ski lifts and cable cars that make transportation over the slopes an easier thing.

Accommodation and lodging facilities:

The best part about this resort town is it’s easily accessible by cars, buses and other means of public transport. Most obviously, the shorter you take to travel, the longer you get to enjoy. This town attracts travelers from all across the world to have a great winter break partaking in winter sports and fun. This place offers a wide variety of snow sports options for the young and old. You could spend a night at one of its huts and partake from their cultural and ethnic authenticity. The place abounds in lodging facilities. If you’re looking for luxury hotels to have the time of your lives, you would find them here. If you’re a traveler who wants to cut it short on the accommodation, you would find the most affordable and comfortable hotels here as well. The hotels are equipped with all modern conveniences and serve a wide range of cuisines to give your taste buds a boost.
Landal Alpine Lodge Lenzerheide – One of the top luxury hotels in the area, this place is known for its extreme hospitability and wellness. It expertises in gourmet and is family-oriented. Their spa services are worth dying for. It has a total of 400 beds. A standard room for two adults for three nights should cost you around 1044 Euros.

Jugendherberge Valbella – This is a youth hostel famous for its affordability and brilliant service. It has all modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and spacious rooms with extremely helpful staff. A standard room for two adults for a night should cost you around $300 Euros. 

Arosa Lenzerheide is the ideal winter destination whether you want to have some adventurous time or even if you seek solitude. You can visit the resort with near and dear ones as it has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it a family-friendly place. From adventure and adrenaline-pumping sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. So go ahead and book your tickets, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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