Arralifte Harmanschlag-Austria

Arralifte-Harmanschlag - A Paradise in Snow

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Wondering why such a fancy tag line? Because winter is coming! Being one of the longest seasons there is plenty of time for you to explore around before the snow melts. So want to try out something new? You should definitely go Skiing. It is a fun-filled event which will help you get out of your monotonous life.

Arralifte-Harmanschlag Statistics

Base Elevation: 740 m

Summit Elevation: 860 m

Vertical Drop: 120 m

Well, you can also burn some calories as it is a physically demanding activity. Skiing has no age bar. With the gravity assist from Earth, anyone can ski. It is never too late or too old to ski. Skiing is all about feeling the speed and wind. It is the perfect activity for your dream vacation. It is also one of the most interesting ways to meet new people. Warm up your muscles and get ready for an ultimate skiing adventure in your next holidays.

The perfect skiing location!

Now you may be wondering where you should be skiing. There are several Ski resorts around. Among all of them, the ones in Austria are pretty epic. One note-worthy mention would be a small but beautiful Ski Resort Arralifte located at Harmanschlag. This exotic Ski Resort is located in lower Austria. To pinpoint its exact location, it is in the north-western part of Waldviertel. This Ski resort is a tiny but alluring place and will provide an exquisite experience for beginners.

The total length of the slopes available for Skiing as well as Snowboarding is about 4 km. Although relatively less, the length is sufficient. There are two lifts to transport the tourists and visitors. With not much crowd, you can experience eternal elation in peace. The main winter sports area stands at a decent elevation of 740 to 860 meters. This is the place that should be on your must-visit location list. Do not miss out the Skiing experience in a never seen before manner.

You can come along with friends and family and savour the moment. You can even go on a joint vacation with your parents. This ski resort is totally safe to carry out various skiing and snowboarding activities. There are restaurants along the slopes where you can have your comfortable stay and delicious food. The place will give an overall vacation experience. Experiment on your hidden talents here and make memories along the way. With less area, there is a lot of social interaction between people. Even if you come alone, you are never really alone.

The Slope Where You Ski

The slopes present here offer one of the most user-friendly experiences. The 4 Km long stretch is equally classified into Easy and Intermediate level, each being 2 Km. There are no difficult slopes to be encountered. Even for those who did not know skiing, it would be a breeze. Experienced ones can try out tricks in the intermediate level slope. Even Snowboarding is very convenient with slopes like this. The slopes are equipped with four snow cannons in total. Hence all slopes are ensured to have snow at appropriate depths all the time with the help of artificial snowmaking.

Night Skiing facility is also available. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you Ski through on a chilling night. It is a heavenly experience, one of it is kind. Valley run is also available. Unfortunately, there are no snow parks or half pipe, but that should not limit the fun you can have. A distinguishing feature is that the slopes are equipped with three main webcams for live streaming of the conditions there and other webcams at appropriate places. This is the perfect example of technology used for perfect assistance.

The Sky Lifts

This Ski resort has in total only two lifts, but they are very efficient. A Lift is generally accessed by the comfort it provides and the control ability and whether modern facilities are included. The travel capacity is also important. The Sky Lifts at Arralifte can transport up to 1000 passengers per hour which are a great efficiency in transport. They are well equipped with flood lights.

The total lift length here is 1.1 km. Both the lifts are T-bar type. The transition through sky lifts is often accompanied with picturesque sight-seeing. The locations are perfect for you Facebook and Instagram updates. All the breath-taking views will be imprinted in your memory. Apart from Skiing, the Skylift is one thing to anticipate and look forward to traveling in. They make your experience complete. One can literally feel the atmosphere embrace them from all sides.

The Amount You Will Be Spending

The prices here are quite reasonable for the services provided. During the peak season, a single day ski pass would cost around 19.5 Euro for Adults and youth. However, it is only 14.5 Euro in the case of children. Multiple day passes are cheaper than individual passes added together.

Hence plan your stay ahead and buy the pass for the required amount of days at the beginning itself. A 5-day pass would cost 75 Euro for an Adult and 56 Euro for children. There are also special concessions and offers for families, large groups and senior citizens which you should check with. If not mentioned, you can feel free ask about the same. Every Euro spent is really worth it for the beautiful experience you get.

The Snow Depth at Arralifte

Without Snow, almost all the fun is gone. Be afraid not because there is snow here, always. As said above it is artificially maintained. Get ready for some snowball fighting with your gang. Also, there is periodic natural snow fall too. The depth of the snow at the base is about 25 cm while at the mountain it averages around 40 cm. These levels are constantly maintained.

The Other Events That You Should Participate In
The best way to learn something is by having fun when actually learning it. Here at this Ski resort, you are also provided with a golden opportunity to take your skiing and snowboarding skills to the very next level. Many diverse training courses are conducted from time to time for rookies as well as experienced skiers and snowboarders. 3-day snowboarding courses are carried out for children.

At the end of the training, race is held where the winners are given attractive prizes. These courses are available for advanced Snowboarders too. Most courses follow a similar schedule. The cost per child is about 75 Euro. These courses will truly benefit the children with new skills and courage. Special courses for adults are also available. At the end of the vacation, you can proudly say you are an advanced Skier or Snowboarder.

What else you should know?

The general opening timings of the Ski resort are 9 AM to 4 PM. If you reach the spot on a road journey, there are parking places available for your vehicle. Although space is limited, they are free of cost. So you should grab your position quickly. For any queries you may have regarding the resort’s offerings, you can contact them at the official phone numbers available on their website. You can also email all you doubts and any information you require to Your queries will be swiftly responded. Also, don’t forget to use Google maps at your convenience.

Come along to rediscover yourself at Arralifte. Break the monotony with your friends and family and enjoy to the fullest. You not only Ski but you can feel it. A feeling of total excitement that cannot be described in words. Choose this your next winter destination and you are assured your holidays are spent on a high note. Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to sit at home and watch your favourite TV shows. Go ahead, grab your passes, and pack your gears and head out straight for the Arralifte Ski Resort with your family and friends. Have fun!

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