As the threat of COVID-19 looms, the Ski Resorts in Europe close down early-News

Posted On: 16 Mar 2020

It hasn’t been a good year for the European ski resorts as their business has been constantly marred by various elements. Earlier the ski resorts faced a slump in their business due to the climate change that dried up all the snow on the slopes. Now, the COVOD-19, popularly known as Coronavirus has nearly wrecked the industry. Countries like Austria, France, Andorra, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland have issued a directive to all ski resorts to close down early.

Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister of France instructed the closure of all “non-essential” spots like cafes, clubs, restaurants, and alike. Although ski resorts were not directly mentioned, ski resorts can’t be slotted under the necessity column. French authorities have advised people to remain more disciplined and cautious as the COVID-19 continues to spread. In Austria too, ski resorts have closed down and no tourists are being entertained. In some resorts, tourists and visitors were placed in quarantine as a safety move. In Switzerland, the government has announced a ban on all or any form of social gathering that exceeds 100 people leading ski resorts and other businesses of similar nature to close down.

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