Aspen Snowmass-USA

Aspen Snowmass: Your Perfect Winter Holiday Destination



The very first snowfall of the year can be enjoyed from the recess of your home. But, as winter progress and snowfall becomes an everyday thing, some people prefer going out and enjoying the season at its best. And what is better than a snow clad mountain to celebrate winter at its peak? Skiing/ snowboarding on a mountain is the perfect way to celebrate winter and Aspen Snowmass is the perfect destination.


Aspen Snowmass Statistics

Base Elevation – 7879 feet

Peak Elevation – 12510 feet

Vertical Rise – 4406 feet

Skiable Terrain – 3332 acres

Aspen Snowmass is a winter destination for skiing and snowboarding. But once you are there, you will discover a whole new world in itself. Aspen Snowmass is not just a ski and snowboarding destination; it is a home away from home that gives you the opportunity of the best of all the skiing areas. Right from a variety of slopes and trails to food, music and other events, Aspen Snowmass is a destination that offers you fun, adventure and liveliness.

Aspen Snowmass: A destination that offers the best of both the worlds



Aspen Snowmass enjoys proximity to the surrounding airports. Located 220 miles away from Denver International Airport, Aspen Snowmass is an easily accessible winter destination for people looking forward to fun and adventure. Aspen County Airport is merely 3 miles away from the town of Aspen and just 6 miles away from Snowmass Village.

With a base elevation of 7879ft and a peak elevation of 12510ft and 43 lifts in its lap, Aspen Snowmass needs no words to describe its great stature. Snowmass has 10% trails for beginner runs, 43% is reserved intermediate runs, 19% is for advanced runs, and the remaining 28% is for expert runs.

Why choose Aspen Snowmass?



Amazing offers on Lift Tickets and Season Passes: Purchase lift tickets seven days prior to your visit and save up to 30%. Aspen Snowmass also has exclusive discounts for teenagers and senior citizens. If you wish to purchase a season pass, the benefits are all the more amazing. With a single season pass, you can hit the slopes throughout winter and never bother about tickets at all.

Gay ski week: Aspen Organises annual gay- ski week makes Aspen Snowmass the topmost winter as well as a summer destination for LGBTQ people. Party hard, sway to the groovy music, eat, laugh, live and of course, ski and ride at Aspen Snowmass at the Gay ski week.

Childcare: The Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Centre caters to infants, toddlers as well as preschoolers so that parents can enjoy their day at Aspen Snowmass without worrying about the well-being of their child/children. They have private areas for every group- infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers. With age appropriate theme rooms and sumptuous snacks and lunch, your child is surely in the right hands and the right environment.

Ski/ Snowboard on four mountains: Aspen Snowmass has four peaks in its lap- Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. And they are all as varied as they can get! Choose your preferred mountain or have an adventure while discovering and mastering all kinds of terrains. Plus, if you are new to skiing or snowboarding, Aspen Snowmass has four ski schools on all four mountains. Further, you can also choose whether you want private lessons or group lessons.

Summer time fun: Aspen Snowmass isn’t a delight to visitors only during the winter. In summer, Aspen Snowmass thrives with guests who enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. Outdoor music, biking and not to forget, Camp Aspen Snowmass- everything is right here at Aspen Snowmass to make your summer a memorable one!

Four different mountains, four different experiences: Aspen Snowmass is a combination of four mountains. All of these four mountains are unique in the experience they provide to the visitors. At Snowmass, Burnt Mountain Glades, High Alpines, and The Cirque enthrall you with a different kind of adventure they present. Aspen Mountain has witnessed World Cup races. More thrilling experiences await you at Aspen Mountain with powder tours and snowshoe tours.



Aspen Highlands is a mountain tucked away from the limelight. This one is perfect for skiers who wish to avoid crowds and enjoy skiing with fresh, breezy air as their companion. Buttermilk is also the abode to the Winter X Games and Red Bull Double Pipe Event. Most visited by freestyle riders and skiers, Buttermilk is a fascinating mountain in itself. Beginners can ski here at ease due to the uncrowded beginner terrains. A mountain with a dual personality, Buttermilk has grabbed eyeballs since it came into existence.


Skiing or snowboarding is a sport that brings you closer to people. A family sport, skiing can be enjoyed with the entire family. And who can deny the awesome feeling of being at the peak of a mountain? Skiing or snowboarding helps you to detach your mind, spirit, and body from the mundane tensions of life and celebrate the uniqueness of connection that humans have with nature. On a snowy mountain, while sliding down the slopes, you finally realize how free spirited you really are, how magnanimous nature is and how divine and pristine the relationship between the two is! Experiencing beautiful moments with your loved ones and capturing the beauty of everything around you is something you should do at least once in your life.


Skiing on snow-clad slopes not only give you a much deserved and much-needed break from the daily hassles of life but also gives you a chance to stop and smell the roses once in a while really. It is for this reason that every year, thousands of people flock to the mountains every winter. A heavenly, angelic view combined with loads of fun and adventure is something every person deserves, isn’t it?

If skiing or snowboarding gives you a new experience to look back upon, it isn’t merely a sport. It is much more than that. It is probably a combination of beautiful moments that leaves you with a smile on your face. And if a mountain slope can make you feel like a free bird, then it isn’t merely a mountain. It is probably a space filled with immense beauty and majesty. When a majestic space comes together with a lovely sport, no matter what season it is and no matter which part of the planet you belong to, you will feel at home.



Aspen Snowmass is truly a unique experience in itself. From the best trails to run on to the best food to dine on, this winter destination is here to make you enjoy and cherish every moment of your holiday. In fact, Aspen Snowmass is a treat for the mind, body and soul even in the summer. This is truly a destination for every season, and it aptly shows Colorado at its best- beautiful and heavenly. So, go ahead pack your bags and visit this amazing skiing area with your family or friends and enjoy skiing to the fullest. Remember, Winter is Coming!

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