Axamer Lizum-Austria

Axamer Lizum - An exquisite land for snow lovers


Winters are known for lazy afternoons, the fresh aroma of coffees and staying close to bonfires. To twist your plans this year, Axamer Lizum awaits you with snow covered canopies and the perfect slopes for your ski board. Located southwest of Innsbruck in Tirol, you will find yourself at a completely different place and embrace the exquisiteness of nature. Getting into a snowball fight is not the only thing you’d be doing, so the explorers out there don’t need to hesitate at all. It includes skiing, snowboarding, snow horse riding, and so much other stuff you must have long gone forgotten of. Find the reasons below why you should start packing your snow boots and ski board/snowboard right away.


Axamer Lizum Statistics

Base Elevation: 1560 m

Summit Elevation: 2340 m

Vertical Drop: 780 m

This little village is the nearest you can find to town. It has become a growing attraction for having fun with your favourites by each passing year. To make it even better, it has been awarded a 5-star rating by, which is a renowned portal all over the world. Starting from the middle of November and lasting till the beginning of May, anybody can feel the bliss– be it a beginner, a snow freak, or an advanced snowboarder. For all it is expected, nobody would forget to store a panorama in their cameras to embrace it for the rest of their lives.



Ways to reach Axamer Lizum


Here’s how you can reach this snow-sure winter sports area near Innsbruck. The easiest way is to get a bus or a car from Innsbruck main station to Axamer Lizum. Free rides are available to welcome the guests. Or if you plan rather to have your own car along, there’s enough room available for 800 cars and 50 buses at the parking lot. It is situated directly in front of the Olympiabahn building, where there is the exit of the Olympiabahn. Barrier-free parking is available for differently abled people.  If nothing here suits you, some shutters keep running between the town and the place.

They are what you can call the private taxis of this place. From Innsbruck, all you have to do is contact the taxi company Peterson for four people or the car hire company Mayrhofer for eight people. The Taxiunternhemen Tommy offers the usual service in the highlands at an airport shuttle. Buses and trains sure have their own way too. You may contact Axamer Lizum regarding the timings, and they are all happy to tell every detail about the arrival and departure of upcoming trains and buses.



Availability of lifts

The elevation rises from 1583 metres/1913 feet to 2340 metres/7677 feet. Ten ski lifts are available, distributed into one funicular, six chairlifts, and three platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 13322 passengers in an hour’s time. If you are an enthusiast about lifts, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.


  • Hoadl Olympiabahn, 2105 meters (6907 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a Funicular.
  • Schönboden, 1680 meters (5512 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1908 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.
  • Karleiten, 965 meters (3166 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2381 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Pleisen, 1045 meters (3428 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1435 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Hoadl II, 995 meters (3264 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1320 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Birgitzköpfl, 995 meters (3264 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1320 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Hoadl I, 1335 meters (4380 feet) long has the capacity of riding 807 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.
  • Kaserwald I, 245 meters (804 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1004 people in an hour. It is a T-bar lift.
  • Kaserwald II, 245 meters (804 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1004 people in an hour. It is a T-bar lift.
  • Götzner Grube, 350 meters (1148 feet) long has the capacity of riding 816 people in an hour. It is a T-bar lift.  



At Axamer Lizum, well-maintained slopes of 40 kilometres/24.8 miles are accessible to meet the demands of travelers. It includes varying slopes according to their difficulty level. If you still have doubts about your skiing skills, you can find incredible instructors here to help you with that issue.


  • 23% of the trails are meant for the people who are enthusiastic about learning the art of skiing. If the ski board is going to be under your feet for the first time, make sure you master this trail before moving onto the more challenging ones. Confide in your instructor, and you’ll be good to go.
  • 70% of the trails of intermediate level are all packed with fun. If you know the art of skiing and would like to get a perfect hold with your board, practice all you want here. The instructors would always be of help, be it for learning new things.
  • 7% of the trails are the wildest ones available here. They are solely for experienced skiers out there. All you experienced skiers are recommended to try this. It won’t only throw challenges at you, but it might prove to be the trail you ever run your board on.

Ski Rentals


Oh, in case you happen to be in need of a ski rental, don’t fret. With all the amazing partnerships with the best quality ones available, follow the paragraph below that best fits your requirements.


  • Alpinresorts are located directly at or nearest to the cable stations. Thus, they are rather more comfortable than carrying along one all the way in the area. Also, you can avail a 20% discount if you rent online.
  • Skiset provides equipment all set and prepared for you before you even arrive at the rental shop. It has the stock of most current ski and snowboard models for all favorable conditions.
  • Intersport does a favor for children below ten years of age. They provide them for free. Rest assured, it is as good as all the other optimally prepared rental shops available.



Highlights To Be Known


For the free riders, two highlights enjoy great popularity. Funslope is a snow-sure location at the elevation of around 200 metres/656.15 feet. It is open right from the beginning of the session. The new Funslope has around 27 obstacles. 27 exciting elements to totally kick start the fun, be it, anybody. The original 740 metres/2428 feet long course, well the only-original-fun-slope, falls within a radius of 70 kilometres/43.5 miles.


The brand new and the complete redesign of Radio Park, the new Golden Roof Park makes the perfect location for children, snowboarders, and free riders, of course. It is only accessible by a ride with the cable car from the Valley Station and then taking a short car drive. It offers not only the optimal place but also many new obstacles. The terrain made is rarely found, and it is worth giving a shot. All the young hearted would love to be here and won’t regret their decision at all. With these two top novelties, there’s nothing left you could wish for.


Photopoint – Axamer Lizum knows the perfect way not to let you go empty handed. Along with blissful moments, hot beverages in the cold weather, amazing experiences, you can visit Photopoint to capture the best photograph of you with the unique panorama. It will be the perfect reminder of this place and will prove to be a great souvenir for you and your home. All you need is your ski card.


Free WiFi – You’d love to able to flaunt live about the amazing place you are in. To make that possible the place has installed hotspots at various bases. Oh yes, it’s true.





Speedcheck – If you want to know how fast you are being and if you really are leaving those other skiers behind, try Speedcheck at the end of the Women’s Olympic Slope.


Safety – The central concern for Sports Department of the Tyrol and the Axamer Lizum is the safety of all their guests. You don’t have to worry about your children and your family at all if you are planning on getting them to Axamer Lizum for a memorable getaway. Ski tours are taken special care of and are under great responsibility. All the avalanche prone areas have been assessed. It is still recommended to carry emergency equipment since it is always better to be cautious.


Toboggan Run – The passage through the Axamer Lizum has been in use as a toboggan runs for many years. The total length being 3900 meters/12795.28 feet, the average slope is around 14%. The lighting covers the entire length of the lower parking lot in the Axamer Lizum, 1530 metres/5020 feet above sea level, to the sliding barrier which is at the beginning of the Axamer valley, 990 metres/3248 feet above sea level.


You don’t want to miss this one opportunity to feel the pink in your face, the cool breeze through your hair, the purest of water to your lips and a touch of sunlight. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab passes and bags and head out for this amazing resort with family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. You won’t regret it, we promise you that!

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