Baiersbronn – Ski amidst the Alpines!



Winter might not be the typically yearned for the season for all but comes with its share of excitements and charm. If you think winter is all about cuddling up in your bed, snuggling with your beloved under covers while sipping a cup of coffee, we are here to make you believe otherwise. Winter is an ideal season for going on vacations that you’ve been planning for a while, now. Winter sports and tourism are the most popular enticements the season comes with. Imagine sliding along snow-clad slopes glistening in the sun and looking at beautiful mountains stand high! The pleasure is unbelievable and enigmatic, to say the very least.



Resort Details:

Baiersbronn Statistics

Base Elevation: 2769 ft

Summit Elevation: 3458 ft

Vertical Drop: 689 ft



The ski resort of Baiersbronn is located between elevations of 843 meters (2769 feet) and 1053 meters (3458 feet). Its altitude at the vertical drop is 209 meters (688 feet), and it is perched at 1053 meters (3458 feet) at the summit level while the resort base boasts of an altitude of 843 meters (2769 feet). This ski resort is serviced by a well-maintained network of ski lifts, aerial airways and cable cars that help in easy transportation of visitors up and down the alpine slopes of Black Forest.

Skiing and Snowboarding Details:

The ski resort of Baiersbronn offers a vicissitude of skiing areas that are suitable for every level of skier. Whether one is a beginner, an intermediate learner or an expert at skiing, he will find enough maintained pistes to do what he enjoys the best. There are a total of 4 kilometres (2.4 miles) for skiable area available for skiing lovers. The snow score of this small ski resort is 28, which is a decent score for any ski resort situated in Germany. It is the 73rd largest ski resort in Germany, 180 kilometres (111 miles) of winter hiking trails, 90 kilometres (55 miles) of cross-country ski runs, four ski jumping hills, an ice skating rink and five toboggan runs. Let us have a quick glance at the facilities offered by this ski resort. For Beginners: Out of the total 4 kilometres (2.4 miles) of skiable area, a total of 1 kilometres (0.62 miles) is entitled to beginners at skiing. The areas allotted to beginners are comparatively easy and smooth slopes that not only make skiing an enriching but also an exciting experience for the meek learners. For Intermediates: The ski resort offers a maximum area of skiing to the intermediate learners. The medium difficulty slopes constitute of 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) out of the total of 4 kilometres (2.4 miles), which forms about 75 percent of the total skiable area. Enjoy skiing amidst rocky edges and slopes that enchant and challenge you to achieve your aptitude at skiing. For Experts: Unfortunately, this ski resort which allows 4 kilometres(2.4 miles) of pistes for skiing doesn’t have challenging slopes enough to be dangerously exciting for expert skiers. However, they can enjoy themselves in the challenging medium difficulty slopes of 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) of the area for fun and frolic. All the trails and slopes that this ski resort possesses are in optimal snow conditions and have perfect weather to enchant travellers. Cross country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating and midnight skiing are also features of this beautiful paradise. There are eight floodlights that help night owls go skiing at the hour when the world is lost in slumber.



Ski Lifts:

A fully functioning ski resort must have a well-serviced network of ski lifts and aerial airways to help the travellers and snow sports enthusiasts glide up and down the slopes, effortlessly, at scheduled intervals throughout the day. There is a total of 8 ski lifts available in the region. Besides eight drag lifts, one chair lift also services the region in its most glorious months. One lift is open throughout the year, and its carrying capacity ranges around 6424 people every hour. For the small ski resort, it is, the total number of 9ski resorts are considered more of a luxury and benefit to skiers who visit this place. A ski pass for an adult for a day is priced around 23 Euros, and that of a child must cost you around 18 Euros.


Learn to ski:

Are you wondering if you would enjoy yourself because you don’t know how to ski? Don’t worry. The ski school of Baiersbronn has you covered. It offers a multitude of skiing courses and lessons for you to easily pick up what you thought was far-fetched. The Sports Klumpp makes sure you learn and enjoy what looks like a tedious and heart-wrenching dream. Besides ski courses, they are notable for providing lessons on tennis, county skiing and snowboarding. If you want to have fun and push yourself to do better than the rest, enjoy learning in a group. For a more personalised experience, they also have access to individual lessons. A group lesson for an adult for a day is priced around US$60 while a private lesson for an adult for a day is priced around US$90. Charges for children vary according to their age and hours preferred.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities:



If you want to have a five-star experience and delve deeper into the beautiful and enriching experience, opt for the luxurious hotels the place is famous for. Moreover, if you’re looking for an accommodation without hurting your bank balance, go for the best budget stays in and around the place. There are also youth hostels for the adventurous young souls who want to carry home more experience than charm. There are also fancy stays and native huts for a more authentic and stylised stay that makes you feel home. There are also a number of hiking huts and stays to enchant and make your stay memorable. Let us take a quick look at the most preferred hotels situated in the area. Hotel Bariess– A luxury accommodation with suites and spacious room overlooking a personal pool, delved in beautiful scenery is the most recommended stay of the region. All modern conveniences like free parking, internet connection, hospitable room service, spa and sauna services are provided to visitors all-round the year. It is one of the best hotels located in the entire of Germany. A standard room for a day should cost you around US$250, and it is an experience worth the money! Flair Hotel Sonnenhof – If you’re looking for a more affordable stay that supplements your budget but you nevertheless enjoy the ethnicity the place offers, this is it. It is situated in the middle of a hamlet overlooking a stream that is a ten minutes’ drive from the skiing region. It comes with very hospitable ready to serve staff and has modern amenities of every kind. The cuisine is delicious and mesmerising. Room for a day should cost you around US$152. Visit Baierbronn and enjoy skiing like never before. Have fun!


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