Balderschwang ski resort: An ideal place for ski lovers



When it comes to having the best time enjoying the perks of a seasonal vacation or to grab an opportunity at having a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, the shivering thrill of winter has always been a good companion. The snowy porch, icy lakes and tiny crystal showers in the air makes the view both picturesque and exciting. No need to keep your family waiting, take down your trunks, pack your warm clothes especially the perfectly insulated ones because the best places you can visit to enjoy the true essence of winter are below zero degrees. The peaks of Switzerland, steep ranges in Austria or even the ranges in the Himalayas, may make you shiver but it is bound to make you jump each day in excitement.


About the resort

Balderschwang Statistics

Base Elevation: 3281 ft

Summit Elevation: 4921 ft

Vertical Drop: 1640 ft

The Balderschwang Ski resort is the perfect place that inculcates all of these attributes! It is located on the High Plateau of the Allgau Alps, at Hornerdorfer in Germany and possesses a minimum of 30 kilometers (18 miles) of slopes that can b utilized specifically for skiing and snowboarding. Not only does it provide the best options to expand and enjoy your skills in these sorts of winter sports but at the same time relish the serene beauty of nature. Not only does the Balderschwang Ski resort have perfectly groomed snow slopes available to them but also it is an ideal location for a family vacation especially for the children.

Resort Stats

The Balderschwang Ski resort is elevated at the height of 1050 meters (3346 feet) at the vertical drop, 1499 meters (4921 feet) at the summit level and finally 479 meters (1574 feet) is the resort’s altitude. According to more accurate schematics the portion of the resort reserved specifically for its winter sport is located at between the elevations 1020 meters (3346 feet) and 1500 meters (4921 feet), making it the highest community in all of Germany. Other than the fact that the Balderschwang ski resort provides regularly maintained 30 kilometers (18 miles) of ski slopes as well as cross-country slopes, they have an outstanding 11 ski lifts available with variant capacities.


Skiing and Snowboarding



The slops at the Balderschwang Ski resort is not only well suited for family exploration but also, during the sporting season, appropriate for the professional that come here to train as well. Nick named the “Bavarian Siberia”, Balderschwang is well known specifically for its snow reliability therefore you can be sure that, even if there is a lack of natural snow, the powerful snow making machines at the resort can make for any deficiency. The pistes available at the resort are well groomed and are regularly maintained in order to give guest the complete ease in practicing sports like snowboarding, skiing or even try their hand at snow carving. The staff of the Ski resort is extremely conscious about the safety of their guests which implicates exactly how this resort is fairly suited for family vacations. Let us take a look at the skiing statistics of the resort so that it may be easier for you to evaluate its suitability:

For beginners:

Out of the total 30 kilometers (18 miles), 40% of the slopes that is 12 kilometers (7 miles), are of fairly easy difficulty which makes them the perfect type of trails for beginners to get a hang of the sport. There are marked training areas conveniently near the lifts that assists in the training of beginners like first time visitors or even children. This serves as the best opportunity for everyone, who are trying their hand at the sport to grasp the skills required to begin their journey of becoming a professional, if they so desired.

For intermediate:

For those who have already gained some skill in their snow sports of choice and wishes to raise the bar, around 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) that represent 33% of the total 30 kilometres is separated. These slopes increase the difficulty level slightly than the trails allotted to the beginners which will assist aspiring skiers to sharpen their skills and strive further towards strengthening themselves at the sport.

For Experts:

When it’s time for your training to pay off and put your skills to the test, several professional skiers prefer visiting the Ski resort of Balderschwang in Germany. They have an impressive 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) of slopes comprising of at least 27% of the total 30 kilometers course that possess reasonable challenging obstacles for the seasoned skiers that visit the resort. These slopes are designed and maintained specifically with the intention of giving these daredevils and thrill seekers the adrenal rush they deserve. All these slopes are located on the Reidberger Horn, with the exception of the easier slopes found near the base. These slopes guarantee optimal weather conditions and other than skiing they are also well suited for cross-country skiing, ski exploration as well as, the popular sport of the region, snow tubing. Ski lifts As you already must be knowing that while visiting any sort of mountaineering destination which is covered with snow, it is imperative to have access to a fair number of ski lifts. The Ski resort of Balderschwang has fabulous 11 ski lifts. The quad chair ski lifts available at the Ski resort provide full access to almost all the slopes which are located at the front side of the Schelpen while Riedberger Horn lifts is equipped with double chair lifts. Furthermore, the connection between Schelpen and Reidberger Horn is joined by tow and pummel lifts while a new high speed 6-person chair lift has been installed recently to provide access to the Hochschelpen. All these ski lifts together possess the capacity of approximately 12160 passengers per hour along with a length of 8.9 kilometers (5.5 miles). The price of the ski lifts tickets are 31 Euros for adults, 25 Euros for young adults and 16 Euros for children.

Accommodation and lodging facilities:



The hotels at the Balderschwang Ski resort are established with the prerogative to provide all its guests with a luxurious as well as home-like experience. Since Balderschwang is predominantly a family friendly location; the hotels near this area are possessing all the amenities that are required to ensure your family a cosy feeling. The rooms are equipped with television, sufficient bedding, television, modern room heating technology and even free Wi-Fi. Several hotels also offer Spa facilities so that you may have the pleasure of utmost relaxation during your stay there. With so much on offer and so many things to do, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this picturesque ski park. Go ahead, pack your bags and head out for this adventure-filled place with your family and friends for a great vacation 

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