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Enjoy skiing at Bear Valley with Family and Friends this Winter!



It’s quite arduous to work on a snowy day. Normal life gets on hold when snowfall starts. People find it too difficult to commute, and it becomes very painful for us as we are unable to work properly with all our efforts. But there is a flock of people who love enjoying the snowfall. It is natural! We must not get too busy in our daily life that we forget to spend some quality time with our loved ones. You can enjoy this snowy season with your family and friends. There are many locations to go out with your loved ones where you can enjoy to the fullest. But Bear Valley is one such place where you do not need to find things to enjoy. You just have to grab your bags and hit this place as soon as possible.

So, the winter season is just around the corner, and you must pack your bags with all the necessary gears for skiing and snowboarding. There are many activities which you can perform in snow. Even children like to play in the snow with snow balls with other. But what excites most of the people is skiing. There are lots of people who look out for skiing as soon as winter hits their region. But due to daily routines and busy schedule, it won’t be possible for them. So to counter this, the authorities have come up with a place named as Bear Valley. It is situated between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite on Highway 4. You can easily drive to this place as it is just 4 hours by road in the southeast of Sacramento, California. The entire skiing area of Bear Valley was previously owned by a Canadian company, Dundee Realty in the years from 2005 to 2014.

It was a myth that people who do not know skiing cannot visit a place like this. But Bear Valley is made for all skiing lovers, irrespective of whether you are a professional, intermediate or a beginner. There are many electrifying activities which can bring the thrill back to your life which was missing from a long time. As it is said, “Pure mountain fun is closer than you think.” This place is built by keeping snow lovers in mind. So if you are living in or around California, you should give a visit to this place with your family or friends in this winter break.

Interesting things about this place:



This place is highly recommended for snow lovers, and one can visit this skiing area for entertainment as well as for adventurous activities. This site is made for the die-hard skiing fans. It has an elevation of 8500ft with 6600 ft base and 1900ft vertical drop. You can enjoy the lifts if you are visiting this place as it offers a total of 10 lifts to their visitors. It goes like this, 1 High-speed quad, 2 are Triple chairs, 1 is Surface lift, and 6 are Double Chairs. So people can easily accommodate in these lifts and can easily enjoy the rides over Bear Valley. This place does have total 75 trails which have some difficulty level according to the experience and age groups. 25% is for beginners, 40% is for intermediate while 35% is for advanced runs. So you can easily opt out the trails according to your suitability. There is a  total of three terrain parks where 1680acres is skiable terrain, and the longest run is one mile. The terrain parks are named Cub Terrain Park, Rodeo Terrain Park, and Ego Terrain Park respectively. You can easily witness the beauty of surrounding mountains while skiing at this fantastic place. With a total of ten lifts, one lift is purely dedicated to Cub Club Children’s Learning Center.

Lessons Offered:



With the celebration of 50 years of the Bear Valley this year, the owners of Bera Valley are offering something unique and totally cool for its visitors. You can learn new techniques in skiing and snowboarding with the help of experts if you are a beginner. They have many experts who can help you enhance your skiing skills. They can help you to adapt to more techniques where you can grab and learn some better versions of skiing. With the help of qualified and experienced trainers, you can overcome the fear of skiing. So it would be advisable for everyone to visit this place who wishes to learn and enjoy skiing. There are many packages which are being offered by this place, especially for children. And it goes like this:


Bear Valley Statistics

Base Elevation – 6600 feet

Summit Elevation – 8500 feet

Vertical Drop – 1900 feet

1. Ski Half Day Package

2. Ski Full Day Program

3. Ski Lesson Only


These lessons are well designed only for children so that experts can enhance the adroitness in them. If you are looking for private tuition from the experts, you can even attain them with the private lessons offered by them. These offers are available for all age groups. The adult lessons which are only available for 13+ age group, in which you can improve your skills rather than learning the basic one. The instructors help you out to find out more in a supportive environment with the daily timing of 10 AM to 1 PM. They do have advanced and adaptive lessons as well. In advanced lessons, the trainers offer guided tours for bumps, parks and backcountry terrain while adaptive lessons are for people with different disabilities.




There are a total of six programs which are divided in teams:

Kodiak Ski Team: It is a well-designed program for an age group of 4-5 where every other child is an advanced beginner and is ready to roll out with skiing. Instructors enhance the skills of these beginners and make them ready for the coming years.

Ski Race Team: This program is designeddd for an age group of 6-13. Here, young brats improve their skiing techniques. It also includes the drills and free skiing on the huge mountain to gain the experience for future referral.

Free Style Ski and Snowboard Team: In this program, youngsters from 10-17 are trained under instructors where they learn to improve the freestyle techniques. Here they are provided with a chance to improve their skills on terrain regions such as rails, jumps, and boxes.

Adult Devo Ski Team: This program is available for adults only (18+). It was introduced to help the advanced beginners to improve the skiing skills. The session for this program is mainly conducted in the morning. All required tools and kits are provided by the authorities in this program.




There is a common complaint which the skiing resorts usually receive is that of high rates. This is not the case with Bear Valley. This place has rates on offer that you can easily afford and it is quite economical as compared to the other skiing resorts in the region. People can spend quality time with their friends and family without spending a fortune, here in Bear Valley. Even a small picnic can be arranged as the authority provides every basic necessity. With advanced tools and kits, you can relish the moments with your loved ones. These tools and kits are well designed to help you in skiing comfortably.

So if it is winter season and you are a skiing lover, then this place is a must visit for you as it comprises of every single fun element that you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? With so much on offer, Bear Valley is the perfect place to spend the upcoming winters. Just grab your bags and visit the place with your family and friends to enjoy skiing to the fullest. Experience the best skiing of your life here at the Bear Valley.

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