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Beaver Mountain: The one with a personal touch



Located in the northern section of Utah, the Beaver Mountain ski resort is among the oldest of its kind in the whole of United States. It commenced its operations in the year 1939 near Logan Canyon’s summit in the Bear River Mountain range. As compared to other such ski resorts in Utah, the Beaver Mountain is much smaller and a little less developed. Despite these shortcomings, it is still quite popular, particularly among the inhabitants of the nearby areas such as – Logan, Cache Valley, students of Utah State University and the Bear Lake area in addition to Idaho which is at a slight distance in the southeastern corners.


Beaver Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 7232 feet

Summit Elevation: 8600 feet

Vertical Drop: 1600 feet

Most of the mountain faces the eastern direction and again, in comparison with other resorts which predominantly face west, Bear Mountains receive lesser amounts of snowfall. Modern day snowmaking machines are absent from this resort and therefore the resort depends entirely on ample degrees of naturally occurring snowfall. This is also the reason as to why the Bear Mountain resort opens up a few weeks later than other resorts.


The Beave as it is otherwise colloquially known is located at a distance of about 27 miles or 43 kilometers in the northeast of Logan. You will just have to take a small detour involving 1.6 kilometers or just a mile off of the US-89. Therein you will also have to pass from the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway which is a national scenic byway. It also borders with the borders of Idaho which passes at a distance of 3 miles or 5 kilometres in the northern direction.


Here, at the Beaver Mountains along with the majestic scenic beauty, you will also get to experience numerous grill restaurants and day lodges. Additionally, there are ski rental operations and various ski shops. The most popular activities at the resort include alpine skiing and snowboarding. There is also a particular area dedicated to the Nordics.


Beaver Mountain’s philosophy pertains to providing its customers with a personalised experience. It is one of the very few resorts where snowboarders are allowed on the slopes and it is in-fact the first wherein board-cross race was held for the first time in 1998. Today, you will find annually hosted events such as Big Air and skier cross-country contests being conducted in full swing. These are usually held at the close of the season.


The Lifts at Beaver Mountain



The best-known lifts at the Beaver Mountain is of the triple chair kind which is further known as the Little Beaver Lift. This is among the newer additions to the resort which was conducted in the year 2011 and replaced the much older double chair. With the new addition, today, the lift is able to cover as much as over a 100 yards to the run. This area previously was covered by the rope tow. Other runs that originate right at the top of the Little Beaver Lift also included the Little Beaver, Tiny Tim, and the Goat Trails. From the Goat Trails, you can also access the Beaver Face Lift and the Harry’s Dream Lift which is further upwards of the slope.


Now all these lifts are not open to individuals of varied calibre. For instance, the Beaver’s Face Lift which is a double is there particularly for runs which qualify under the category of intermediate and advanced. Interestingly enough, this was among the first of the chairlifts which were constructed on the mountain way back in the year 1961.


There is also the triple which is formally known as the Harry’s Dream Lift which operated as a double between 1970 and March 2006, post which it was replaced with the existing triple. What had happened was that there was a failed bearing which misbalanced the entire lift and as a result, it could not have been operated on for the rest of the remaining season of 2006. Therefore, during the summer and spring of the year, the lift was entirely replaced by the triple chaired lift. Since the time of its installation, Harry’s Dream has become the unique selling point of the resort. This lift terminates close to the Beaver Mountain and provides boarders with the most amazing views of the countryside. You will also be able to access all the varied kinds of terrain through this lift. Furthermore, Marge’s Triple Lift which is otherwise a slightly challenging destination can now be easily accessed through Harry’s Dream. Some people also carry queries pertaining to the name of the lift. Well, it was named after the very founder of the resort, Harold Seeholzer. Seeholzer Sr. unfortunately passed away in April 1968 due to cancer.


If you are still unsatisfied with Harry’s Dream Lift then there is the Marge’s Triple Lift, as mentioned above. You will be able to access as many as half a dozen runs which level at intermediate and advanced categories. In addition to them, there are two of the terrain parks on the very mountain which can be accessed through the lift. As far as the name is concerned, it was named after Marge, the daughter-in-law of Harold Seeholzer. She was married to his second born son, Ted. Ted and Marge have been the owners of the resort since 1997. The Beaver Mountain resort is one of a kind, not only because of its location but also because it is completely owned and managed by a family. Ted started working at the resort as a General Manager and Marge was responsible for the ticketing procedures, sales and collections. Thereon they progressed, understood the business and made it their own niche.


More about the Resort



It is important to understand that since Beaver Mountain is owned and operated by a family, they have somehow been able to enlarge this very tradition. It is one of the main reasons why families prefer it over other resorts in the state of Utah. Now, when you are out in the wilderness with your family, having the time of your lives there is absolutely nothing otherwise that you may really require. These features have made Beaver Mountain what it is today.


The Beaver Mountain resort is spread across an area of roughly 828 acres which includes well-maintained terrains, beautifully perfected slopes and the ever so enchanting view of the snowy countryside. These slopes face the northeast and are therefore also among the best spots for soaking in the gentle warm sunlight. Here, at the resort, there is absolutely no dearth of space and it will give you enough opportunities to perfect your skills. So come here and go wild but remember to maintain all the safety measures right up to the optimum.


You will find folks from the nearby localities such as Logan, Utah State University, the Cache Valley, the Bear Lake region and Idaho flocking here each year.


A Few Statistics




  • Runs: There is a total of 48 runs on the resorts.
  • Composition: The resort comprises of terrains of which 35% is purely dedicated towards the beginner’s category, 40% of it is for those at the intermediate level and the remaining 25% is meant for all of those at the advanced level.
  • Area: The resort spans across an area of more than 828 acres.
  • Lifts: Beaver Mountain has some of the most amazing lifts.
  • There is one each of the double and surface lift.
  • There are 3 triple lifts.
  • Snowfall: The resort receives approximately more than 400 inches of snowfall in one season.
  • Elevations: Its base elevation is approximately 7,200 feet and of its summit is 8.800 feet. The vertical drop is 1,600 feet.
  • Airport: The closest airport from the resort is located at a distance of 114 miles.
  • Prices: All day access for adults will cost – $48.00; half day walk up price is $38.00; Kids who are 11 or under will have to pay up $38.00; kids (11 or less) for a half day tour will cost $33.00. Folks who are 65 and above will have to pay $38.00 for full day and their half day tour will cost $33.00.


The Little Beaver Lift will cost you $25.00 and the Little Beaver 12 Ride Punch will cost you $30.00.


  • Terrain: 35% of the entire terrain is meant for beginners, 40% of it is meant for intermediaries and 25% for those at the advanced stage.
  • Opening hours: It remains operational between 9 am and 4 pm each day.
  • Area: Roughly the entire resort spans across 664 acres.
  • Runs: There are more than 30 runs here.
  • Location: The resort is situated in the Logan canyon and to reach here you will have to take highway #89 and is at a distance of 80 miles from Salt Lake City.
  • Temperature: The average annual temperatures are at 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The rate of precipitation: The average rate of precipitation is at 0.72 inches.


The Beaver MTN Rug Rats

This is a program which is meant for the young and budding skiers (of the ages 4 and 5) and snowboarders (of the ages 5 and 6). Classes under this program will only be held only on the surface lift. Following is their schedule and for more information, you will have to contact Beaver Mountain:


  • First session: This is a 4-week long program which lasts until January 4th or 5th and January 25th.
  • Half session: This is a 2-week long program which lasts between February 1st or 2nd and February 8th or 9th.
  • Second session: This is a 4-week long program which lasts between February 15th and 16th and March 8th or 9th.



A small tip, if you wish to save $5 then make sure that you go for an early registration which closes by 5:30 pm on Monday prior to the commencement of the season. It is also otherwise important to note that all the registrations will close by 5:30 on the immediate Wednesday before the commencement of the session.


With respect to the registrations, you will be required to submit a completely filled application and deliver it to the office of the resort in Logan or at the Mountain Snowsports School. The administration often recommends that if you are really interested and do not wish to miss the chance then you better go for the early registrations as the seats usually get filled in much before the closure.


Please refer to the following to know the costing of the sessions:


  • All-Day session 4 weeks: $140.00
  • Half-Day session 4 weeks: $75.00
  • All-Day session 2 weeks: $75.00
  • Half-Day session 2 weeks: $40.00

Now, if you somehow manage to miss the deadlines then the registrations might be permitted but only after you pay up a fine of $5 after the Monday that precedes the session.


The Beaver Mountain resort is regarded as Utah’s best kept secret by the local folks. It will provide you will a family friendly atmosphere at low prices. All of this is possible simply possible because it has been family owned since 1939. Due to this reason, it is the oldest, ‘continuously owned’ family resort in the United States of America.


Other than the lifts, the major attractions of the resort include downhill skiing and snowboarding. There are other activities such as the cross-country ski and snowmobile trails that are conducted on an annual basis.


Beaver Mountain also features as a great destination during the summers. During the warmer season, the resort plays host to those who are interested in fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating among other activities. At this time of the year, you can rent lodges and yurt facilities or otherwise simply stay in the RV Park or the camping ground.


Reaching here



The best way to reach Beaver Mountain is through your own cars. For this purpose, you will have to take highway #89 which enter the splendid Logan Canyon. The Canyon begins in the northeastern corner of the town and runs along with the river Logan. On your way, you will also find numerous camping grounds along with picnic areas, spots for fishing and trail heads. Now, once you are about 20 miles on the highway you will notice that the highway begins to part away from the canyon and there on the climb commences towards the Beaver Mountain Ski area. The summit is an escalation of 7,800 feet and provides you with a great view.


Following is a list of the closest cities to Beaver Mountain:


Salt Lake City, UT: 80 miles

Odgen, UT: 73 miles

Evanston, WY: 73 miles

Soda Springs, ID: 111 miles

Pocatello, ID: 127 miles




During winters if you wish to get an accommodation then you will be provided with a number of options. One of which is that you can rent a yurt and enjoy the countryside by sleeping along the slopes. The yurts are quite comfortable. They often are carpeted and perfectly ready to cope up with anything that the climate offers. Furthermore, among the other options is that you can take up a lodge, enjoy the American hospitality and then get a head start with the various lifts.


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