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Lose your Winter away with SchwarzwaldregionBelchen, where at any given time can you find the just right vacation you have been looking for. The resorts here are referred as resorts around one of the highest Black Forest Mountains. That must give you a glimpse of how high this place is, and how highly energetic the skiing rounds are here. They are known as the “holiday region of SchönauimSchwarzwald” and the “holiday region of Münstertal- Staufen” also. The place is easily too accessible to all the little corners because of e-cars connecting all the spots. There’s no snow park infrastructure, however. The tickets cost € 25 for adults, € 25 for children and € 15 for children. The general season starts from KleineBelchen slope is a wide slope with a great view, therefore suggested. The culture here varies vividly, and you would be surprised to find numerous culinary delicacies here. Comfortable restaurants, lodges and huts are practically too beautiful to look at.


Ski resorts to go -

Belchen Statistics

Base Elevation: 520 m

Summit Elevation: 1414 m

Vertical Drop: 894 m



Aitern falls at the height of 638 meters (2093 feet) to 1078 metre (3536 feet) with 304 guest beds. It is a sunny little place in this region, at southern exposure. Böllen falls at the height of 600 meters (1968.5 feet) to 1320 metre (4330.7 feet) with 19 guest beds. It besides in the valley of Böllen, and at the foot of the Belchen. Fröhnd falls at the height of 400 meters (1312 feet) to 1200 metre (3937 feet) with 200 guest beds. It is one of the most worthwhile and beautiful villages here. It is a federal winner and gold medal BRD, federal state winner and moreover, a gold medallist in Baden-Württmberg. SchönauimSchwarzwald falls at the height of 540 meters (1771 feet) to1311 metre (4301 feet) with 266 guest beds. It has a climatic health resort in Belchen region. Schönenberg falls at the height of 700 meters (2296.5 feet) to 1414 metre (4639.1) with 85 guest beds. The village falls below a beautiful station in Belchen. Tunau falls at the height of 735 meters (2411.4 feet) with 50 guest beds. It is basically a serene place at the end of a high valley, away from all the traffic. Utzenfeld falls at the height of 561 meters (1840.5 feet) with 82 guest beds. A great quiet location with a nature reserve, this place will mesmerize you for sure. Wembach falls at the height of 528 meters (1732.2 feet) with 18 guest beds. It is a resort with mostly rural character. Wieden falls at the height of 850 meters (2788.7 feet) to 1300 metre (4265 feet) with 540 guest beds. It again has a health resort in a sunny, high valley at the foot of the Belchen.

Availability of lifts -

The elevation goes from 1094 meters (3589 feet) to 1356 meters (4448.8 feet) high. Two ski lifts are available, distributed into one circulating ropeway and one rope tow lift. Together they carry 1700 passengers in an hour’s time. The length makes 1.2 kilometres (0.7 miles) in total. One eight people’s gondola lift. One rope tow lift.



At Belchen, the slopes offer well-developed ranges making a total of 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) available. The KleineBelchen is the widest slope and ideal for carving. The Slalom slope, the Kaltwasser slope and the HintereSchneise (back aisle) are a bit more challenging regarding skiing and rather short. All the slopes from lower area merge into the Donauwellen run. The run locations are just above tree line, and under tree line, 8 kilometres (4.9 miles) of ski routes are marked. 10% of slopes already having snowmaking capabilities, and valley run are available. 75% (6 kilometres) of the trails are for the beginners. With the gradual increase in steepness, the beginners get enough time and practise to learn the art of skiing and to take It is idealised and made especially for the beginners to get a chance to learn skiing in the best ways possible. 23% (2 kilometres) of the trails are for the averagely good skiers. Though ski instructors are always of help, people wanting to learn on their own can obviously do so always. Practising makes a man perfect, and that is what these slopes are ideal for. There are no trails for the advanced skiers. Sadly, the experienced and outperforming ones would miss the rough and steep slopes, but the other ski ranges are perfect for brushing up their skills once again. If you are fond of crossing boundaries with skiing, do it all here. With so many ski resorts in the arena, why settle at one?

Ski schools -

Two ski schools here together make it totally easy and fun to learn the art of skiing, namely, FILA Ski and Snowboard School Belchen-Multen and Belchen Ski School Stockfit. The prices may change on off seasons and may vary between both the skis schools. The former provides ski rental for young and old, so there’s no stopping you from enjoying all you want to. It is open on all days. Both the schools have well-trained and experienced instructors who’d never let you down. They would help you grow in the art of skiing, and you would be thankful for the moments you would make.

Ways to reach Belchen-



By road, the place is accessible via three routes, namely, Ausfahrt A5, Autobahn A81 Stuttgart-Constance and Autobahn A98 Basel Dreieck Weil am Rhein- Lörrach. The roads are smooth, and parking space may be expected. Scheduled ski buses provide easy access to the ski resort. The connection runs between the Muenstertal (with train connection from Freiburg) and Schoenau, mainly during the weekends. As to planes, there are three nearby airports to this ski resort. Airport Basel is 61 kilometres (37.9 miles) away. AirportStuttgart is 196 kilometers (121.7 miles) away. Airport Zurich is no further being 105 kilometers (65.2 miles) away.


Accommodation -

Beautiful accommodation places are available with setups like holiday farms, barns, in a comfy private room or a spacious apartment for the whole pack of you. With so much on offer and so many things to try out here at these amazing ski areas, you can have a great time with your near and dear ones. So pack your bags and head out for some fun. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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