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Winter has its own way of expressing beauty. Winter brings festival, joy and the most awaited vacation with them. Moreover, going on a ski trip with your near and dear ones on holiday during winters is what everyone dreams of. Bernau im Schwarzwald, Germany lies number one in the line of skiing. So this winter lets go to the snowy land Bernau im Schwarzwald commonly known as the black forest where crystal flakes glide down from heaven. A place where naked trees are dotted along the edges of the lane groaned under the weight of the snow that rests beautifully on their branches. Isn’t it feels amazing? However, planning a skiing trip and don’t know where to stay? Not to worry folks. Go to Spitzenberg/ Kopfle Ski Resort. It is one of the most beautiful resorts of Bernau im Schwarzwald.The resort is suitable for families, visitors, couples and friends alike and it has so much to offer and make unforgettable memories. A perfect place where you’ll experience alchemy of nature and tranquility.


Bernau im Schwarzwald Statistics

Base Elevation: 3051 ft

Summit Elevation: 4642 ft

Vertical Drop: 1591 ft

The Brandner (also BrandnerValley ) is a valley in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg named after the Valley Ski Resort. The Brandnertal Valley with the villages of Brand, Bürserberg, and Bürs starts in the immediate vicinity of the Bludenz Alpine town in southern Vorarlberg. The Bludenz Alpine town is the center of a 5-Valleys mountain region. At the heart of this place lie the mountains, nature and city culture – all go hand in hand. From hiking and biking in summers to skiing and snowboarding in winters we provide you with various thrilling activities.


Summer in the Brandnertal

Sporty change offers 400 km (248.54 miles) of hiking trails, climbing gardens, 110 km (68.35 miles) of challenging mountain biking trails, an 18-hole golf course, tennis and indoor courts, riding arenas and stables, three 3D arc parcours and much more. Timings starting from Mon-Sat: 08.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 hours.


Resort Details –

The Spitzenberg/Kopfle Ski Resort is located in an exclusive region of Bernau Schwarzwald and is perched at an elevation of 253 meters (830.052 feet) with 892 meters (2926 feet)being the resort altitude and 1145 meters (3756.56 feet) at the highest lift. The Spitzenberg/ Kopfle are in itself like a small wonderful typical forest village. There’s lot to mention about the resort.

Skiing Statistics

The Spitzenberg resort offers many winter sports like three ski lifts, 50 km (31.0886 miles)cross-country ski runs, 40 km (24.085 miles) winter hiking trail, toboggan runs and dog sledding trails in the area are perfect to take a break and refresh yourselves. The resort offers ski slopes and trails which are apt for every level of skier. It offers total 7 kilometres (4.34 miles)of slopes of skiing and three guest ski lifts with the total length 1.5 kilometres (0.932 miles) serving 3000 passengers/ hour. Here’s a look at skiing facility available at Spitzenberg resort.

For Beginners

– Total 2.5 kilometres (1.55 miles) of slopes out of 7 kilometres (4.34 miles) that are 36% of total slopes are provided to the skiers at the amateur level. Such slopes are relatively of easy standard which helps the new skiers to learn skiing.

For Intermediate Level

– Out of the total 7 kilometres (4.34 miles) of slopes, 4 kilometres (2.48 miles)that are 57% of the total slopes are allotted to the skiers at the intermediate level. These slopes are neither too easy nor too dangerous thus it helps the skiers at an intermediate level to develop their skills.

For Experts

– From the total of 7 kilometres (4.34 miles), 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles ) that are 7% of the slopes are being reserved for the expert skiers who have mastered the art of skiing over the years. These trails and slopes are comparatively difficult and dangerous. These slopes are specially designed to provide more thrill and adventure to the skiers at the expert level who can handle dangerous twists and curves. The slopes at this resort boast of perfect weather to facilitate all kind of winter sports. Cross country skiing is a feature sport of this resort which adds to the beauty of the resort.

Ski lifts

The Spitzenberg ski resort takes pride of its lifts which are active since 60 years. Ski lifts are an important part of the ski resort as it helps to travel up and down the slopes conveniently giving you an unforgettable experience. The resort offers wide range of 3 ski lifts serving 3000 passengers per hour. They have two Kopfle T-bar lift each carrying 1000 passengers per hour, and the total lift length is around 530 meters (329.32 miles). They even have Spitzenberg T-bar lift with the total length 475 meters (295.151 miles) and serving 1000 passengers/ hour. For adults, ski day ticket would cost around 25 Euros whereas for children it is around 13.50 Euros. Apart from these three guest ski lifts they also offer Sunkid moving carpet which is an additional feature of this resort.


Learn to Ski

Skiing is so exciting and breathtaking; it is a must when you visit a ski resort. However, visiting a ski resort and don’t know how to ski? Don’t worry my friends! The Spitzenberg/ Kopfle Ski Resort comes with a facility of ski school and gives special lessons to all those willing to learn ski. You will be amazed to know that ski schools in Bernau are one of the few ski schools in the black forest which has been awarded as “German Ski Instructor’s Award” for providing excellent ski lessons. The cheerful team includes 50 certified skis, snowboard & cross- country instructors. According to your feasibility, you can opt either for group course or private course. A group ski course for four days would cost you 85 Euros ($91.48) whereas for children it is around 65 Euros ($69.96). Snowboarding stands for lots of possibilities stands for lots of possibilities, fun & excitement. At Spitzenberg the snowboard coach teaches you the right technique and all the necessary tools. A 2-day Group course for snowboarding would cost you 50 -60 Euros ($53-64) whereas for children it would cost you 35 Euros ($37.67).

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

The ski resort Spitzenberg/ Kopfle is located in the heart of black forest Bernau im Schwarzwald which also presents superior hotel and lodging facilities around the area. These lodges and hotels provide a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Below mentioned are some of them –

Hotel Diana

The Hotel Diana is a perfect address for your holidays in the black forest. Experience the beauty of black forest at its best being at Hotel Diana. It offers all the modern amenities. Moreover, guests here can also enjoy Nordic walking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, etc. Standard room for two people for a day costs 73 Euros ($78.57).

Landhotel Bierhaeusle



The Landhotel Bierhaeusle offers accommodation and lodging facilities bringing the essence of black forest hospitality. The beautiful surrounding here makes your holiday a unique experience all year round. It comes with all the modern facilities, free Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurants, and playground for children, accommodation of pets, garage parking and beautifully decorated and cozy rooms. Standard room for two adults for a night would cost you 125 Euros ($134.53). After reading and knowing so much about the black forest Bernau im Schwarzwald and the resort, aren’t you feeling excited? If it is so then gearing up and pack your bags for an amazing trip to the land of snow Bernau im Schwarzwald.

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