Berwang - Fun’s Unending Journey


The falling snow whispers in my ear­- a revival is here, an awakening waits.

The New Year is coming, will you walk along?

In the wretchedness of cold nights the sound of falling snow is a blessing, while walking along the pathway, the chilling winds become our companion. Alas, what can be better than winters? The season of memorable homecomings and welcoming journeys here is to winters- the snow, the sun and the shining mountains of Austria.

The season of snow is a delight for ski enthusiast and sports lovers. Surrounded by the beauties of snow capped mountains, Austria is a wonder crafted for the sportsman in you. Be it the lonely traveler or the adrenaline junkie, there is a lot and varied to fill your longing appetites. The breathtaking scenery of the Austrian land will compel you to advance and embrace the wintry adventure, and the falling temperatures will awaken you to a journey in the melting sun. Walk out of your cozy beds and experience anew- indulge in the experiences of the snow.



About the Place

Berwang Statistics

Base Elevation: 4216 feet

Summit Elevation: 5709 feet

Vertical Drop: 1493 feet

Berwang ski resort is located in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena (Tyrol), Austria. In the midst of an oozing snow field surrounded by the wonders of winter, Berwang is a paradise for travelers.  Be it skiing or snowboarding; we welcome you to the wintry home in our beloved Austria. Given below are interesting details and facts about this place, have a look and plan for the best holiday this winters. Plan ahead plan safe!


Interesting facts about Berwang Ski Resort

The list of facts is unending- it is amazing and also surprising! To start with, the average elevation of the resort is 1,743 meters (1.08 miles), while the base elevation is about 1,067 meters (0.66 miles). So you have a height of 676 meters (0.42 mile) to slide away! The runs are perfectly groomed for skiers and snowboarders. The resort has fields for ice skating tobogganing as well!

The total number of lifts is 12-most of them are equipped with modern facilities and weather protectors. The well-groomed slopes cover a length of about 36 kilometers (22.36 miles), divided among easy, intermediate and difficult. The promising snowfall and the profound elevation add to the adventure of this place. The place is beautifully placed and receives a great amount of snowfall – both enhance your sporting experience.

Well, the fun does not stop with skiing, the resort is known for offering alternative winter sports like ice skating, ski touring and tobogganing.




We know we need not worry if we have 12 fully functional lifts to transport us to and fro the slopes. The grand total of these lifts can serve on an average 15623 persons/ hour. The route between Bichlbach and Berwang is served by a “combined installation lift” and 6- person chairlifts. For the Rastkogel there are double chairlifts. The free rider lifts run between the main lifts, most free rider lifts are t- bar suited for beginners.

On a total, there is 1 “combined installation lift”, three chairlifts and seven t- bar lifts. There is 3 Sunkid magic carpet, and one beginner lift. Given the array of lifts, transport between up and down the slopes is never a worry. The lifts are updated with the latest technology and cater to the need of an easy and safe travel.


If you come skiing, knowing your slopes is important. Here we will provide you with the much-needed information about the types and length of slopes.

The average duration of the slopes is 36 kilometers (22.36 miles), divided among the comfortable, the intermediate and the difficult. Most slopes at Berwang ski resort are easy and intermediate. Nonetheless, there is a lot of fun for professional skiers as well.



Novices- For the newcomers, we have designed some 24.5 kilometers (15.22 miles) long slopes, well groomed and perfectly wide. The easy curves and wide edges will let you slide with little effort. Taking your first steps? Do not worry! The easy runs are ideal for the beginners.

Semi- pros– With 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) long runs the intermediate slopes are an ideal blend of thrill and ease. The runs are created for the intermediate players even with a little experience you can enjoy the joy of skiing.

Pros– As an advanced player you wish for unending thrill and challenge, and we have something worthwhile to offer you. The 1.5 kilometers (0.93 miles) long ride is ideal for your daredevil spirit. Here the runs are curvy and edgy providing some great thrill with unparallel experience.


Facts worth knowing

Berwang promises you an abundance snowfall. Nonetheless, the resort is equipped with modern snowmaking capacity. Some 130 cannons produce 80% snow for the slopes. For additional fun valley runs are available.

The most difficult run is Oberer Rastkopf with a length of 1 kilometer (0.62 miles). Standing at an elevation difference of 300 meters (0.18 mile) the slope runs steeply down to the valley, just below the Rastkopf Panorama lift. Night skiing is available between Egghof Sun Jet and Berang.



Meet the longest slope with a length of 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) and an elevation difference of 400 meters (0.18 mile). The run is beautifully spread over a scenic landscape where one can enjoy nature and ski together.


Ski tour- A perfect blend of family time and healthy exercise, ski tours are a necessary adventure in the ski landscape. The well-known ski route is Baerenrunde available through the “Baeren circuit route”.

Night skiing– Very few resorts offer night skiing and Berwang is one of them. The slope at Egghof Sun Jet is easy for riding and is lit every Thursday. The total length of the slope is 0.7 kilometers (0.43 mile) are the operational hours are between 18 hours and 21 hours.

Tobogganing– Just sit comfortably inside the tube and slide along the wonderfully crafted tobogganing runs. Skiing is not the only exercise for the sports lover; tobogganing is a fun exercise and a family favorite.

Hiking- Just add a picnic basket to your family adventure, and you are ready for a hiking trip. Enjoy the local cuisine and converse with the indigenous culture. One can learn a lot and enjoy even more.




The prices for the tickets vary according to season and duration of time. In the high season the average ticket for an adult is €41.50 ($44.36) for youth the priceis€38.00 ($40.62), and for a child, the ticket is for€21.50 ($22.98).

The main season is observed between mid-December and early – April. Timings for the lifts are between 9 hours and 16 hours.



Stay is as important as your holiday and we promise you some wonderful stays in Berwang ski resort. You can choose from a list of accommodations, ranging from ski huts to hotels.

If you wish for a comfortable stay surrounded by the snow, choose the ski huts- luxurious and beautiful. For those who like to live like kings, there are great high-end hotels for your stay.



How to get here?

If you choose to travel using a car, then drive on the road leading to Berwang and end the resort at the Almkopf lift. Free parking is available for guests.

Those who wish to travel through planes can use the following airports- Innsbruck (INN), Austria, Munich (MUC), Germany and Memmingen (FMM), Germany. A train connection is also available.

There are numerous fun activities on offer at Berwang which people from all age groups can enjoy and have fun. So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to this amazing ski area. Many a times we come across great places that can mesmerize us with one visit, however, due to lack of planning we miss out on the best of moments. Here is a guide to one of the best wonders of the Austrian landscape, so plan fast and plan well and visit Berwang soon!

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