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Visit Pennsylvania’s first Skiing Area this Vacation!



The uproar of the city is very exasperating when you have to work daily. Waking up daily in the morning and going to work day in day out, life has become such a monotony. No one ever ceases or pauses to think about what they really want to do or if they are happy in life. Everybody is busy living rather than enjoying. The weekends pass by in a blur and soon it’s a Monday which makes everyone groan in frustration. And as we all know, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. To bring excitement to your life, consider taking a break. A well planned holiday for a week or some weeks is what every person needs.


Big Boulder Statistics

Base Elevation: 1700 feet

Summit Elevation: 2175 feet

Vertical Drop: 600 feet

If you want to live your life to the fullest, you must not miss upon the joy that winters bring. As winters are around the corner, you get lazy and start thinking that there is nothing to do. However, you can plan a lively trip to some hilly area that provides excellent skiing experience and pamper yourself with hot chocolate and pizzas. Once you hit up the trails in the amazing ski resorts available at your service, you will be addicted. The exuberant feeling of looking at the beautiful sceneries and sledding along the trails will make you experience a whole new world.

Where should you go to have the best skiing experience?


Take the most deserved holiday and spend it lavishly in the mountains. Pennsylvania provides you the most thrilling experience at skiing. There are numerous skiing resorts in the State. Each of these amazing skiing resorts offers something unique to their guests and riders. At Big Boulder Skiing Resort, they offer you with extraordinary skiing experience and essentially wonderful events. You will surely to be more than satisfied with their services and ready to plan your next trip to Big Boulders.

The resort is quite readily accessible from all major towns and cities, for its visitors. It is located on Big Boulder Mountain, 357 Big Boulder Drive near Lake Harmony. It is in Pocono region. The dazzling beauty of nature will leave you breathless. Don’t hold back or let the monotony of life stop you from unraveling the beauty of nature. You can enjoy each and every moment you spend in the Big Boulder Ski Resort.

A peek into the history of Big Boulder Skiing Area



The aesthetic beauty of Big Boulder lies in the developments it made over the years. Big Boulder is said to be a result of the Industrial Revolution. Erskine Hazzard and Josiah White were the pioneers who founded the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company back in their time. The duo was brilliant and came up with the world’s first bridge that was suspended with iron-wire. Over the years the company flourished and by 1840, they employed over 1,000 men in many manufacturing establishments.

In 1942, the employees working under them built The Split Rock Club by Lake Harmony. The club was a company retreat. The club comprised of the Split Rock Lodge along with Hazzard Ski Slope. Soon enough Hazzard Ski Slope was called Big Boulder Ski Area. Big Boulder is said to be the first commercial Ski Area in Pennsylvania. Jack Forest is said to be the sister of Big Boulder. The two neighboring Ski Resorts have become the heart and soul of the place.

Some important facts about Big Boulders



Always be active and stop waiting for something interesting to happen on its own. Make your life adventurous by riding the trails of Big Boulder. The skiable terrain of the resort is mostly dedicated to terrain parks. The total number of trails are 15. The resort has been designed taken into consideration its visitors. Thus, the trails have been designed for all types of riders. There are about four easy trails, three intermediate, and four advanced trails. There are five terrain parks.

The riders never get bored due to the zest in the surrounding. Even the staff is enthusiastic and provides a friendly environment. The summit elevation is 2175 ft., with a base of 1700 ft. and a vertical drop of 475 ft. The whole skiing area is connected with ten lifts to transport people. You will not have to stand in a queue and wait for your chance. Moreover, you will be able to gape at the sceneries surrounding the place. Also, Big Boulder has an amazing tubing park.

Why is Big Boulder so unique?



  • The exciting trails and natural beauty of the place is what makes the skiing area so unique. It is the first skiing area in Pennsylvania. The exciting games and all the sceneries available to gawk at are what make the ski area top on the list of ski areas.
  • Once you check into the ski area, you won’t have to worry about your luggage or bags. You can safely deposit them at rental lockers available at the mountain. These rented lockers are very cheap and safe too.
  • Your skis and snowboards or other ski equipment can be kept safe in the various Locker rentals at the mountains. There is a wide range of options to choose from, depending all on your needs and comfort.
  • The Resort offers you different skiing accessories you might need while skiing or snowboarding. There are two shops to rent out these accessories at very low rates. The Basement and the Boulder Park Lodge Shop ensure that you make memories worth remembering at the Big Boulder.
  • If you plan to visit here in a group, you will be able to avail group discount. Moreover, you can have a great time enjoying more and clicking more and more pictures. This is a place you visit with all your buddies and family.

  • The Big Boulder provides a number of food joints like the Big Boulder’s T-Bar, The Lodge Cafeteria, The Cantina, the Tubing Snack Bar, and Big Boulder Park Lodge and Grill.
  • The Cantina offers quesadillas, rice bowls, and tacos and other Mexican delights to savor. The T- Bar offers Yuengling and wings on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, flatbread pizza on Wednesday and steak sandwiches on Thursday. These are the unique delights of the bar. You can relish these amazing delicacies with your family and friends at the end of a tired day at the skiing park.
  • To satisfy your hungry stomach, you can snack on steak sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, fries, and some drinks at other food joints. These will help you warm up quickly and energize you for a long day of skiing.
  • For those who are new at skiing can get their first skiing lessons at Big Boulder. The resort offers various skiing lessons for children and adults. You can either get group lessons and learn team spirit, or you can also take a private lesson or ski confidently. The instructors are professionally trained and are ready for all situations. They take immense care of the children while they teach them how to ski.
  • You can attend the various events held at the resort and connect with more people. Race other skiers at the resort on 28 and 29 December on the snow. The Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge is open to all and invites people to participate in the run.
  • Visit T-Bar 30 December and listen to some classy music. Make new friends and have a drink from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Once you visit Big Boulder, you will understand the thrill of skiing and realize what all you have been missing in your life. With so many things to do here, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this grand ski resort and enjoy various snow and other activities offered. So go ahead, get your bags ready and visit Big Boulder Ski Resort and have a great time with family and friends, returning with memories to cherish forever.

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