The Pearl of the Julier – Bivio Ski Resort

Winters bring festivals, happiness, cozy atmosphere and the most awaited vacation with them. It is a perfect time to relax and have a gala time with your near and dear ones. And going to mountains on vacations during the winters will be like icing on the cake. Building snowman, snow fights, skiing, sledding and other activities will be so much fun. Mountains take you to paradise on earth. People go to mountains either for their love for nature or just to find peace. As the vacation mode starts with the oncoming of Christmas, pack your bags and go for vacations this year and have a chilling time with your family.

About the Place

Planning a trip to mountains this year and still confused? Where to go?  What to explore? Go to Bivio this year. Bivio is one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland. Bivio means “parting of the ways” and is inextricably bounded up with two passes that are the Septimer and the Julier. Here holidaymakers can enjoy the beautiful play of greenery and colorful fauna, magnificent views, and healthy climate. The beauty of this resort is appreciated by those who find calmness and peace amidst the Alps. Here you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cross-country trails, snowshoe and other spots as well. Bivio is a place where you can be active to your heart content. It is a place where you’ll experience nature and tranquility. It is secret winter tip for all the winter sports enthusiasts. Go and visit this place which has so much to offer and make unforgettable memories because such places are like heaven on earth. 

Ski Resort Details

Bivio Statistics

Base Elevation: 1769 m

Summit Elevation: 2560 m

Vertical Drop: 791 m

Bivio is a small ski resort located in Switzerland at julier pass between Chur and St. Moritz. The Bivio ski resort is located at an elevation of 2595 feet (790 meters) at the vertical drop, 8398 feet (2559 meters) being the highest lift and 5803 feet (1768 meters) from the base. The resort is being open for public from mid of December until early April.  The Bivio resort offers something for every winter sports fans like alpine skiing, cross country skiing, and free riding.  For skiing and snowboarding, 30 kilometers (approx 18 miles) of slopes are available. The peaks surrounding the resort rising up to 3000 meters (9842 feet) and beyond invite you to set off on ski and snowboarding tours, while ski lodges in the area are perfect to take a break and refresh yourselves.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

Bivio resort is regarded as an untouched ski resort at the foot of Julia pass. It has 80km (approx 49miles) of downhill pistes and 12km (approx 7miles) of cross country trails. And for skiing and snowboarding, 30 kilometers (approx 18miles) of slopes are available. It is said that that the Bivio ski resort is best suited to beginners and intermediates. It is ok for the advanced level of the skiers and good for snowboarding. One doesn’t always need to do skiing and snowboarding to enjoy and have fun at a ski resort. You can try other sports as well, like cross country skiing, snowshoeing. 
Besides other sports here alpine skiing is also available. A total of 49 km (approx 30 miles) of the trail is available for cross country skiing and are specially groomed for recreational skiers. Trails with night time lighting are also available to enjoy skate and cross country skiing. In Bivio you’ll find numerous hiking trails that are groomed on daily basis. One should go out and experience winter on foot by snowshoeing. The route through Bivio - Stalvedro – Bivio is a must experience on foot. Enjoy mountain hike of 6 kilometers (approx 3.7 miles) through the deep snow of the Alpine forest. Though Bivio has less to offer in some areas but it is a beautiful ski village and a nature lover would love to explore its idyllic views. 

Learn to Ski

Skiing and snowboarding are so exciting and it is a must try when you visit a ski resort. If you don’t know skiing, not to worry friends, ski and snowboard school at Bivio has a variety of courses for everyone, for those who can ski or not ski. For children the school offer lessons in the group as well a private tutor can also be hired. Private lessons can be customized according to the needs of the family and can be hired by both adults and families. Cross county courses are also available for children and adults. Special courses are also offered at this ski school in which you’re taught courses like deep snow driving, freeriding, carving, snowshoe hiking, and ski tours.

Ski lifts

Ski lifts are an important part of ski resorts as they help you to move through slopes efficiently and conveniently. This ski resort is known for having modest lift system. The Bivio ski resort has 4 ski lifts which have an efficiency to carry 3000 passengers every hour. It has a total lift length of 5.7 kilometers. It has 3 T-bar lift and 1 rope down beginner lift. Bivio ski resort offers a good range of ski pass to suit everyone. On weekdays passes for children costs $19 (17 Euro) approx, for juniors $30 (28 Euro) approx and for adults $38 (35 Euro) approx. 2 days and 6 days passes are also available, prices varied according to age group.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

Bivio ski resort has a lot to offer to its guests in terms of breathtaking and panoramic views as it is surrounded by huge Alpine mountains. At Bivio ski resort accommodations, apartments and lodging facilities are available at throw away prices. Hospitality, shorter routes, and the best regional cuisines are the factors that distinguish the hotels in Bivio. But there are limited accommodations in Bivio and therefore mostly booking confirmations are taken online, as the resort is most of the time full at the peak time. 

Hotel Post

Hotel Post is located in Bivio Ski area on the Julier Pass road and is a certified mountain bike hotel. It is a 3-star hotel and right behind the hotel, a 12-kilometer (approx 7.4 miles) ski run starts. Its basic amenities include free wifi, a spa area which includes a sauna and steam bath. The restaurant of the hotel offers you swiss cuisine as well as an exclusive range of wines. In winters the hotel provides guided ski tours and snowshoeing, while in summers, guided gymnastics, hiking and walks for relaxation are organized. Standard room for 2 adults costs $ 193 (182 Euro) approx per night.

Hotel Grischuna Bivio

Hotel Grischuna Bivio located in the romantic Alpine village of Bivio is a 3-star hotel. Its amenities include free wifi, children’s room, and playground as well that are appealing to younger guests in the hotel. It also has a library in the lounge are for those who love reading books. The restaurant serves different cuisines as well as arrange special diet menu on request. The staff is very friendly. The hotel also has a bar known as Buffalo Bar, where guests can enjoy, have drinks and play Billiards. Standard room for 2 adults costs $756 (715 Euro) approx for 4 nights.

This ski resort has a lot to offer to people of all ages. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can enjoy various winter sports offered in the resort. Visit this place alone, as a couple, or with family and enjoy the serene beauty of the mountains. Uncover the fun-packed sports offered in this resort and create some of the most memorable moments of your life. After reading so much about this resort, aren’t you feeling excited and waiting impatiently to visit Bivio? If is it so, then pack your packs and gear up for an unforgettable trip to the mountains, where you’ll see some beyond imaginable scenic views. Go explore Bivio – the pearl of the Julier.

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