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Bleaml Alm ski resort – the ideal family ski resort!



Planning for something adventurous without digging a hole in your pockets? Try skiing. Skiing can be fun and adventure for people in love with snow. Imagine skiing through the snow laden terrains while being surrounded by breath-taking panorama. So now, if you have made up your mind to try

skiing this vacation, Bleaml Alm ski resort is definitely worth a try. Let us give you an overview of lifts, slopes, and mountain railways, cabins, restaurants and everything else that the ski resort Bleaml Alm has to offer.


About the Place

Bleaml Alm Statistics

Base Elevation: 750 m

Summit Elevation: 900 m

Vertical Drop: 150 m


This ski resort is situated in front of the snow laden Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge) and below the Ochsenkopf at 1024 m (3359 ft.) in Bavaria, Germany. The Fichtel Mountains are a treat to the eye and invite you to all sort of alpine pleasures. The resort not only offers great skiing experience but also tobogganing, night skiing and many other facilities and events. What more? You get all this at very affordable prices. Moreover, we ensure you, every penny that you spend in, there will be worth it. The ski resort has activities for people of all ages and slopes for everyone starting from beginners to experienced skiers. Only a few miles from the Bleaml Alm is the ski station of SC Neubau, where one can find an extensive ski network for skiing and skating. The place also offers a number of highlights for the cross-country skiers that include the night-long run, which is lit daily until 9 pm.


The Bleaml Alm is located alongside the Ochsenkopf Mountain in the small town of Neubau thus making it one of the safest areas in the region. Just next to the lift lies the toboggan slope that ensures excellent and complete tobogganing experience. There is a total of 25 kilometres (15.53 miles) of cross country trails thus making every spent penny worth it. Again, around 2.5 kilometres (1.55 miles) of it is illuminated and made suitable for a small night car. For the après ski it makes forth to Monika & Hajo that is the nearest host house to the Bleaml Alm.


Lifts and slopes:

There is a single ski lift in the resort. This Bleaml-Alm-Lift is a T-bar lift with a length of 250 m (820 ft.) and a carrying capacity of 800 passengers per hour. The total lift length is around 0.3 km. Moreover, there are 0.3 kilometres (0.18 miles) of slopes available for skiing.


The whole winter sports area is situated at an altitude of 780 metres (2559 ft.) to 850 metres (2788 ft.).


The vertical height of the mountain is about 150 m (492 feet). The summit elevation is 2,953 feet while the base elevation is 900 m (2,461 feet).

Night skiing at Bleamlalm



What can be more fun than skiing at night amidst amusing mountains and snow capped terrains? The resort offers great night skiing experience over 0.3 kilometres of floodlit slopes. The operating time is daily till 21:00 o’ clock. The best part about this place is that you can expect snow even during summers since they have very advanced artificial snowmaking technology that provides a huge amount of snow. Their artificial snow-making technique thus allows its visitor’s a great skiing experience even during summers. They have five snow cannons, and 100% of the slopes have snow-making capabilities. The resort also has valley run available with an under tree line run. The longest run has a length of around 0.3 kilometres. The elevation difference is 70 meters (230 ft.).


The difference in height from sea level between the mountain station and Valley Station is nearly 255 m (837 ft.). The average height difference in all ski resorts in Germany is nearly 784 ft. The whole skiing season lasts for around 85 days from December 17 until March 12. On an average, this season lasts for around 98 days in Germany. During this whole season that is, between Dec 17 and Mar 12, the average depth of snow is around 10 “. January is considered to be the snowiest month of the year in Bleaml Alm and has an average snow depth of around 13 inches. Bleaml Alm has nearly 31 Sundays per season. The average for this time is 34 Sundays in Germany. January is also considered to be the sunniest month of the year with an average of 14 Sundays.

Events and Festivals in Bleaml Alm

The resort offers a number of events and highlights that include parties, concerts, festivals, family and cocktail parties, sports events and other highlights, as well as regular and cultural events. We suggest you attend all the events and make sure you do not miss the highlights of the season!

Ski schools and rentals:

New to the slopes? Don’t worry. The resort has a number of ski schools that will train you how to ski safely. So newbies can also learn how to ski safely and correctly with the help of the team of the ski schools. The skiing and snowboarding classes start during Christmas holidays for all age groups. They also provide ski courses on every Saturday and Monday. The courses come along with test materials, refreshments, and supervision. Throughout the season you will be able to take part in a variety of ski courses or snowboard lessons from top-level instructors who will teach you the latest techniques, maximum student success and, of course, absolute safety. Beginners as well as advanced – everyone gets the appropriate course, in which he can continue to “grow”. Private lessons and individual training are also available on request. The slopes extend from 750 meters to 1024 meters. The different ski schools here include Ski school Hottenroth that offers snowboard, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and children’s ski school and Ski school Nordbayern offering children’s ski school, snowboard, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. So, these winters forget your fireplace and woolly blankets. Step out and challenge the snow. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the snow-capped mountains of Germany. Bring your skiers shoes and visit Bleaml Alm. Enjoy the miscellany of this beautiful place. Encounter some great slopes and fall in love with the serenity and immense beauty of the mountains.

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