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The Warm Blues of Winter – Blue Mountain Resort!



It has been observed by nature lovers all over the world that nature so vibrantly flaunts no another color, as it does with Blue. Green, as a lot of botanists, will suggest, is nature’s second favorite. Blue is the color of serenity, of knowledge, of wisdom and mostly the love of Mother Nature that wraps us all every day.

Blue is also the color of the light snow tends to reflect. It might just be a coincidence, but it can also be Mother Nature’s way of comforting us even in the chilly winters. This is also a possible explanation as to why even during snow sports such as skiing and tubing, apart from the thrill, we also feel a strange comfort while being surrounded by snow. Yes, it is chilly indeed, but it is also warm, not because of the temperature, but because of Nature’s serenity and her affection towards us.

Speaking of blue and skiing and other snow sports, we are reminded of the beautiful Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario. The year was 1941. An adventurer named Jozo Weider lay his wandering eyes upon the slopes of the Niagara Escarpment, and an idea struck him while he was walking in his tracks. The possibility of the idea turning into reality was not just endearing, if it indeed did become reality Weider’s dream would become the go-to venue for all snow and adventure lovers, it would become Ontario’s primary vacationing spot.

Indeed, a Ski Resort at the heart of Central Ontario would be the place for people to assemble in harmony, seek the thrill of winter sports and revel in the celebration of winter’s beauty. Their ages, abilities, and disabilities would not matter at all, for Weider planned on making a resort that would pertain to all kinds of needs. It would be the zenith of the traveler’s dream.

This adventurer was a man with a plan. Ideas are no one’s monopoly, they say. Moreover, Weider worked as hard as possible making Blue Mountain Ski Resort, the snow palace of his dreams a place that even today, 75 years after its grand inception, makes its best effort to keep Weider’s love for the winters, spirit, and legacy alive.  If you too possess a love for the winters, Blue Mountain will count you in as one of their own Ontarians; the crowd that feels the warmth of the winters. It does not matter whether you are a debutante at skiing or an expert at it, your love for snow sports is what keeps the spirit of their creator alive.

The Location of Heaven



Blue Mountain, speaking in strictly scientific terms is an alpine ski resort situated in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the north-western side of Collingwood. As a bonus, the resort rests upon a section of the Niagara Escarpment about 1 km (0.6 mi.) from Nottawasaga Bay. A very successful resort, Blue Mountain profits from more than 750,000 lift ticket sales each year, and today it is the third busiest ski resort in Canada.

Elevation, Lifts, and Runs



The Blue Mountains have a vertical elevation of 720 ft. (219 m), top elevation of 1483 ft. (452 m) and a base elevation of 741 ft. (226 m). The total skiable area is 250 acres. Being one of the largest and one of the best ski resorts in Canada, Blue Mountains feature 16 lifts, 42 runs and a total of 3 freestyle terrains. Out of the total 42 runs, 11 are the easiest to do, 16 are comparatively difficult, and the other eight qualify as the most difficult ones. To be enjoying the rest of the 7, you need to be an expert. Of those sixteen lifts stated before, 5 are high-speed chairlifts for six people, 5 of them are fixed grip ones, 5 are magic carpets, and 1 of them is a rope tow. There are also three fantastic terrain parks.

Ticket rates

They have different, but very affordable and trip-worthy lift tickets for adults (18-69 years), young people and seniors (6-17 years and above 70 years respectively) and your little toddlers. Also, the ticket prices vary depending on the hour that you choose; for example, if you want it any time from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., adults need to pay $78 for a ticket that is valid all through, young people and seniors have to pay $61. For having a ticket that is valid for 8 hours from the time of purchase, adults pay $68, youth or the seniors pay $51.

Blue Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 460 feet

Summit Elevation: 1600 feet

Vertical Drop: 1082 feet

Rates for tickets valid during 3.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. the rates are $45 and $39 respectively. As an effort to have your little bundles of joy invested in snow sports when they grow up, Blue Mountain gives tickets costing a mere $10 for all children of 5 years or below. There are group lift tickets available as well, so might as well travel with your family or gang of buddies.  After all, the more the happiness you share, the happier you get.

Imbibing the Adventure



Snow sports require a little basic knowledge, the ABC’s of skiing and other activities. However, even if you are a beginner with zero experience of skiing, you need not worry at all. Having a brave soul is a prerequisite to all adventures, it is the only thing that you must have, and the rest can be taught by the professionals at the Blue Mountains within no time. A little polishing of your flexibility and skills and they make sure you have the time of your life while skiing through the snow.

Back to School

Sometimes even the pros have a little room for improvement, even if it is marginal, and when it comes to snow sports in the winters, Blue Mountain’s amazing snow school offers excellent programs, lessons and pro-talks and sessions each of which is suited to their customer’s skill level. They have a broad range of innovative, customer-friendly and most importantly comprehensive programs, which cumulatively sustain Blue Mountain’s reputation as the quintessential place to nurture the burning desire for skiing and riding.

Tourists also introduce this amazing Canadian way of enjoying the leisure time to their kids, which effectively turns them from their gadgets, imbibing in them the spirit of adventure.

Therefore regular lessons, assuring consistent improvement, are provided. The learners can explore a different part of winter sports (which includes slope-style, jumping, trails, and half-pipe skill development). The course will provide for hands-on training, and some of them also entail meals which are shared amongst the coaches and the learners.

Goals that the learners are to achieve and techniques that will assist them are discussed over the food and various strategies for skill enhancement are chalked out. For example, they have a “New Year Park and Pipe Camp”, which is quite accommodating for the different levels of riders. Learners are generally grouped with others who have currently the same level of skill.

Food for Thought and Thought for Food



We cannot talk about all of these energy and calorie-burning adventures, and not speak of those places in the resort where you can indulge yourself a little in deliciousness.

The resort hosts a total of 27 eateries including bars, grills, pizzerias, cafes, cocktail houses, restaurants and what not. It will tantalize each of your taste buds, and you will be rooting for the delicious food.  There are a Twist Martini Restaurant and Lounge, an excellent place called Yeti Cheese. You will find MJ Byrne’s Irish Pub, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (which is a hit with children and their parents alike), Kikaku Sushi Bar, Magnone’s Italian Kitchen, Jozo’s Bar (in remembrance of the first adventurer). If you want to stay away from binge-eating and would choose health any day, Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt is the place for you. In short, there is something for everyone.


No other place will entice and revive your spirits the way blue mountain will. It is so pampering to your inner child that your adult self will get addicted to the experience. The Blue is warm, just like nature’s blue is- warm, natural and forever new. With so many fun things to do, you cannot miss out on visiting this adventure land this winter. So, go ahead, pack your gear bags and head out straight to this awesome Blue Mountain Resort with your family and friends and make the most of a cold, chilly winter day.

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