Idealize Your Winter with Skiing at Bluewood



Winters, the most amazing (and boring for a few) season of the year is here, and it’s a bet that you yet don’t know what your plans are for your break time. Some must be thinking of taking a long break from a hectic schedule, relaxing and chilling. While some prefer cleaning up the house, calling friends and family, catching up on the missed lunches, wrapping themselves in an old rugged blanket, reading books, sunbathing or sitting beside a fireplace with a cup of coffee.This is what all of us do. Nothing new. Nothing different. For winters may come and go but we keep on doing same classical things that we have been doing for years. But this winter season, know more about skiing and have fun in the snow outdoors in a new and different way.

Skiing, we all know about it. But have you ever tried skiing? We bet, it’s a big no. Though it is a very popular sport among various part of the world, a lot of people don’t try this new and trending sport. And the reason behind this big no is fear, but actually, it is a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activity. It is a way to make your dull winters refreshing and revitalizing. Unburden yourself from the stress of life, and give yourself surprises and new chances to view life in divergent and positive way. And the best way to do this is spending more and more time with nature.

You also get a chance to spend time with your loved ones. You can combine all this and enjoy winter at Bluewood Ski Area. Go to new heights of new experiences, and once you are there, you are sure to be awestruck by the majesty of it all.

Bluewood: An Alpine Ski Area



Dayton, the city, is a complete package for revitalizing your snapped brain. But the city is much more beautiful in winters and hides an alluring resort beneath the snowy sheets, at the end of the Blue Mountains in the Umatilla National Forest.

Bluewood Statistics

Base Elevation: 1385 m

Summit Elevation: 1728 m

Vertical Drop: 343 m

Bluewood is one of the best skiing resort of Dayton. It is located about 35 km northwest to Dayton, and 80 km west of Idaho. The resort is ranked no. 2 base elevation among all the ski resorts in Dayton. It will not fail to astonish the adventure freak hidden somewhere inside you.

The peerless qualities of Bluewood



Bluewood offers some of the best big mountain terrains for skiers and riders, featuring 400 skiable acres. There is terrain for everyone – from a steep and deep tree and off-piste areas to mild and mellow cruisers. Not only this, there are freestyle terrain parks to multiple the thrill level. Almost 45% of skiers take intermediate runs while 17% are beginners and 38% are the advance.

Bluewood Ski Patrol and Vintner’s Ridge Snow Catare the prominent features of this place.

Amazing place for skiing lovers:

We are here for a basic reason, and that is SNOW. The snowfall is 300 inches every year. You will find some of the fluffiest, lightest, smoke powder in the area! Yes, that’s right; the snow is dry and light here at the Bluewood.

Bluewood offers some of the most eye-catching skiing and snowboarding. The resort is close to Dayton and Oregon – on the outskirts. With their new commitment to freestyle terrain, the Bluewood bring you the good times. With a huge mountain and a vast terrain for everyone, snowfall beyond belief and magnificent views, Bluewood is the place you should definitely visit. The pleasant staff is committed to providing you with a truly memorable and unique experience.

Experience the happiest moments of your life in soft white fur like snow. Skiing and snowboarding are one of the most favorite activities here at the Bluewood. To make it accessible for you, Bluewood provides with a rental shop for all kind of equipment. Not only rental shops but they also provide you with training section at a very pocket-friendly price. These lessons are available any day and do not require a reservation. You must have a valid lift ticket, and you must be 13 years and above. Sign up on the spot. And they have a special package for kids seven years and above who wants to get to the sport of skiing. The Bluewood also offer the most affordable lift tickets in the entire USA. With deeply discounted field trip programs and group rates, learning to ski and snowboard at Bluewood is easy on one’s wallet.

Delight your taste buds with the fantastic food on offer. Take a break and energize yourself whether breakfast or quick snacks or even long quiet lunch. The chefs are very passionate about the hospitality Bluewood has on offer. And it is or principal and foremost duty to find new complimentary flavors and textures and to pair them together to give the best they have.

Highlights Of The Resort



Vintner’s Ridge And Cat Skiing Options

This incredible terrain of the next country is ungroomed and perfect for the visitors to have great adventurous time. On many days, when conditions allow, Bluewood also offers “snow-cat” ferrying to the top of the ridge for a small fee. Hiking is only allowed on days when the Vintner’s Ridge is open to all and on days when the snow cat is in operation, hiking is limited to only a few areas and times which is decided on a daily basis. This is to ensure proper safety of the visitors.

Skiing gives you energy and peace of mind at the same time. Hence, it is the best activity for all the peace seekers. The ones who love to travel and wandering to new places, skiing, can be a potential option. That adrenaline rush you get when you slide over the snow cannot be compared to any other adventure in the world. Enjoy the trip in the company of family and friends. They are people who add life to these nameless moments. Bluewood offers you exactly what you want. Once you are in your snow boots with your snowboard all you can think about is fun you will have the next moment. It’s just you and your peace of mind – your relaxing time.

Skiing helps in refreshing your mind, body, and soul. Skiing not only gives you new experience but a chance to interact with nature too. And what is the best part? The memories you will make will last long forever. The time you deserve to energize your mind and soul. This is the best offer, don’t miss it. Just grab it. So, with so many positive things on offer, a visit to your nearest ski park isn’t a bad idea after all. Go ahead, pack your bags and hit the place with family and friends this winter and make the most of this snowy seasons. Have fun!

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