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Bogus Basin: Atop The Misty Mountain



The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, located in the western United States, specifically in the Boise County of the southwestern Idaho region is just about 16 miles or 26 kilometers away from the northeastern end of the city of Boise. It operates as a, not for profit organization which is privately owned and functions on the land which is owned by the department of Boise National Forest. The festivities associated with skiing begin around the time of Thanksgiving until the weekend which precedes April the 15th.

Spread across an area of 2,600 acres is the Bogus Basin and it is among the very few remaining resorts in the country which particularly cater to families and their specific needs. In total, you can access over 23 miles or 37 kilometers worth of Nordic trails on the Bogus Basin.

The question is, why would you come here? Well, as simple as is the question, its answer to is uncomplicated, simply because of the best snow on earth and the unparalleled customer service that the resort offers. One can ski or snowboard to the heart’s content at hours which suit individual needs. There are rentals and retail stores located on the very site. If you do not have private transportation, well, that too is not a problem, busses ferry between the airport at Boise and the resort quite frequently specifically during the weekends and holidays. In addition to the timeless fun and natural beauty all the necessary items such as first-aid too is an on-site facility.

Now, as far as the accommodation or lodging facilities go, this list is nice and crisp. Beginning from the classic American bread and breakfasts to hotels and finally speciality lodging, you will find each of them to be of your heart’s content. Moreover, the resort and its administration understands the trends and the growing needs of its customers therefore most of these lodgings will provide you with ski-in and out services along with ski valets, sauna, 24/7 internet services, swimming pool, many restaurants, fully equipped gym, parking facilities (there are no parking charges), sporting facilities and the best of them all, here you can also get your pets along so that they too can have a vacation of a lifetime.



Bogus Basin has a total skiable area of about 2,600 acres which is further about 10.5 square kilometers. Within this area, you will find 900 acres to be groomed and in total comprising of mixed runs, bowls and glades. The various lifts that are in operation serve a vertical lift of about 1,790 feet or 546 meters. Its summit elevation is a whopping 7,582 feet or 2,311 meters above the sea level. This point is known as Shefer Butte and is also the highest point of the Boise Ridge Mountains. Moreover, this side of the mountain was opened in 1977 with the installation of Pine Creek.

Bogus Basin Statistics

Base Elevation: 5790 feet

Summit Elevation: 7590 feet

Vertical Drop: 1,800 feet

Doe Point is another such summit that is served by the southern lift of the Bogus Basin. It is located adjacent to Deer Point. You will also notice that Deer Point is slightly higher when compared to Doe Point and is also covered with many communication towers. However, from both these summits, you will get a good view of Boise city and as well as the whole of the Treasure Valley.

Here at the resort, there are numerous lodging facilities such as the J.R. Simplot Lodge and the Pioneer Lodge which is locate at the mid-mountain. Furthermore, there is also the famous Jason Harper Training Centre. The best way to reach the Pioneer area is through the triple chairlift – Morning Star. While on the other hand, if you wish to travel towards the northern slopes of Bitterroot then the best way to reach there is through the double chair lift. In any case, there are interconnected trails which provide complete access to the base of the Superior Express Lift.

Whenever you plan a ski trip the one most important surmounting concern revolves around the question of snowfall. Bogus Basin receives about 200 to 250 inches or 510 to 640 centimeters worth of snowfall annually. This might not sound much and is truly so mainly because of limited water resources in the region. To compensate this resort has installed many portable snowmaking units at certain points of distances.

The History



There is a bit of uncertainty associated with the origins of the name but the popular beliefs suggest that it must have come through at the time of the gold rush in the 19th century. Back in those days the hills above the city of Boise were infested with crooks of various degrees. Moreover, these two-timing thugs would make fake gold dust by hating fillings of lead along with little quantities of real gold dust and thereon go ahead and market them.

Now, the conception of the resort is credited to a certain Alf Engen. Engen more popularly is known to be like a father figure when it comes to the American powder technique. He is believed to have chosen the site here in the hills at the Boise Basin way back in the year 1939. It took Engen nearly 3 years to develop the property and it was ready and opened to the general public in the month of December of 1942.

In 1942 the resort began its operations with a 150 meter or 500-foot long rope tow. In addition to the rope tow, there was also a 3,300 foot or 1,010 meter long T-bar which was installed later in 1946. Keeping in mind the inflow of more customers, in the early 1950s, a 30 meter Nordic Ski Jump was installed. This modern ski jump was designed by the Engen brothers, Corey and Sverre who also was the ski instructor at Bogus Basin. In the last years of the 1990s, two high-speed quads were constructed at Deer Point and at Pine Creek. The newest induction in the high-speed category was the Superior which was erected in 2011.




Elevations: The elevation at Bogus Basin ranges between 5800 and 7581 feet.

o    Additionally, the vertical elevation is at 1,790 feet or 546 meters.

o    Base elevation begins at the height of 5,790 feet or 1,765 meters and the height at Pine Creek (which by the way can be reached using the Chair number 6) is at 6,150 feet or 1,875 meters.

Area: The total skiable area offered by the Bogus Basin is about 2,600 acres or roughly 10.5 square kilometers.

Trails: These well-crafted trails are perfectly designed to suit individuals of every capacity:

o    Beginners: They can access about 22 % of the trails.

o    Intermediate: Folks at this level have the maximum access, that is about 45 % of the trails.

o    Advanced: Individuals who are well versed and skilled can access nearly 33 % of the trail.

Lifts: There are about 7 numbers of lifts at the resort. Moreover, their ticket prices fall in between $25 and $59.They have the following classification:

o    Hi-speed quad: There are a total of 3 of them

o    Triples: There is just the one triple chair lift

o    Doubles: There are 3 of the double chair lifts.

Snowfall: Annually, the region receives anywhere between 200 and 250 meters (or 510 to 640 centimeters) of snowfall.

Night skiing: Yes, the resort is well equipped to handle night time skiing which usually closes by 10 pm each day and is serviced by 5 chairlifts. Approximately 165 acres of area is available for skiing during these hours.

The main attraction of any powder resort is its lifts. So, the lifts at Bogus Basin can be listed as follows:

Deer Point: It has a total length of 1.190 kilometers or 3,905 feet and generates a vertical drop of 880 feet or 268 meters. The total ride time is a mere 4 minutes.

Morning Star: It has a vertical drop of 625 feet or 191 meters and is about 3,108 feet in length.

Superior: It has a total length of 4,480 feet or 1.366 kilometers and a vertical drop of 1,500 feet or 475 meters.

Showcase: With a length of 3,520 feet and a vertical drop of 640 feet or 195 meters, the showcase is able to cover its journey in about 7 minutes.

Bitterroot: This lift has a length of 525 feet or 160 meters and can cover its 2,566 feet journey in 6 minutes.

Pine Creek: It will take you 6 minutes to cover a distance of 5,800 feet. Pine Creek has a vertical drop of 1,780 feet or 543 meters.

Coach: Finally, there is a double coach which was installed in the year 1996.

Among the other activities that you can engage with here at Bogus Basin include hiking, mountain biking and a disc golf course



Finally, while you are still contemplating a trip here make sure that you properly go through their website and get to know the various seasonal deals and offers that the resort provides. Also, at any given point in time if you have issues you can simply give them a call and the staff will be more than happy to help you out.

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