Boise Man Died After Tragic Ski Accident At Sun Valley-News

Updated On: 8 Dec 2019

An unfortunate accident happened at Sun Valley Ski Resort on Saturday. A 65 years old husband and father Stewart Milus from Boise died following an accident Saturday afternoon. He clipped skis with a fellow skier ultimately sending him in the direction of ski blower where he collided. The skier, with whom Milus collided with, was a registered anesthesiologist who performs CPR instantly before first responders could arrive. From there, he was quickly rushed to the St. Lukes Wood River Medical Center where doctors were unable to save him. The Blaine County Coroner's Office confirmed that they are performing an investigation for the cause of Stewart Milus' death.

The wife of diseased, Laura Milus says Stewart was a " perfect man, a perfect human being, the most moral and decent person she's met, and the love of her life." She is totally devastated by his passing. She also thanked the anesthesiologist who clipped skis with Stewart for his quick effort to help her husband by performing CPR.

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