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Boreal Mountain Resort - Truly a Paradise for Skiing Lovers!



No matter how tired you are, nature always has a way to soothe you, to heal you and to refresh you. Be it any season of the year or any time of the day.  During summer, the colorful world and breeze will welcome you. During spring, blossoms will welcome you. And during winter, snow will welcome you. Open fields, countryside, villages are some of the best places to spend your summer and fall. But for winter, if you want to enjoy your winter with a touch of adventure to it, you have no other option but find a good mountain resort.

If you are in California, Boreal Mountain Resort is a very good option. It has been blessed with wide ski area in soda spring around Lake Tahoe. It is located in the west of Truckee. It was opened as the first snowboarding and skiing area in North of California. It is smaller than other skiing areas like Boreal, but it has hosted the US Snowboarding Grand Prix.


Boreal Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 7200 feet

Summit Elevation: 7700 feet

Vertical Drop: 500 feet

Boreal mountain resort awaits you to give you amazing skiing experience.

Boreal Mountain Resort is situated in northern California. Boreal Mountain Resort hosts a lot of adventurous activities. Boreal Mountain Resort is spread over an area of 150 hectares. There is a total of 41 runs available. Boreal Mountain Resort, though smaller in size, provides many opportunities and offers for tourists. It provides different kinds of passes and combos for different ages and groups. It is suitable for advanced skiers as well as for beginners. This is what makes Boreal Mountain Resort one of the best places to ski and enjoy other winter sports.


There are a few special features of Boreal Mountain Resort to watch out for:

Boreal Mountain Resort is owned by Powder Corporation who owns many other mountain resorts too. The experience of handling many mountain resorts has benefitted them in a way that they provide extraordinarily amazing opportunities in spite of small area. There are 41 runs in total out of which most are for beginners. The longest run is 1.6 km. There are in total eight lifts, out of which there are two quads, three triples, one double and two moving carpets. Top elevation is at 2300 meters whereas base elevation is at 2200 meters. This mountain offers wide range of skiing, but mountain biking is not advisable due to the smaller area.



One exciting feature of Boreal Mountain Resort is that it allows you an experience of night skiing too. It has been equipped to skiing till 9 pm. It offers you to experience the chill of the night. Apart from skiing, they also have a sports shop to accommodate the needs of the first time skiers. You can shop from skis and poles to jackets and sunglasses and their souvenirs too. The equipment are available for rent also. They also have events planned which you can participate in and enjoy. They have different parks and pipes. They also provide lodging and boarding facilities for those who want an overnight mountain staying experience. Apart from skiing and snowboarding experiences, Boreal Mountain Resort also provides snow tubing, at times for the whole family too, depending upon your wish.


If you are still not convinced about visiting Boreal Mountain Resort, there are following advantages which will make you want to visit it, once at least.

Boreal Mountain Resort offers the rare experience of night skiing. It is open from 9 am to 9 pm. One can avail passes of either morning or afternoon or evening or full day passes too. It gives you awesome discounts on different combo passes also. For the advanced skiers, nighttime skiing experience a dream and Boreal Mountain Resort stands out for providing this rare experience. Not many ski resorts offer night skiing and because of availability of this feature at the Boreal Mountain Resort, this place attracts a large number of visitors every winter; the count swelling up each passing year.


Attached to the training sessions, there are some amazing discount offers. They gift you one free ride if you complete three lessons. There are different discount packages of different time duration for the program graduates too. The performance during the training sessions and the consistency decides the amount of discount.

Discounts are available for holiday packages too. They claim to be the cheapest mountain resort in California. They also have early weekend packages starting from Friday. Different discount coupons and passes are available in plenty for the Boreal Mountain Resort. This should be called the most attractive feature of Boreal Mountain Resort.

One excellent feature of this resort is that you can do the checking and booking online. On the official website of the resort, one can check the availability of the services required and make the bookings right away. It’s done just in a click.

Safe and secure!



Safety wise also Boreal Mountain Resort has taken many precautions. There are chairlifts for children. They have well-defined codes of conduct, and there are guards around the skiing area. Beginners aren’t allowed to ski in areas that are steeper. The resort is family friendly. They have something to offer to all age groups. It’s very safe for children too. They take special care to ensure everyone’s safety. The staff is also friendly to make sure that the visitors feel comfortable while embracing new experiences.

Skiing is a sport but more importantly, it is a way in which you enjoy the blessings of nature. It allows you to connect to the natural environment and takes away all the stress you endure every day otherwise. It provides you with an opportunity to revitalize your mind and body and get back to routine in a fresh mood. For nature admirers, it offers beautiful and picturesque landscapes which relax their mind. For the people who love adventures, it gives the opportunity to spend their energy on and take home much more than skiing experience. It adds on to their personal experiences as well. Snowboarding is also amazing to experience during winter. It satiates your adventurous needs as well as offers a feeling of serenity. And Boreal Mountain Resorts takes care of both these things.

Due to smaller group sizes, there is a sense of unity and responsibility of each other which increases chances of bonding well with them. It definitely adds on to your adventure experiences and gives you stories to tell years down the line. The accommodating staff makes you feel like coming back again which multiplies your happiness.  Natural beauties and discounts are just like the cherry on top.



From crazy deals to fun filled adventures, Boreal Mountain Resort has a lot on offer for its visitors. And if you want to plan an outing for your group for skiing or want to have fun with family and friends on a chilly winter day, you can safely think of Boreal Mountain Resort as your first option. After all, with every outing, what you take away from it, depends on much upon the management of the place and you can be assured to take home a bundle of memories from here. So pack your bags and go!

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