Bosco Gurin-Switzerland

Luxurious Skiing at its Best at the Bosco Gurin Ski Resort

The season of joy, fun filled snow and the air full of gay like glow has arrived! Winter is here and it’s going to be a blast for both family and friends. Don’t hesitate to block your dates and take your loved ones out on a trip to an icy paradise. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance for you to slide through the white powder on a pair of ski boots or glide through the snow on a sledge and have an enigmatic experience like never before. Winter lovers, travelers, sports enthusiasts all around the world are getting ready to migrate to where the earth kisses the skies.  Join the fun, because winter is the time to make lots of memories. Friends and family have always been stimulating company to be with, but we don’t always get an opportunity to be with them, this is your chance!

Resort details:

Located near the second largest lake in Italy, Lago Maggiore, the ski resort Bosco Gurin (Switzerland, Ticino) is a personal favorite of several skiers, snowboarders, and travelers alike. Switzerland itself promises a fantastic view of the Alps and an amazing place to shed of the work pressure from your shoulders. It is an incredible place for tourist and explorers to take a break from their everyday life and enjoy peace and serenity coupled with a thrill as well as excitement. This resort is a preferred destination where all guest are assured to have a comfortable and amazing experience.

Bosco Gurin Statistics

Base Elevation: 1480 m

Summit Elevation: 2400 m

Vertical Drop: 920 m

The Bosco Gurin ski resort is elevated at the Vertical Drop 800 meters (2624 feet), 2301 meters (7549 feet) being its top lift and 1501 meters (4924 feet) is the resort’s altitude. The resort is situated at the altitude 1480 meters (4855 feet) and 2400 meters (7874 feet), to be more accurate. What is amazing about this resort is its breathtaking 6 pistes of skiing slopes and cross-country ski trails. One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages, the Bosco Gurin ski resort is one of the most astonishing resort to behold.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics:

The Bosco Gurin ski resort offers a splendid ski and snowboarding slopes that are well groomed and are suitable to all the needs of its guests and travelers. It has a total of 30 kilometers (18 miles) of regularly maintained and well-groomed slopes of pure white powder. 5 kilometers (3 miles) of the available slopes are exclusively downhill trails for cross country skiing. All the slopes are suited to skiers of all ability levels. The resort also has its own snow park, Sandiga Boda, which you will come across on the trail. It offers you to enjoy freestyle skiing and those who would like to warm up a bit o their skills at snowboarding are free to exercise them in order to take up more challenging heights. 
Beginners may also try their hand at the sport and improve their abilities. Bosco Gurin also ensures that children would have a fun time on the toboggan run at the provided children’s village where you may rent toboggans available there as well. Offered at an exclusive highlight (which you should make sure that you don’t miss) are the snowshoe tours which take place at the full moon. They are bound to be a romantic experience. Further on, let’s take a look at the skiing and snowboarding statistic that this fantastic resort has to offer:

For Beginners:
The beginners have 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) which is 3% of the entire course available to them. These trails are relatively easy and are suited to assist budding skiers in the beginning stages of their learning of this amazing sport. They are at the privilege of getting accustomed to all the tiny details of the sport without many hurdles.

For Intermediate:
The slopes of the Bosco Gurin ski resort comprises of 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of trails which are of medium difficulty. Representing 25% of the entire course, these trails are suited to the needs of intermediate skiers and snowboarders who have gained some experience in the sport. They are ideal for those who would like to further develop their skills at becoming a professional.

For Experts:
Out of the total 30 kilometers, 4 kilometers (2.4 miles), approximately 13%, are kept aside for the exclusive use of professional skiers who are extremely proficient at handling the tricky twist and turns of available on these slopes. You can expect to satisfy that long search for a stimulating adrenaline rush.

You can be sure that all the slopes available at this resort are in a good condition, with suitable weather and other facilities that will give you the best experience at skiing in Switzerland. Cross country skiing and snowshoe touring are also major attractions at the resort that add an extra flavor to your skiing and snowboarding experience.

Learn to Ski:

Are you new to skiing? Well, I’m sure you must be really excited to try something new. In order to make your learning experience even more hassle free, the Bosco Gurin ski resort has its own ski school. The trainers available here are young and extremely learned at the sport, they are ready to assist you through every slope in order to ensure your safety. There is also a large selection of, state of the art, skiing gear available at ski school for rent. Ranging from skis, snowboards, and boots of all sizes, all the equipment is of good quality and can be hired at extremely reasonable prices. 
They can be rented for half a day, full day and an additional day basis. To give a moderate estimate of the prices; skis and snowboards can be rented at 19 US$ (20 CHF) for half a day, 34 US$ (35 CHF) for a day and 24 US$ (25 CHF) extra for an additional day. The private lessons which are included in the school’s curriculum are suited to all levels. The beginners can get to learn the basics and adjust their skills as per the requirements of the sport while the expert can get to learn new tricks and receive professional advice in order to enhance their technique. 1 hour of private lessons that will include skiing and snowboarding for maximum 3 people of all skill levels cost 64 US$ (65 CHF), for half a day cost 64.4 US$ (140 CHF) and for an entire day cost 218.30 US$ (220 CHF).

Ski lifts:

When you are visiting a ski resort it’s important to know about the availability of ski lifts. They are vital for skiing as they are the primary means of transport up the slopes, especially when you have heavy ski boots attached to your feet. There is a total of 5 lifts available at the Bosco Gurin Ski resort which means you will have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding transport. There are two high-speed chairlifts which can take at least 4 people at a time, 2 T-bar lifts and a J-bar. Their total length is 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) and has the capacity to transport 4920 passengers per hour. The ski passes available at the resort are priced at only 44 US $(42 EUROS) for adults, 29 US$ (28 EUROS) for the youth and 20 US$ (19 EUROS) for children.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities:

The Bosco Gurin ski resort has the availability of several splendid hotels with magnificent accommodation facilities to suit all your needs. They're up to date modern facilities like television, free Wi-Fi, fully furnished rooms which are also stylishly decorated are sure to give you a cozy and comfortable experience to remember. Let’s have a look at some of these facilities;

Hotel La Caisna:

Hotel La Casina is just a small stroll away from the resort itself. The rooms that this hotel offers come with its own kitchen, patios, and fireplaces. They are comfortably spacious with separate bedrooms and living rooms. Free Wi-Fi, flat-screen television, and coffee making facilities are also available. Access to your own garden and free parking are a few highlights of this hotel.

Hotel Belvedere Locarno:

Located near Lake Maggiore, hotel Belvedere Locarno has 89 rooms, 2 restaurants and other magnificent features like full-service spa and an outdoor as well as indoor pool. You can enjoy dinner at the La Fontana which serves the regional cuisine. You can also have your meals from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service and even enjoy a drink with new friends at the bar cum lounge. 

All these luxurious features and fantastic sporting experience awaits you at the Bosco Gurin Ski resort, so start packing your bags, prepare your warm clothing because the journey ahead is going to be exciting and thrilling. Don’t miss your flight!

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