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People eagerly wait for holidays, and when they get them, they face the dilemma of what to do and how to spend those holidays. They start looking for the best places to spend their holidays. What could be a better place than a place where mountains dressed with snow surround you, where you could feel the adrenaline pumping inside you while you ski down these adventurous slopes. The best place for skiing is the Ski Bradford Area. Ski Bradford Area is in Bradford, Massachusetts; U.S.

Ski Bradford Area is also known as Bradford Ski Area. It has a top elevation of 272 feet with a base area of 46 meters. Its vertical drop is 213 feet. Bradford Ski Area is located at the Haverhill Mountain. This ski area is greatly known for its learning programs. The resort operates for about 70 hours per week. They have a snow making crew to create artificial snow in case of no snowfall. This resort will surely provide you with great skiing and snowboarding experience. The place is well-connected with all the major towns and cities in the region, making it one of the most visited ski areas in the region.

Lifts and Pricing



There are nine operating lifts in total at the Ski Bradford. They consist of 3 triple chairlifts and six surface lifts. The uphill capacity of Ski Bradford is 9,600 persons per hour by 3 Triple Chairlifts and six surface lifts. There are two categories of lift tickets like access to all places and access to the learning area. The working time of the lifts is 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The price of the ticket for all the places for any time of the day is 52 dollars, for mid-day, it is 49 dollars, and for night skiing that is from 6 PM to 10 PM it is 35 dollars. The cost of a ticket for the learning area is 25 dollars for all the day, 23 dollars for the mid-day and 20 dollars for the night skiing.



Bradford Area Statistics

Base Elevation: 1300 feet

Summit Elevation: 1548 feet

Vertical Drop: 248 feet

There are 13 trails in total at the Ski Bradford. These trails are divided into different levels for the convenience of the tourists. It has 60 acres of Skiable terrain. It has night skiing area too. There are rental shops at the place too to provide with any equipment you might need while skiing ranging from snowboards to helmets and boots.

Basic level: Among the 13 trails, two are provided for the basic level. These trails are green. They are a circle in shape and are easiest. As it is at the basic level, all the training goes in here. Beginners can get trained from the expert training staff. They help you get to know all the basics of the skiing and some tricks of skiing correctly.


Intermediate level: Four of the 13 trails are allocated for an intermediate level of skiing. These trails are blue in color and square in shape. People who have some experience of skiing can ski and snow ride here. There is an opportunity of interacting with other tourists and have fun together.

Advanced level: Advanced level trails are more in number as compared to the basic and intermediate level trails. There are seven advanced trails among the total of 13. They are black in color and diamond in shape. People who ski well can go there and enjoy their skills.

Terrain Park



There is a large terrain park. Every year at the Ski Bradford, the layout of the park will be changed. Whatever the new design of layout may be, they include a miniature pipe as the part of the design every year. The terrain park is all set with jumps, rails, and boxes to increase the adrenaline levels in its visitors. The jumps, rails, and boxes are available at different levels of difficulty. The boxes are especially for beginners. All the competitions and events are conducted in this vast terrain park. You can enjoy a wide array of activities in this fabulous terrain park.

Training programs

Ski Bradford Area is mostly known for its learning programs. It has experienced staff to teach people to ski and ride. They have several kinds of programs and different packages to train people. There are two different training programs called Little B ski programs and Ski and Snowboard programs. Little B ski program has three different packages. They are Little B weekday ski, little B weekend ski, and little B weeknight ski.



Each of these programs lasts for four weeks, and the price details are 135 dollars, 185 dollars, and 135 dollars respectively. The rent for the equipment for four weeks is 65 dollars. Each class consists of not more than four students. Little B program is limited to only learning area trails. Ski and Snowboard program also has three different packages. They are half-day weekend ski or snowboard, night ski or snowboard and weekday ski. They cost $225, $145 and $145 respectively. Each package lasts four weeks. Rental equipment for four weeks is provided for 85 dollars. The starting age for skiing program is four years and the age for snowboard program is six years. As space is only limited, you must register for the seat in advance.

There are seven levels in the training program. In level 1, students have no experience, and they are completely new to snow sports. In level two, students can walk and climb uphill, get up from a fall, and glide in balance. In level three, students can slow, stop, and turn in both directions. In level four, students can link turns, ride lifts independently, and make large and small turns. In level five, students make round skidded turns on smooth groomed intermediate terrain. In level six, students can carve turns and gain confidence on unkempt snow. In the last level, the students get comfortable on steeps, moguls, powder, and make dynamic carved turns.


There are great lodges near the Bradford Ski Area. The lodges are well equipped with facilities such as Wi-Fi, Guest Laundry, and Cable TV. They have non-smoking rooms. Lodges are nearer to the restaurants, and some of them offer continental breakfast. They welcome pets into the rooms. They provide space for truck and bus parking. The staff is really friendly. The price of the lodges is affordable. The lodges are in such a way that they are nearer to all the attractions present over there. There are other places of tourist attraction like the Allegheny National Forest, Bradford Landmark Society, Zippo Case Visitor Center, Eldred World War II Museum, and Seneca Nation of Indians.

Special features



The Bradford Ski Area is an ideal place for group skiing. You can have more fun if you go in groups. The added benefit of going in groups is that you can get discounts. They conduct skiing race every year mostly in the month of October. There is a club for racers at Ski Bradford called Youth Airplane Racers Club. Bradford Ski Team conducts entry-level competition in the Eastern Mass Buddy Werner League and an optional higher level of competition in select Tri-State and USSA open races in Southern New Hampshire.

BST has racers of all levels, and it is family oriented. They provide limited space to control coach/racer ratios. Bradford Airplane Race Team (BART) trains experienced racers at the age from 8 to 18 years. They conduct various events every year. The updates of the events will be posted on their official website. There is a snack bar operating at all times which provides its tourists with all kind of food varieties. It is right near the skiing area, so it is very convenient for the people to go there whenever they feel hungry.

With so much on offer for thrill-lovers, you cannot afford to sit at home and read your favorite book. Go ahead, plan a family trip and head out straight to the Bradford Ski Area and make the most of the upcoming winters. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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