Enjoy skiing at Braunlage this winter!

Christmas, New Year, vacations, trip, adventure and so on. Everything fun and enjoyable is connected to winters. Winters bring happiness and an opportunity to spend some quality time with family every year. Why waste such an opportunity when you can visit an exciting place which will give you an adrenaline rush and as well a great time with family and friends. Allow me to introduce you to a fun to do place that is enticing and an ideal place to go this winter. Braunlage. It is a ski resort where you can ski, snowboard and frolic in the snow. You’ll get to see mountains covered with snow glistening with sunlight, serene views and everything calm. What else do you need for a vacation? Let’s go through some of the details of the resort.



Resort Details

Braunlage Statistics

Base Elevation: 1837 ft

Summit Elevation: 3189 ft

Vertical Drop: 1352 ft

Braunlage is a beautiful ski resort in Northern Germany. Incredible views, Long trails offering all level of difficulty and modern lifts add on to the strength of this resort. Braunlage is perched at an elevation of 405 meters (1328 feet) from the vertical drop, 970 meters (3182 feet0 being the highest lift and 565 meters (1853 feet) from the base. The resort is open for guests from mid-December to mid-March. Snow tubing, ice skating, curling, winter hiking and sleigh trips are some of the sports that can be enjoyed in Braunlage.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics



Braunlage has much in store for everyone like skiers, free-riders, and snowboarders. This resort meets everyone expectations as it is a family-friendly resort. The longest trail is about 11.8 km (7 miles approx) and 0.8 km of slopes leading you through the most beautiful and interactive region of Braunlage.

For beginners

A total of 10 kilometres (approx 6 miles) of slopes and runs are allotted to amateur level skiers. Beginners are assigned flat, wide, easy and manageable slopes for skiing that lead through larch woods; they can get an introduction to skiing. These flat slopes help beginners to learn the sport at ease. Beginners can practice ski on slopes of the feeder lift in the ski resort.

For Families and children

Children’s have an opportunity to enjoy in Braunlage, as there is a separate area for children to have fun. Wave run, an adventure course and ski school for children enables them to learn a new sport and have fun without parents as well. Parents also have an opportunity to enjoy and learn new sports.

For Advanced level

About 0.5 km of ski route and an additional area of 0.8 km ski route are available for advanced skiers and snowboarders. Deep snow areas, mogul and steep slopes, freeride areas and unprepared runs enable the advanced level skiers to enjoy in the snow. Such trails and ski runs are specially designed for much-needed thrill and adrenaline rush to the skiers. Cross-country skiing season opens every year in December and is enjoyed by the skiers and snowboarders. Total trail length of about 50 kilometers (approx 31 miles) is offered for cross country skiing. Trails surrounding Braunlage are attractive and snow reliable for cross country skiers.

Learn to ski

Watching others skiing and wondering how to learn skiing? Not to worry friends, if you do not know how to ski and you are visiting a ski resort. Ski and Snowboard school at Braunlage offers you a varied leisure experience. Courses are available for everyone right from beginners to advanced level skiers. Different types of courses are such as private course, group course for ski and snowboard are available at the school. Individual courses help you to concentrate entirely on your course and group course give you a passion and sports spirit to learn and enjoy the resort.

Ski Lifts

Ski Lifts are an important part of the ski resort. It helps the guests in moving through slopes smoothly and efficiently. The Braunlage resort offers a wide range of 7 ski lifts which have a capacity of carrying 6534 passengers per hour and total lift length of 5.1 km total. It has two gondola lift with the capacity of carrying six persons at a time, one chairlift carrying four individuals at a time, one-row lift, one T-bar lift and two J-bar lift. At, Braunlage ski resort lift ticket price costs for adults costs $34 (32 euro) and for children $17 (16 euro).


Accommodation and lodging facilities

Housing and lodging are one the main features of a ski resort. People look for best hospitality, ambience, and service before choosing their place for stay. Moreover, all the properties in Braunlage are suitable for stay. Some of the popular places are:


Maritim Berghotel Braunlage

Maritim Berghotel Braunlage is a 4-star hotel located in Braunlage and is surrounded by the alluring forest of the Harz National Park. All rooms & suites of the hotel have a mini bar, balcony offering beautiful views and a satellite TV. It features a club, spa &sauna, indoor & outdoor pool and a tennis court. This hotel is considered to be perfect for hiking in summer and skiing in winters as it lies on foot of the Wurmberg Mountain. Free Wi-Fi, free parking are also some of the facilities available. Standard costs for a room and two adults is 887 $ for seven nights.

Villa Brockenhexe

Villa Brockenhexe is a 4-star apartment in the Harz National Park and 1.5 km away from Braunlage. The villa offers a self-equipped kitchen, a balcony with view, terrace, patio and barbeque to its guests. It also provides free wifi, free parking, and groceries delivery on requests to its guests. Rooms are spacious and furnished with wooden flooring. Standard costs for a room and two adults is 495 $ for seven nights. Villa Brockenhexe apartments are considered to be best as it is located in tranquillity. Well now you know so much about the Braunlage Ski Resort in detail, aren’t you feeling excited? Right from spectacular views to sports facilities for everyone, ideal accommodations and reasonable prices make this resort perfect for this vacation. So go and pack your bags as Braunlage waits to welcome its guests.

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