Brian Head Resort-USA

Brian Head Resort: High up Among the Stars



In the southern quadrant of the state of Utah lies the much renowned Brian Head Ski Resort. They are also located in three other destinations, namely southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona. It is the most famous for carrying two features. The Brian Head Resort is not only Utah’s southernmost resort but is also the one which is situated at the highest degree of elevation.

The Brian Head Resort came about to existence in the year 1964. Back in those days, it used to just have a single chairlift. However, the contemporary times saw a modernised turnaround, due to which you will find 8 chairlifts, about 71 runs and all of this made available to you in 650 acres worth of sheer magnanimity.

Here at the resort, you will find a complete laid back atmosphere and an orientation which is suitable for visiting families. You will get to enjoy numerous activities such as snow tubing and night skiing.

Statistics of the area



  • Base elevation: The resort is located at a base elevation of 9,600 ft. or 2926 meters.
  • Summit elevation: It reaches a maximum of 11,307 feet or 3446 meters.
  • Vertical rise: It is about 1,707 feet or 520 meters.
  • Total mountain peaks: The resort falls between 2 mountain peaks.
  • Total skiable area: The total skiable area of the resort is 660 acres or 2.2 km².
  • Lifts: The Brian Head Resort is equipped with 8 lifts in total.
  • 6 of them are Triple chairs there is 1 double chair, and 1 surface lift.
  • Terrain: The terrain is divided in the following configurations:
  • Beginner: 35%
  • Intermediate: 35%
  • Advanced 20%
  • Expert: 10%
  • Winter season: The Brian Head Resort commences its winter sessions during mid-November and it lasts through mid-April.
  • Opening Hours: Between Monday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm and during Saturdays and Sundays and holiday period, the resort is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Further Details



‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ – a truism that Brain Head Resort tries to explain through its tagline. The area is situated on the highest base elevation in Utah and receives on an average more than 360 inches of snowfall. With over 650 acres of land cover, 71 runs and 8 chair lifts, this resort also features as a terminal point between two mountains – Giant Steps and Navajo.

The Dixie National Forest region encompasses the resort. Its location is such that Las Vegas can be reached in just about a drive worth 3 hours of your time. Developers of the resort have been able to perfectly modulate the terrain at 9,600 feet which has proved itself, time and again to be suitable for individuals with all degrees of abilities. The cherry on top of the ice is the surrounding grandiose of the snowcapped hills and pristine natural beauty.

About the Terrain



Brian Head Resort has a base elevation of about 9,600 feet or 2926 meters and its summit can be reached by scaling a height of 11,307 feet or 3446 meters.

There is the freestyle terrain which has been specially designed for skilled folks to explore all of their capacities. But one must always remember that such terrains more often than not increase the risk of serious injuries. Precisely, for this reason, you are required to first get well versed in all the instructions pertaining to safety and warnings. Knowing the code is your responsibility, so avoid acting carelessly.

Responsibility Code While on the Trails

Brian Head Statistics

Base Elevation: 9600 feet

Summit Elevation: 11307 feet

Vertical Drop: 1707 feet

Brian Head Resort, Utah has decreed certain codes which you are required to observe. They are not only important for your own safety but also of that of others. On the very basic level, you must be aware of your surroundings as there are numerous avenues of risk that might just open up. Additionally, one must follow the mentioned below points:

  • You must stay in control at all times.
  • Those who are ahead of you will take the right of your way.
  • Under doubt, stop somewhere on the side and ask for help.
  • You can use various devices which assist you to avert runaway equipment.
  • Keep your eyes open for signs and warnings and also keep off the closed trails.

When using the lifts, observe safety measures.

Other features


There are well-equipped lodges and several restaurants right on the mountain which will satisfy all your requirements. There is a certain Cedar Breaks Lodge & Spa which provides a full-service spa. They are best known for their traditionally stylised bodywork and energy therapies. In addition to all the comfort that you will receive you can also shop to your heart’s content. Three of unique sites here would be the rather conventional liquor store and post office, and a real estate office. Also, one would be fascinated by seeing an entire chain of grocery and departmental stores up the hill.


For all your skiing needs, the mountain houses two ski and snowboard rental stores. There is a Winter Sports School in the resort and it is well equipped to provide you with lessons with respect to skiing and snowboarding and these lessons are nominally charged.

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