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Brigels, Waltensburg, Andiast – The Best Place for Ski Lovers!

Hidden in the mountain veils of Switzerland is yet another paradise waiting to get explored. This is that spot “Where the sun likes to shine”. The village of Brigels, Waltensburg, and Andiast is located in Surselva which is situated on the eastern side of Switzerland. This environmental beauty is a heavenly experience for any human being on the face of the earth! The environmental beauty is further inclusive of the old, core, heritage exquisiteness. Those little wooden houses in snow-capped mountains are full of immense pleasure to one’s eyesight. 

Brigels, Waltensburg, Andiast Statistics

Base Elevation: 1102 m

Summit Elevation: 2418 m

Vertical Drop: 1316 m

Brigels is situated at an altitude of 1289 m (4229 ft) above sea level. Because of less traffic and the serene silence one can enjoy there, this resort is all the more made for family kind. This heavenly resort enjoys international repute. On the wide, prepped inclines for skiing and snowboarding, the far-reaching scenery and clear mountain quality of Grisons are constantly present. This region being one without traffic is small and everything from accommodation, restaurant to a sports shop, ski school can be easily reached even when on foot.

Brigels and Waltensburg are the base stations of the region and this is where you will find lifts or cable cars to reach Andiast, another beautiful village located in the region. The plethora of sports and leisure activities can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The unmistakable and open perspective of an enchanting mountain scene with the Péz Tumpiv, the Kistenstöckli, the Péz d'Artgas in the north and in addition the Péz Mundaun, the Signina amass, the heatgug, the stone and the Péz Sezner in the south. 

Ski Lifts

This sublime resort has got 10 ski lifts to offer everyone with. The highest peak point in the region, which is situated at a height of 2418 m (7933 ft), can be easily reached within a span of 20 minutes only. From Brigels and Waltensburg, you are taken up to the resort as these two are the base stations. There is a middle station on the Waltensburg Chairlift. From this middle station, you are then taken on the high-speed quad chairlift which will take you to the zenith of this region at 2400 m (7900 ft). There are multiple varieties of Ski lifts offered here ranging from Chairlift and T-Bar lift to Rope Tow.
Further information on Ski Lifts can be found on the official website. 


Of all the characteristics Brigels/Waltensburg/Andiast possess, sunny slopes scattered over the expansive enormously wide landscape is its best possession. It offers both easy as well as the difficult level of slopes along with large unsecured powder area which offers a lot of variety. The maximum amount of slopes that this place has to offer is the intermediary level of slopes which make up almost 66% area of the slope-region.

Valley runs that can lead one to the base stations located at Brigels and Waltensburg is available here. There are 100 snow cannons and 50% of the slopes in the area have snow-making abilities. The run locations are situated both above the tree line as well as below the tree line. Longest run situated here is that which runs from Fil mountain station to Waltensburg base station spreading across a length of 7 km (4.35 miles) with 1308 m (4291 ft) of elevation difference in between. Amidst all this, the most difficult run is La Nera which has a length of 2.5 km (1.5 miles) along with 539 m (1768 ft) of elevation difference.


Capturing moments has been one of the utmost demands of any tourist when at Brigels/Waltensburg/Andiast. Thinking about all visitors, the Swisscom Movie Slope was introduced at this resort to enable quick and easy capturing of moments that will last a lifetime in hearts and minds of the visitors. 
At the Swisscom Movie Slope, one can go on skiing and the same is video-recorded. The ski run of Bergrestaurant Alp Dado was made into fully-automated camera track to record the skiing of individuals and make a personal skier video. In furtherance of this, one also gets the opportunity of participating in the largest ski race in Switzerland. 
 If you possess the local valid ski pass then you can go on a free run of the camera-installed track, the cameras record it and then one can download the movie and share it on social media platforms.


There are slopes spreading over a region of 50 km (31 miles) available here for activities like Skiing and Snowboarding. The area where one can enjoy winter sports here extends from 1,110 m (3641 ft). The conservative and safe ski resort likewise offers 2550 hectares with 75 km (46 miles) of wide and arranged slants (offering an elevation of 2418 m (7933 ft), a few stunning, more than 7 km (4.35 miles) long runs, present day snowmaking framework and, 2 toboggan-run longer than 4 km (2.4 miles). 

Night Skiing

The best nocturnal experience of one’s lifetime can be experienced here at Brigels. Night Skiing can be done on the Brigels-Crest Falla chairlift having a length of 1456 m (4776 ft). Also, the Plaun Reun cross-country trail offered in Brigels is illuminating in the night time. The length of these floodlit runs is 2.3 km (1.4 miles). The ideal meeting spot here is the bar situated at the base station named La Famusa. This experience is open to be enjoyed from 19:30 until 22:00 o'clock.

Other Highlights

Other than the usual activities that are offered at a ski resort, this place enjoys the fame for several other highlights that are not so common with other ski resorts. Some of these highlights are:

Val Frisal – Lying between the mountains, the high valley with twisted streams at an altitude of 1900m (6233 ft) is a rare scenario. At this exceptional site, one can witness swamps along with primeval spruce forest which is home to uncommon flora and fauna. This is a 3 km (1.8 miles) long valley. The tour begins at Brigels village and ends back here. It takes somewhere around four and a half hour to hike to this place as the elevation difference is 606 m (1988 ft). The season in which one can witness this exceptional natural rarity is between the months of May and October. The culmination point of this site is at 1893 m (6210 ft). 

Uaul Scattle: While returning from the Val Frisal valley, one comes to another attraction of hiking at Chischarollas with the rim of Uaul Scattle running side by side. This is the highest located spruce-forest in the entire Europe. 

Sumvitg: One can enjoy hiking around the Senda Sursilvana in one of the valleys of Brigels. This hiking trail begins at Sumvitg and can be accessed by train or car. The difference in elevation is merely 250 m (820 ft) and it takes about 5 hours to complete the hike. The season in which this trail is open is between May and October and the culmination point of the trail is 1287 m (4222 ft). 

Alp Dado–Burleum: This alpine track provides a well-planned winter hiking trail which passes via the Miglie to Waltsburg Curtginet. This trail starts on the bank of the lake situated in the village of Brigels. From Waltensburg to Alp Dado, we climb the elevation of 1850 m (6069 ft) above the sea level. 

Now that you have a fair idea about what all Brigels/Waltensburg/Ansiast has to offer, you definitely would not be able to resist the idea of visiting this heavenly abode. Just ensure that you plan your trip taking into consideration all the affecting factors like weather, season, conditions, etc. This can effortlessly be enquired with the local information center at the resort. Enjoy the regional cuisines in the backdrop of the splendid Alpine mountains. A vacation full of beauty, fun, joy, tasty food and thrill is something you cannot afford to miss. Grab your tickets and visit this paradise to have a gala time. Have fun!

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