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Brighton Resort: The First of Them All



Located in the deep romantic chasms of the Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Brighton Ski Resort has been the creation of sheer wondrous joy. Since the year 1936, the formative years of many of the ski resorts in the state of Utah, the Brighton Ski Resort has been a one of a kind site.

It is situated at a distance of 30 miles or 48 kilometers from the Salt Lake City, Utah. The Brighton Resort also carries historical significance because it was the very first of its kind in the state of Utah and among the very first in the whole of the United States of America. It became a formal member of the Alpine Ski Club back in 1936 itself. Back in those days, the resort simply operated with minimal equipment’s such as a rope tow which was wired and a rather outdated elevator motor.


Brighton Statistics

Base Elevation: 8755 fee

Summit Elevation: 10500 feet

Vertical Drop: 1745 feet

As far as the name of the resort is concerned, it has been named after a certain Thomas W. Brighton. He is also a historically significant individual who carried the credit of constructing one of the very first buildings in the region. Ever since Brighton Resort was conceived it has followed a single motto of ‘no-frills’. This means that it is solely dedicated to providing top class quality trails to its customers who come here to ski and snowboard. Additionally, there are numerous lodges, diners and stores for shopping. But despite these entire arrangements, one would not classify it as the destination for skiers. Most of the folks who come here belong to the nearby areas of Utah. Among them are many who chose not to reside at the resorts lodges. Instead, they prefer accommodations at Salt Lake City. There are those who while on a holiday simply make a stop at the Brighton Resort and move on to other skiing destinations.  



Brighton Resort will provide you with an extensive access to the backcountry regions. Moreover, to reach these areas you can very well purchase a single ride lift ticket and reach the main gates which lead you to the backcountry. But be assured, the terrains at the Brighton Resort can give the lands of the backcountry a run for its money.

The best-known features of Brighton Resort are its cliffs, chutes, bowls and the endless natural delights. Brighton Resort, in terms of its snow, is positioned at the number 2 spot in the entire North America. It is only second to its neighboring Snowbird Ski & Summer resort.

The land upon which Brighton Resort is located is classified as Public land and it features as an integral part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Furthermore, this then means that the resort is open for everyone, round the year. However, this does not mean that the resort is for free, you will have to purchase tickets if you wish to use the lifts in the resort.

Some might not consider Brighton Resort as a big deal but ask the locals, they simply adore the resort. It is their favorite. Moreover, the resort also does not disappoint. The administration takes up all possible measures to match any other resort of its kind. Here at the resort, you will find a number of offers and a variety of special deals which run year long. Make sure that you get access to them for a much cheaper skiing trip. Most of such deals are released during the first Wednesday of December. Around this time of the year, you will find the resort promoting schemes such as ‘Quad Wednesdays’. Under this deal, if visitors get an item as a contribution to charity then they will get tickets at prices which are a fourth of the original cost.


Brighton Resort is also one of the most unique places because it is here that you ski extensively during night time. The night skiing begins at 4:00 pm in the evening and closes at 9:00 pm in the night. You can access these services from Mondays to Saturdays beginning from early December right through early April. There are only three days in a year when you will not be able to ski during nighttime and they are – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

It offers over 200 acres or 0.81 square kilometers worth of skiable area which house as many as three lifts and a mountain terrain park. You might not know this but Brighton Resort featured in the show, Johnny Tsunami, a movie by the Disney Channel.

Details about the Terrain



Brighton Resort has been a local favourite since it first came into existence. Here you will not only find immaculately carved trails but also snow of top notch quality. The terrains are classified into three categories (beginners, intermediaries and advanced) depending on the level you are at. Due to this reason, the resort features among the top destinations with respect to families.

At the resort, you will also find skiing and snowboarding schools which take up both groups and private individuals. They are certified and well versed when it comes to their abilities impart training. Many of the local folks have had their first lessons at skiing right here and today quite fondly recollect their rather embarrassing moments.

The resort is situated right on top of the Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. On an average, Brighton Resort receives 500 inches worth of snow (The Great Snow on Earth). The report quite rightly boasts of a 1,745 feet’s worth of vertical lift, its 66 trails and numerous off-piste runs.

When it comes to accessing the terrains, the best way to do this is through Brighton Resort high-speed quad lifts. If you are in the company of friends or families or simply want to stick together then the quad lifts are your ideal option. Now, if you are the freestyle skiing kind then you sure will not be disappointed as the resort houses four ever-evolving terrain parks and half-pipes. Herein you can practice to your heart’s content and perfect your skills.

Other Features



At the Brighton Resort, you will find no dearth of warm and hospitable environments. There is a cafeteria, a snack bar and also a private club. For all your skiing and snowboarding needs you can access the ski and specialty shops. The resort is also well equipped to handle some degrees worth of serious injuries and there is otherwise nothing to worry about as the closest major hospital is just at a distance of 25 miles, located in Salt Lake City. There are also facilities for repairs and rentals.

In addition to 1050 acres and 1875 feet worth of vertical lift, you will also find a brand new Millicent Chalet, three of the additional day lodges, top notch public transportation and enough opportunities for the kids at the cheapest prices.

The grooming that you will find here is of a guaranteed 5-star quality. All the terrains with respect to their levels have been designed especially to suit their needs and requirements. There are a number of experts who monitor details pertaining to the trails, lifts and the terrain in general. The closest airport is located in Salt Lake City and can be reached by driving 35 miles.

You will not find Brighton Resort investing a great deal in advertising because the sole3 focus of their business is to make the stay of their customers as better as possible. Moreover, all those who are in search for the powder will eventually find their way here as most do

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