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The Divine Altitudes- Bristol Mountain Resort



Mountains have always enchanted travelers and adventurers, calling out to them. Popular literature attaches great myths with mountains, often considering them to be the abode of gods, divine, beautiful lands of snow. Mount Olympus is the divine mountain in Greek mythology, the home of the Gods. The human fascination with mountains is not just a deep relation; it also dates back to centuries.

Come to think of it; it is a human trait, an inbuilt feature, to strive for heights. As a species, we find altitudes very charismatic; mountains remind us of our own lofty goals, our high ideals. Perhaps this is why mountains are such a favorite vacation spot. Who would not like to spend a holiday amidst clouds, above the world, to see the world below like a dream land? Heights are indeed our greatest attractions.


Bristol Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1000 feet

Summit Elevation: 2200 feet

Vertical Drop: 1200 feet

In present times, mountains do not only represent divinity or holy land, but they are also emblematic of adventure, thrill, and happiness. If we do not find the divine in the snowy serenity of mountains, amidst the bed of clouds you might as well conclude that we will not find it anywhere. And if you have not indulged in the thrill that these mountains (and the winter sports that can be provided by them), you might have missed one of the greatest adventures.

If you want to pamper yourself with a feel of divinity, the taste of adventure, the thrill, and the laughter, Bristol Mountain should indeed be your next vacationing spot.

About Bristol Mountains



Bristol Mountain Resort is one of the best ski resorts which are located in the Finger Lakes vicinity of Upstate New York. Not only does it offer two high-speed quads, 1200 ft. of vertical elevation, but also unbelievably magnificent snowmaking. Breathtaking views from the summit of the mountains and another 35 slopes as well as trails wait to provide you with a plethora of inclines or slopes for every passionate snowboarder and skier, scaling from amateur to perfectionist.

They also have a scheduled night operating season, during which almost 100% of their trails have lighting that ensures the traveler’s safety. To further assure that their snowboarder and skier are able to experience the best snow conditions possible, Bristol Mountains employs a state-of-the-art snowmaking system that covers 100% acreage of their terrain.




Bristol Mountain Winter Resort often referred to as Bristol Mountain Ski Resort is a ski resort which is situated in South Bristol, New York in the Finger Lakes region. The resort is situated at a distance of 30 miles (48 km) from the central point of Rochester, New York,  which is the nearest metropolitan city to the ski resort, and is approximately another 10 miles away (16 km) from Canandaigua along the NY 64.

Further, Bristol Mountain Resort features various wonderful trails, which range from the green circle (easiest) to the double black diamonds (the most difficult).

Bristol Mountain possesses a vertical lift of 370 m (1,200 feet) and is also the proud owners of the highest vertical rises of any other ski resort between the area of the Adirondacks and the Rocky Mountains. The state of the art resort also offers a cross country skiing at the resort’s summit and two amazing terrain parks. At the floor of the mountains are a rental facility and a ski shop. Roseland Water Park, which is open during the summer season in Canandaigua, operates in conjunction with the Bristol Mountain Ski Resort.

A Fascination with the Stars!



The Bristol Mountains have named their trails with things that have something to do with space. The major contributing factor might be that Bristol Mountain had opened during the 1960s, the age of the space race, and geographically is only a few kilometers away from the CEK Mees Observatory. Further, the Challenger is a trail dedicated to the memory of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.

Vital Statistics

Bristol Mountains has a vertical elevation of 1150 ft. (350 m), a top elevation of 2150 ft. (660 m) and a base elevation of 1000 ft. (300 m). It has a total skiable are of 160 acres (0.65 square km). It also possesses a total of 35 runs, the longest of them being 2 miles. Its lift system comprises five chairlifts out of which two are detachable high-speed lifts, and one is a surface lift. Bristol Mountain Resort can also boast of a lift capacity of a whopping 10,200 passengers per hour.

Why Look Forward To Your Stay at the Bristol’s

Every Penny is Worth an Adventure!

The ticket prices vary on the basis of age and the hours. On weekdays, any four-hour lift would cost $49 to juniors (ages 8- 12) and seniors (above the age of 65). $60 is the cost of the tickets for a four-hour ride for adults (ages 13-64). An 8-hour lift, on the other hand, would cost $63 for the adults and $52 for juniors and seniors. However, the savings deal is brokered if you choose to go for two consecutive days- double the thrill, double the fun, yet only $93 for adults and $87 for juniors and seniors!

A Crew of Nature Lovers

The management and staff committee at the Bristol Mountains often refer to themselves as the “environmental stewards” of the hills. They try to inculcate within their daily operations in the resort; they try their level best to make a significant and positive impact on the conservation of natural resources and the environment. Whether it is through the means of reducing their energy consumption, water consumption or for that matter their recycling events, they embrace their roles as responsible citizens who believe in giving back to the environment. Their approach to the mountain as well the floor area improvements is revolutionary. By exploring various options which enhance the guest’s joyful stay at the resort, they also simultaneously care for the natural beauty that is present there.

Back to School

Worried that your wonderful skiing days, adventures and thrills are behind you? Does it bother us that time has left our skill at snow sport a little unpolished? Perhaps we took work so seriously, that we have forgotten to take ourselves seriously. It is time to replenish our thirst for adventure, polish our skills and take having fun seriously. In that context, it is imperative to mention the various tutorials given at the Bristol’s.

Packages vary according to skill level and age. For first time skiers and snowboarders beginning from the age of 8 to 13+ to above, the packages can range from a minimum of $99 to a maximum of $345. The lessons are generally 1.5 hours long, and the “Kids Quad Card includes four classes each of which is 1.5 hours long.

For all learners, a continuous supervision is provided. This begins from the time of registration and extends until the very last class. Particularly for children who have registered for back to back classes – lunch with balanced nutrition is offered between the consecutive lessons. Further, while the parents are busy reviewing their child’s progress with the instructor, the children are given a complimentary cup of hot chocolate.

Another bonus: one can also register for private lessons.

Celebrations at the Altitude

It is a dream come true for brides and grooms to be, to have their destination wedding at the Bristol Mountains. Sights that evoke tranquillity, the sound the winds rushing through the mountains- few other things can compare to these natural wonders when it comes to complementing your wedding. The couples also have the option of choosing between the Sunset Reception Room and the Rocket reception room.

As for the first one, it is a fully air-conditioned lodge that can accommodate a total of 230 people, with a ground floor space that can seat 150 guests and an additional seating arrangement for 80 people in Gallery of the second story called the Sunset Gallery.

The rocket reception room is enchanting! The legendary feel of the two-story lodge is incomparable. The room at the second level can comfortably seat 260 people.

Imagine holding a meeting or organizing a banquet in such a picturesque setting! And not just the event or the setting, even the food provided is divine. Bristol Mountain also has facilities for such events at their Rocket Reception room and Sunset Reception Room. The Bristol Mountains is truly one of the best places for a wedding destination.

Welcome, Foodies!

As if the above facilities were not enough, Bristol Mountains takes things a notch higher with their world class eateries and cafeterias. There is the Summit Grille which is situated on the Summit Centre Deck, is the perfect eatery if you just want to grab a quick bite after unloading from the Comet Express. Burgers and beverages will entice your taste buds here. Although it is dependent on the weather conditions, Summit Grille has picnic tables available. Moreover, it also has free Wi-Fi.

At the Sunset Lodge guest indulge in an array of burgers, hot dogs, French fries, soup and chili (an all-American menu). Situated amidst the mountains between the Nova and Morningstar trails, the Cafe Morning Star offers locally made, exotic homemade maple syrup, nourishing juices and drinks and homemade Belgian waffles.

A little indulgence is not just healthy; it is imperative for the human soul to survive. Sometimes it is okay to ditch the work and experience life for what it is- a wonderful adventure. If mountains, snow, and their divine elegance fail to fascinate us, it is the time we readjust our spectacles and take a closer look at ourselves, find ourselves again. So let’s begin the search at the Bristol’s. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this truly awesome place!

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