British Ski Instructor Faces 25 Years of Imprisonment for Sexual Assault-News

Posted On: 30 Sep 2019


A British ski instructor named Matthew James Williams, 29 was found guilty of committing a barbarous act of rape and life-threatening assault in the middle of last year’s ski season in Jindabyne near the NSW Snowy Mountains.


Williams, was in Australia on temporary visa working as a ski-cross and alpine racing teacher at the time of the assault. At the time of attack when his fellow colleagues at Blue Cow Perisher Ski Resort noticed and ask about his hand which was injured from punching the victims. He replied it was a very rough, rough night.


He made a silly excuse claiming that he was attacked by two men when his cell phone was found at the crime scene. It all happened on last of July night when Williams follows the couple after they left Banjo Paterson Inn for home. He followed them for about 1 kilometer and when the male partner notice it and ask “How’s it going, mate?” Williams tapped him from behind and punched him on the face and kick him several times until he gets knocked. After that, he also knocks the woman on the ground and starts removing her clothes aggressively. When the victim tries to get free, he bangs her again and starts rapping her.


The male partner gets conscious when he saw the headlights of a car on Kosciuszko Road and managed to get help. But by the time, Williams escaped the crime scenes. The investigating police team found many proofs such as cell phone, smartwatch, CCTV footage of William following the couple and DNA testing also confirms that he was the attacker.


Under the NSW Crimes Act, Williams will now face imprisonment up to 25 years and will be deported to the UK after completing his sentences.

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