Adventure is calling: Brotterode-Trusetal



 Life in itself is a crazy adventure. It never fails to surprise us with the new things happening each day. However, at times, rejuvenation, revitalization is needed to make us realise the beauty of the life. A touch of nature, a mountain getaway or at the side of the sea, we often need to step out of our routine life and out on holidays to keep going with the beautiful flow of life. Moreover, surprisingly, nature has given us enough reasons to get motivations to plan a holiday. The ethereal beauty of mountains at Brotterode-Trusetal ski resort, Germany is one destination your adventurous soul will cherish for eternity. This beautiful land of mountains and rivers will not only help you to connect with nature but will fill every fibre of your body with a deep sense of adventure.


Resort Overview

Brotterode-Trusetal Statistics

Base Elevation: 590 m

Summit Elevation: 700 m

Vertical Drop: 110 m

Mountains, snow and skiing, well that is a complete holiday package. Your adventure driven self will not regret a second spent here. Brotterode-Trusetal ski resort, situated in the Thuringian Forest offers you a fantastic skiing experience. This resort is well-known for its traditional winter sports in the Thuringian Forest. The light and easy to reach slope promises you a good time along with the fact that there is also a centre of training at Brotterode, which train promising young skiers. This resort is active from 2011 and is a great tourist attraction. For snowboarding and skiing, available slopes are of .6km (.372miles). There is one lift which is used to transport the visitors. The main attraction is the winter sports area which is situated between the elevations of 590m (1935 feet) to 700m (2296 feet). Ski slopes and lifts The total area available for the ski sloping is 0.6 km (0.372 miles), which are largely visited by the tourists and the locals. The ski sloping at this area is of intermediate level, which makes it too safe of you. Along with this the valley run facility is also available for the enthusiasts. However, there is only one lift facility available for the visitors. This T-bar lift holds a good capacity of carrying 500 passengers per hour, in one go. The total length measured is 550 m (1804 feet). This ski lift is located at the 712 m (2335 feet) above the sea level and is supervised by the trained skiers. There are almost 100 parking spaces available for the vehicles below the valley station.


Skiing at Brotterode-Trusetal ski resort

The ski area comprises of a plateau and a blue descent which is good 700 meters (2296 feet) long. Here, you can witness a height difference of almost 97 meters (318 feet) between the slopes. This height difference works fine for all those who are here for a safe and happy skiing adventure. There is a well-arranged parking facility below the area, which is divided into four sections and offers a good space for almost 160 vehicles to be parked. The best part is the ski schools which help you to improve your skiing. These schools provide you with a trainer who will teach you all the basics of skiing; you can also learn advanced skiing if you wish. These ski schools are very popular among the tourists as these schools also rent you the essential skiing equipment which you can use during your stay.

Toboggan-runs at Brotterode-Trusetal

There are two famous Toboggan runs for you to enjoy. One is Tobogganing on the Wiebach, which is.30 Km (18.64 miles) long. This is a run at the parking lot in between the Kleinschmalkalde and Brotterode. The another run is at Rodelhang old Ruhlaer street which is a slope between Brotterode and Ruhla and is 100 meter (328 feet) long.

Fleet Skids and other attractions

To add to your ice adventures, there is a lot more than skiing at Brotterode-Trusetal. The sledding and ice skating are equally enjoyed sports here. An absolute delight for the skating fans this ice-covered area offers perfect grounds for skating. There are two toboggan slopes which are not supported by the lifts, but they promise an amazing and rapid descent from the mountain along with a natural ice surface for the skaters. The well-developed floodlight system in the area makes late light skating possible. There are many miscellaneous sports awaiting you here at Brotterode-Trusetal. The Ice skating, curling and winter hiking trails are always fun. These sports challenge your free spirit and fill you with a serene energy. The winter hiking trails and ski trails are for you if you want to get away from this hustle bustle of the mighty mountain slopes. You can help yourself with a leisurely walk on the hiking trails which are measured approximately 18 km (11.18 miles). However, these trails are not always available because of the changing weather conditions.

Climate and best season

The ski season is marked from the October to the middle of March. These months are best to visit Brotterode-Trusetal. The ice-capped mountains in these seasons not only make for the breathtaking scenic beauty but also offers a range of ice sports. Ski or skating, all can be fun in these months of the year. The climate is suitable promising you a comfortable stay.

Accommodation and lodging facilities

The Brotterode-Trusetal is a tourist attraction point, so there are many good hotels in the area which offer you a comfortable stay. Hotel Zur Guten Quelle: This is the most preferred hotel in the area, situated in the close vicinity of the city this hotel offers all the luxury services to make your stay remarkable. Your stay will include all essential services including wi-fi and parking. One night charges of a single room for two adults are RS 5,607. Hotel Wohlfühl-Wellnesshotel Talblick: This 4-star hotel will add more fun to your visit. A fine servicing to take care of all your needs, this hotel covers it all. You can enjoy the facilities at RS 8,802 per night for an economy double bedroom for two adults. Now, don’t ignore those bells ringing in your ears and respond to the calls of mountains, experience the greatest adventure atBrotterode-Trusetal. Now is the time!

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